Oct 27, 2013

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The best brand you’ve never heard of: Image Skincare

Image Skincare Prevention SPF50+Moisturizer in one

Summer is here, and with the sweltering heat and the sweaty pits is an awareness that I need to get protected and stay protected. Leather is so handbags not face, y’know. Image Skincare has been one of my secret loves for years, in part as it’s so damn hard to find a place to get it. First introduced by a London facialist, it is one of those brands that’s generally sold in salons On one hand, that’s good as you’ll be taught how to use it effectively, on the other hand, you look askance as it’s recommended as everyone hates the hard sell- facials are expensive, remember? So, despite Googling for all of 5 minutes I can’t give you a price (sorry) but can link you to their website where you can make enquiries. Annoying, huh?

But so, so worth it.

Basically the Image Skincare Prevention and daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 is GREAT. It’s lightweight and feels really nice to apply, sinks in quickly, doesn’t make you break out and gives you the kind of glow where people think you’ve been eating well/working out (if only they knew).

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Oct 22, 2013

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Creepy Kitty Candle: The Devil’s Pet

With Halloween in the offing it’s time to get your creepy beauty hat on and this candle is the epitome of weird.

Named the “Devil’s Candle” it’s the kitty cat from hell. When you first see it, it looks like a sweet pink candle, a generally innocuous item. When you light it, well, that’s another matter. As it burns down, a skeleton is revealed, a dark design that makes a statement about how not to depend on the outside.. or maybe just that artist Thorunn Arnadottir is a little bit twisted.

No price as yet, as the artist is trying to crowdfund its creation. So you can have a say in whether this becomes a reality.. or not. No judgment here.

Sign up here to be on the creepy kitty candle waiting list.

[via IncredibleThings]

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Oct 16, 2013

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Hair valet from Marcy McKenna for frail females

I’m at loss for word for this hair valet. On one hand it’s impossibly amazing and would save so much stress on holidays, on nights out, arguing with girls at the office.. but .. but..

It’s enormous, it’s a little obscene, it’s a kinda horrendous shade of pink , and wtf has my life become if I look at this and think hey, this could really solve a great first world problem I’ve been having?

Clearly it’s a common problem, hence the blurb:

‘Revolutionizing the hair styling experience everywhere, The Style and Go Hair Care Valet is a wall mounted electrical hair care cabinet that allows you to use your hair appliances from the same place that you store them. Your own personal styling salon—saves time, saves space, saves energy.’

It goes on, but you get the gist.

Oh, but did I mention the final last sexist piece they impart?

‘Easy installation. No husband required!’

Well thank god for that, as I don’t see a husband/friend/housemate putting up with me wanting a giant cabinet dedicated to my styling tools.

Get it here if you must.

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Oct 15, 2013

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The Chinese Face-Kini for WTF beach moments

I completely understand the desire to look your very best. It’ that kind of world. We are constantly judged, assessed, and then we have out own vanity to cope with. I also understand that different cultures have different ideas of what beauty is.

But the Chinese Face-kini is definitely taking the Chinese love of whiteness too far. In China light white skin was traditionally had by nobles of the ancient era, and this denoted people of status as they didn’t tan from field work. Now this translate into the notion that it’s still attractive today, and when I’ve visited as many people walk around in the heat with layers on their arms to keep them pale, whatever the heat.

This Face-kini seems like the evolution of that, but it’s very strange and kinda makes these women look like extras from dissident Russian group Pussy Riot.



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Sep 24, 2013

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Elvis Jesus Perfume for sweet smelling prayers

What do Elvis and Jesus have in common? Two pretty famous dudes with big hair and a message?

Both gone beyond their time? And both immortalized in a vageuly offensive ElvisJesus perfume. Yes, PERFUME.

At leasy they have a sense of humor about it, as the promo states:  ”The debut fragrance collection embodies the spirit of the brand – a juxtaposition of contrasting scents that create sensual and extraordinary fragrances.”

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Sep 22, 2013

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Nails from Espionage Cosmetics

Geeks are taking over the world.. or at least their nails to start with I’m compltely enamored by Espionage Comsetics and the amazing themed nailw raps they’ve been showcasing.

Espionage Cosmetics is the brainwave of   a makeup artists and a USMC sergeant (who’s to judge) and is all about making geek culture pretty and decorative. The line up includes some awesome nails, from geek-tastic Dr Who’s tardis to the more  retro teenage ninja finger nails, sorry turtles.

