Apr 9, 2013

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Diapers for Beauty and USA Spa Week

Would you want to wash your face with a diaper? A cloth diaper can provide a good alternative to Clarisonic style brushes; which some dermatologists now say can cause breakouts. A diaper is apparently the perfect consistency to promote lymphatic drainage and remove cleansing balms.. but would you want to try it? [Allure]

Forget fashion week, all beauty gals should have Spa Week pencilled firmly in their diary. This year you can choose from multiple luxurious treatments at thousands of places country-wide, with services costing no more than $50, a great excuse to treat yourself! [Spa Week]

What does the Gillette factory look like? A question I’d never asked, but one I’m happy to get the answer too. It’s very cool to see what goes into the production of the Venus blades- it involves robots. ROBOTS!  [Beautiful Makeup Search]

Uncomfortable reading. To sell hair removal products in China, Veet started a campaign to make Chinese women unhappy with their bodyhair. Seems the bottom line was cold hard cash, and if that can be made from insecurity, why not?  For a company which makes so many inroads on good deeds (they are a big Save the Children supporter) it’s a shame this doesn’t come through in their support of women’s mental wellbeing.[BBB]

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Apr 9, 2013

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Crowdfunded fragrance and Estee Lauder Cello Shots

Fancy smelling like Downtown Chicago? Hey, it’s more than sweat and deep fried doughnuts nowadays.  Tru Blooms Chicago wants you to smell like the cities flowers- extracting fragrances from flowers planted in Chicago’s parks. The scent has a short run, as flowers are seasonal there, and  expect it to be a mix of roses, violets and lavender. [AdWeek]

BB Cream? CC Cream? Just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s going on, then a new acronym comes around. The Beauty Geeks UK deconstruct what these terms mean, and break down brands by coverage, texture and ingredients.  [BeautyByThe Geeks]

Cello shot is the new line from Estee Lauder and my, isn’t it lovely? Four cheek stains, six lippies and six glosses that aim to give you a ‘cellophane gel’ look.  Think smooth, and HDTV ready rather than Walking Dead zombified. These are designed to give your face a wet barely there sheen, perfect for summer. [Refinery 29]

 Crowd-sourcing to create fine fragrance! French perfumer Celine Verlule has created a scent through public funding. Her brand- the Olfactive Studio- used feedback from 5,000 Facebook fans to create a four scent library. Her newest scent, Flashback, makes it to the US this week.  [The Cut]

Make your digits Summer-sational with a six shade selection of  Zoya PixieDust in bright summer colors. PixieDust combines matte, sparkle and longevity with the one stroke Zoya formula- out in April. [Beauty in NYC]

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Apr 7, 2013

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Go Back to School with Chalkboard Nails: Plus more beauty buzz

Adore the ultra retro chalkboard nail kit from Ciate, that we told you about last week? Us too! The chalkboard base coat gives you a blank surface to doodle on, and the four liquid chalk pens let you capture those XO moments. Available April 2013. For those who can’t wait, blogger Phoebe Scott has created a DIY version, using products you own already. Ingenious. [MarketingUndergrad]

Mavala are running a  fun nail campaign where they are crowd-sourcing color shades from things that you like. Tweet or Facebook in images of colored things you like- from that perfect teal dress to your favorite brick wail, and the top three voted shades will be turned into varnishes for their That’s My Color Collection.[BritishBeautyBlogger]

Confused: Obama calls attorney general Kamala Harris the ‘best looking general’. Sure, she’s smoking, but should the leader of  nation really be making statements about people’s appearances? There are enough issues about strong women in business and the continual struggle for equal pay, without the president bringing looks into the mix. Weird taste in mouth about this- thoughts? [HuffPo]

Lip-tastic alert. Artist Agnes Kisonaite built a lipstick sculpture with 5,000 lipstick tubes. The reasoning? That this stunning piece of beauty-art would make people think more about product wastage. The problem? She’s targeting this at consumers, when it is companies that should be offering us way to recycle. [Makeup Museum]

Selfie Style. Want to look super sexy in those selfie Snapchats? Or, at the least, manage to avoid duckface and screen glare? Here’s a lighthearted look at how to take selfies that will get people talking. Better they laugh with you than at you, right?  [The Gloss] 

Has perfume lost its class? A look back at the history of celebrity scent collaborations an how the scent houses have adapted. It gets traced back to Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy in 1957. Pretty intriguing… [Ad Week] 

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Apr 1, 2013

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Four dollar unicorn farts

What does a unicorn fart smell like? Dust? Sugar? White chocolate Harry Potter frosting with a Rainbow Brights balloon? The question is clearly on everyone’s lips, and one Etsy seller has taken this conundrum into her ow hands and created the Unicorn farts lip balm, which she says ‘Smells just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts!’

What does that smell like though?

