Sep 25, 2011

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Martha Stewart Halloween Cover: Scary stuff

Normally I’m a big fan of slightly aged celebs not acting their age. I love Betsey Johnson, think Madonna and her weird macro-bio stuff is great, but this image of Martha Stewart I saw on The Gloss kinda gives me the creeps. OK, she’s trying to be playful, but those Lady GaGa-esque butterfly wing things say less Shu Uemura and more Morticia Addams on a IV drip. I mean this is Martha Stewart for gods sake, the woman who practically invented the term twinset and I don’t know if she starts wanting to be edgy this is the right place to begin. Maybe a little glitter and/or some leather? Is full on butterflies really the right way to go?

I mean she DOES look amazing for 70 years old (I know!) but to this look I have to give Martha’s Gaga dreams a firm thumbs down. Just say no to the stylist love- we know you can!

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