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Aug 27, 2013

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The Hot Iron Holster is genius

This is such a smart idea that I’m half kicking myself that it wasn’t mine. The Hot iron Holster is a portable carrycase for your heated appliances and what’s so amazing about it is that it can GO anywhere. You can poisition it on your night stand, the bathroom counter, wherever and it will stick firmly in place till you peel it up again.

Made from silicone, the pouch part holds hair straighteners and the like securely, without heating up, and the flap part adheres to whatever surface you put it on, no glue or sticky tape needed.

I’m always looking for somewhere to balance my straighteners as I clip my hair out my face and I love the portability of this. Durable is a key watchword here and this will save me from many bathroom burns and curses. Available in three colorways, black, pink and white I think this is one of those, ” You didn’t know you needed it and now you can’t live without it” devices.

$19.99 from The Grommet

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Aug 1, 2013

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Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion: Smells like summer

I’ve been looking for a new body lotion for a while now and was hoping that Vaseline Aloe Fresh would be the one. It’s summer and I wanted something light, something that absorbed well, and something that made my legs look like they’d been taking lessons from Gisele Bunchden. OK, well I would start with cool and soft at least.

The body lotion was well priced in CVS and stood out amongst the other bland white bottles. I like that you got a nice quantity as well. The initial feeling was refreshing, the light green lotion packed with cucumber and aloe vera extracts (yes, I’ve been getting burnt) and my poor skin drank it in.

On the other hand, it took a really REALLY long time to absorb, and no one likes that awkward morning chicken dance where you jump from one foot to the other. Once absorbed, skin stayed soft and looked fresh and I liked the slight sheen it gave my legs. It didn’t last too long though as mid morning (disclaimer: morning involved a long walk through the park on a hot day) my legs were slick and moisture free again.

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Jul 29, 2013

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Revision Skincare Intellishade SPF45 Matte Foundation promises to suit EVERY skintone

A skincare moisturising foundation that makes you look younger, protects your from the sun AND HAS ONE SHADE THAT WILL SUIT ANYONE? Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.

That’s exactly what Revision Skincare says it does with the Intellishade Foundation, but I was unsure. To be fair, they say tinted moisturizer rather than full on foundation so that;s a little more wiggle room, but every skintone- hello, it’s a lovely multicolored world.

However, I like a challenge- and LOVE a new foundation, so was happy to try this out. First off, the color is a nice flattering beige, a little orange on the hand, but soon blended into my pale skin- no lines obvious. The coverage was light- sheer, and it had a nice non greasy finish to it. The matte finish was very flattering for this time of year and I loved the fact that it was SPF 45- though they use zinc oxide as one of the main SPF ingredients, to provide UV and UVB protection, there was no white residue and it had a smooth , not chalky feel.

I like that it was non greasy and also surprising clean and efficient to use- no drips or gloopiness from the tube, and the tube design let you know exactly how much you had left to use.

A range of cool ingredients make up the formula- most of which I know, such as Vitamin C, fro brightening, and birch extract for wrinkle reduction.

What about the big question though- does it really suit all skin types? My redheaded friend, and my Asian friend stood up  to try it. (The review was unplanned or more skin colors would be represented.)

So what was the verdict? Both looked dubiously at the products, both shook their head as they put it on.. and both were impressed. Really. Words such as ,”I’d NEVER have picked this up in a store, but now..” and “WTF? No way!” were uttered. The redhead noticed a slightly darker tint to her skin than usual and the Asian noticed no such lines, but loved the moisturizing elements.

Overall: All impressed

I think I’d want a thicker coverage for everyday wear, but for occasions when I don’t want to do much, this is a true gem, that can be shared around.

$44.99 from Amazon

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Jul 15, 2013

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Untired Eye Cream from LP Skin Therapy: REVIEW

I have never been convinced that people need a separate eye cream as well a a good skin cream, but the LP Skin Therapy Eye cream goes someway to changing my mind. Created by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos PhD,  -for those who don’t know her, she’s THE queen of daytime TV skincare, and is a charming charismatic woman, who looks nothing like her 42 years of age. FYI- I have met her in person, and can confirm that she’s every but as fresh looking as the airbrush suggests.

The interesting thing about this eye cream is that it’s slightly tinted, almost a Matt beige color with a couple of luminous particles in it that help brighten the eye area. Ingredients wise it features things such as Alpha Glucose Hesperidin, Fiflow SC and Platinum Matrix-EM. No, I have NO IDEA what that means, and though they helpfully add explainers such as ‘brightening’ etc, I don’t feel that really gives you a good idea of what it does.

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