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Mar 31, 2013

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The Hands Free Tongue Toothbrush

This seems to be the kind of month where I find a whole lot of really cool and creative beauty products- I just love innovation, don’t you? The latest ib the long line of happiness is the Hands Free tongue mounted toothbrush.

Designed for the extremely lazy/ busy/ mobile phone obsessed this is a toothbrush you can use via your tongue. Yes, that flexible muscle can be used to brush your teeth, leaving your digits free for multi tasking.

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Mar 27, 2013

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Done In 60 Minutes: DIY Nail art designs in under an hour

Pulling off an elegant nail job requires skill, dexterity, patience the size of the Pacific Ocean, and most important of all, time. Whether you’re going to attend an exclusive party or just hang out with some friends in a club on a Saturday, being able to do your nails quickly will save you money- and stress! Why pay a salon when you can create cool looks in the comfort o your own home (and watch Homeland whilst doing so?)

Regardless of the nail art you want to apply, whether French tips, statement nails, or animal prints, the ability to do them quickly comes in handy especially during unexpected parties or nail accidents that require a retouch or a total makeover. If you are looking for nail art ideas you can do it in 60 minutes or less, check out these nail job tips to aid you along the way:

1. Herringbone Nail Art

A stitching technique usually found in twill fabrics can be your nail buddy in case you need to retouch your nails in an hour or less. After painting all your nails with your selected base nail polish, take out some nail strips from your French tip kit and paint them with different colours but from the same colour palette, e.g. using the same kind of finish but with different hues such as matte or candy colours. After applying polish in nail strips, carefully stick them in one of your nails, preferably the middle or ring finger, the way herringbone stitches are made. These should form diagonal L’s when done correctly. Using a pair of nail clippers, remove the protruding tips and with a cutter, carefully cut the excess strips to the shape of your nails.

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Mar 25, 2013

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Morninghead;- to get rid of Morning Hair. Totally SFW!

Bedhair is something that beauty magazines tell us we ought to aspire too, but the reality is more rats nest, then Cinderella-type tendrils. I’ve always thought this was a female issue, but then I just learnt about Morninghead- a product aimed at men (or women with super short hair) that’s suggests its a universal issue. Dubious name aside, the Morninghead is actually kind of ingenious.

The Morninghead caps started as a Kickstarter project, and then received full funding.It’s a shower cap that comes lined with absorbent material, designed to let you mimic freshly washed hair, without the inconvenience of having a shower.

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Mar 20, 2013

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Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Foot Care Cream Review

Feet are the opposite of glamorous. Shoes, shoes I can get behind, but feet, well I’d rather stick them in pretty socks or tights and forget about them. Problem is, other people. Other  people who might see them or touch them.. yeah.  In an attempt to make my feet more people friendly I’ve been slathering them with the Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Footcare cream. I’m not a fan of the overly long unnecessarily  alliteration, but I won’t hold that against them.

The cream itself is very rich and thick,  white liquid that sticks to my hands and sits rather than gets absorbed in my feet. I’ve been slathering it on and wearing socks in bed for a week, and I have seen some improvement in softness. The cream apparently has extracts containing ‘Aloe Vera, Grapefruit, Mango, Peach, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose and Coconut’, and while I am sure this is true, it is completely scent free.

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Mar 18, 2013

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Beauty Blogging Links: Bloggers and Brands plus Clarins cool

Phyrra & Ana discuss brand relationships & bloggers.

The weather’s getting warm, so Musicalhouses introduces you to Biore’s latest Aqua UV Watery Essence sunscreen!

Have you tried out the new Clinique Chubby Stick Intense lip colour range yet? If not, don’t miss Rae’s swatches, photos, & review on theNotice — this is one product that you NEED in your stash!

Jenny falls head over heels for the YSL Glossy Stains over at My Funny Valentine.

At Eyelining Obsessions, Claire tries desperately to get into a Spring mood (despite the weather!) with a bright lip courtesy of LUSH.

Just when you thought you didn’t need another palette in your life, Jude reviews this little beauty from Clarins at Love, Lust, and Fairy Dust.

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Mar 13, 2013

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SweetLocks scented hairbrushes

I love brushing my hair- it always relaxes me, and the simple strokes that turn corn into silk are very therapeutic. It seems like it’s the only thing I can control sometimes, so that I can release easy childlike scents at the same time is a cool idea. SweetLocks hairbrushes come in two perfumed options, Cheeky Cherrylime and Strawberry Sweetcake. They smell intensely sugary and delicious- like all those candies that are bad for you and the kind of smell that you imagine Barbie might sweat out.

Hey, it’s aimed at 7-13 year olds so that’s OK- though I won’t say no… Each stroke releases a waft of the scent, and it never runs out, so you have it for the life of the brush.

There are more flavors in the works as well- who else wants to try Chocolate Cookie Cake or Very Berry on their hair? Mmm.

They should be available soon- check them out here.

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