May 26, 2013

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I was super excited to try circle lenses.. but they were a huge FAIL

It would be easy to blame Lady Gaga for my circle lens foray, jump on the bandwagon of cool that she sashays down and say I just wanted ‘bad romance’ but that would just be lying. think about it. That video was over three years ago, so it would just make me look like the laziest fangirl ever. Truth be told, circle lenses have been on my radar pre-Gaga, as I’m a little obsessed with weird Japanese and Korean blogs and after wondering how the fuck do all the girls look like anime characters, I decided that was pretty much my only answer. Enter a world of fantasy, of sapphire diamonds floating across pupils, tiny gold filaments sparking around irises of the eye, and circles, so many circles, like all your Venn diagram wet dreams in one big strange absorbing eyeball.

The problem was that my eyesight was abhorrent.we’re talking minus eight people, and for those blessed with 20/20, minus six is considered legally blind my many people, so add two more points.. and yeah. Of course, I could get circle lenses and wear them with my glasses, but that felt like a really lame way to go, and would pretty much spoil my whole fantasy of masquerading as some adorable anime nymphet.

In 2012 I had unsuccessful laser eye surgery (yes, I’m in that enviable 5% bracket). My eyesight isn’t 20/20, but it is -2, which means that as long as I avoid roads and reading, I could finally indulge my circle lens fetish.

Carefully selecting the Phantasee MaxVue vision circle lenses in black, I eagerly awaited their arrival. After ripping them open, I was so impatient to try them that I temporarily blinded myself putting one lens in my eye created a burning blistering pain that had me hopping up and down, tears streaming. Seems that the packaged solution the lens travel in doesn’t go so well in the eyes, and the instructions I’d ripped apart would have told me to rinse the lenses in the provided solution.

The next day, I tried them again. I prepared- hands were clean, face was bare and smooth, lenses were rinsed. In went one. then the next. No burning pain- always a good thing, right.

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May 11, 2013

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Angry Birds Perfume for video game girls

I’m kinda over the whole Angry Birds thing. Ihaven’t played the game in a hella long time, and apart from some cute Angry Birds socks (adorable) am pretty disassociated from the franchise, as in, it’s been DONE folks, seriously. Well, they’re aiming for another cash cow/bird with the Angry Birds Travel Perfume set. It will be available in Asia pacific as part of a flight travel set. The bottles each represent a different bird and options are 50ml Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird and King Pig. A miniature set of 5ml Angry Bird perfumes is also available. Price TBD. Enthusiasm level: Zero. You feel differently?

(via GizmoDiva)

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May 2, 2013

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Chill Pill soap Prescription

Want to feel like you’re getting the full benefit from soaping up? Take it in pill form. Uh. OK, bad joke. Really bad joke, I apologize. But seriously, it’s a chill pill mint green soap in an Rx bottle. How am I meant to pun on that?

Made with aromatherapy oils, for added scent- think eucalyptus and peppermint, the soaps are colored in earth tones.

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May 1, 2013

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Please keep playing with your food Hong Yi

It used to be seen as inappropriate to play with your diner, but years of Foodstagrammers, meal bloggers and foodies have alerted this perception. Artist Hong Yi takes this one step further and creates dazzling designs on a dinner plate. Her raw material? Whatever s in her fridge. Once the artwork has been constructed and photographed.. it then gets eaten. Talk about the circular path of the art world!

Hong Yi created these design as part of her ’30 Day’ project, and the goal was to create a design for every day of the month. They range from reinterpreting existing artwork such as Banksy’s famous graffiti prints, to pastiche prints of well known logo designs- the Louis Vuitton mushrooms are adorable.

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Apr 29, 2013

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The Mohawk gets its Google on

I wish I could remember where I found this image, but oh my Google, it’s pretty impressive.  I do enjoy an image that makes me smile from ear to ear, and though this Google seems to be slightly frosted, it’s pretty awesome.

If you know who I can credit, please drop me a line.

And a good Google to you!


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Apr 28, 2013

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Beauty Blog Link Love April 2013

Musicalhouses tries out a summer staple (yellow nail polish), and thinks she just might like it!

Phyrra brings you all of the new Silk Naturals Chromatics Cream Eye Colors. Will you fall in love with them?

There’s makeup bases, and then there’s makeup bases. Don’t miss theNotice’s review of the super-cool shu uemura POREraser & Brightening Mousses — these are definitely the latter!

Jude reviews the WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System. Is this really the No-Needle alternative to Botox and fillers?

Bun Bun Makeup Tips wonders why it took her so long to finally try, review, and swatch the awesome Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows!

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Apr 25, 2013

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Vice Merchants Bedsheets : Subtle sex art in 300 thread count

I have a secret bed linen fetish. There I’ve admitted it. Others go gaga for a bit of lace and a nicely turned cushion and matching home decor but I’m all about the bed having delectable sheets and a brilliant pattern. Make the bed look good and I’m half yours.

Yes, my love for bed linen doesn’t compare to my shoe collection or my penchant for Dior Saddle Handbags- but I do very much enjoy pretty sheets and Vice Merchants linen designs seem to have been made with me in mind.

At first look they’re lightly patterned pale sheets, faintly floral, a little whimsical, a little dull even. At second glance it’s like woah, did you just spot the leg/boob/thigh in there?

These saucy silhouettes have been cleverly blurred into the print, and add a little X-rated risqué play to your sheets.

There are a few designs to choose from, from the pastel prettiness of Deco Gems to the blue infused Pearl Divers.. to the gay cowboy Cowpoke.

Pick your favorite- they come in all sheet sizes.

Check them out at Vice Merchants.

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Apr 22, 2013

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IPA Lip balm for beer breath

A little bit of booze isn’t a bad thing, but beer breath is never pleasant. A new line of lip balm offers full-on beer flavor for IPA loving-ladies and men. There are four options to choose from, and each is created using organic products at Atlantic Farms. The key ingredient is the hops flower, and the balms include finely ground hops to give them a  smooth texture.. and a memorable taste!

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Apr 21, 2013

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Nine delightful New York Nail Art Designs

Nail art is a passion of mine, but due to lack of time, my digits have been looking decidedly simple hued. In order to rejuvenate my love of the genre- or potentially, just waste time online- I have curated an amazing display of New York nail art.

It is my current favorite city after all, so I need to try and get my USA pride on. Some of these are jawdropping, but a few suggest that I might just be able to recreate them myself.. when I next have a free moment. I do adore the one featured above however, the delectable NYC Landmark nail art from DeviantArt.

 Silver NYC Skyline Nails

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Apr 18, 2013

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Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treament

My hands have been pretty chapped lately, nails peeling, and icky ripped up skin teasing the edges of my cuticles. In part this is because I am a nervous finger chewer- yes, I KNOW- but I do also feel that the random weather is a little too blame. The insane New York aircon is also a little too blame, but considering my finger stubs were becoming nubs, I needed to take action pronto. I carry a hand cream with me at all times, but I felt I needed something more intensive. I also changed my diet, adding in some Biotin and daily Folic Acid supplements. No, I’m not preggers, these are just great nourishing skin replenishing vitamins.

Next, the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment. It’s paraben free and made with cocoa butter and shea butter. What I think really makes the difference though is the inclusion of kokum butter. Yes, I had to google it, but basically it’s isan extract from an Indian tree, and has amazing emollient properties.

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