Dec 31, 2012

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Nail Rock BodyRock Glitter Tattoo Review

Temporary body tattoos were one of those things we thought we left in the 90′s, along with gummy bracelets, Rainbow Strike and Milkybars. However, recent years have seen temporary tattoos take on a life of their own- chiefly with the help of Chanel and their rather stunning leg decorations- and steep Chanel like pricetag. NailRock, the creators of the stunning nail decals that we love to play with decided to create a rather more wallet friendly line of temporary body art, and I’ve been [playing with some of them in light of it being the holiday season.

I’ve been trying the Body Rock Glitter pack, which contains three sheets of different gold glitzy tattoos, and as I LOVE stars, I just had to go for them.

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Dec 8, 2012

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AK47 Sunglasses from Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow

Nothing says serious glamour like some hardcore weaponry, and these bling silver and gold gun-inspired frames add a certain element to any outfit. Now, you’ll have to judge if that is goof or not, but you won’t go un-noticed in these. Designer Jeremy Scott- known for being edgy- and classic sunglasses designer Linda Farrow have collaborated to create these designs, that blur the line between war-chic and good taste.

I think there’s something rather striking about them, and that if you weren’t looking closely you could almost miss the guns- those double takes will be entertaining. The frame shape would flatter most faces and the color choices are pretty classic.

Would you fire up this look? (sorry, pun-central today)

380 Euros from French store Colette

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Nov 27, 2012

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The Hair Museum: Centuries of hair on show

Stars like Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj have made us re-evaluate the way we look at hair. Hair is no longer seen as a grooming device, it’s art ans parcel of somebody’s look and has been elevated to art form with Lady GaGa’s hair bows and Nicki Minaj’s candy colored hair wigs. They might be bringing this to public attention, but Leila Cohoon has been advocating hair as an art form for many years now.

Leila own the Leila Hair Museum in Missouri, and has curated over 500 hair wreaths and 2000 pieces of jewelry made of HUMAN HAIR. Yes, that’s right, people wore jewelry made of human hair. Leila traces back many of her objects to the Victorian period when using hair in artwork was more common and it was either used as a bodily adornment or as a memorial piece. Some of the items have more than just hair in them- bone fragments and blood might also be part of some of the wreaths!

It’s hard to know what to make of this- Leila is clearly very passionate about hat she does, and it’s interesting that it exists but it’s hard to refrain from feeling a little bit icky at the amount of old hair/blood/bones adorning the walls.

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Oct 19, 2012

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Halloween Makeup from MAC: Hunger Games, Catwoman and more!

Halloween is coming, and I’m VERY excited. I may not have worked out what costume/ crazy makeup/ insanely long wig to wear yet, but I do know that I’m going to be drooling over all the makeup on the night. Happily, MAC makeup artist Moises Ramirez has given me some inspiration with his stunning face charts showcasing some cool beauty looks- and costume suggestions.

Hunger Games- Effie Trinket Makeup

Marilyn Monroe

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Oct 17, 2012

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Hybris Cosmetics: Prototype prestige packaging

There’s something very exciting about a prototype. Sure, it may never happen, but I love the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the manufacturing and mockups of possible packaging.. and some things we look at today might be the big hitters tomorrow. May I remind you of the wet/dry straighteners and the cleansers with attached brush heads? They all started life like this, and look how big they got!

Hybris is the inspiration of Israeli Dafna Aizenberg. She was told to create a brand that drew inspiration from ‘Urbanity, Pedro Almodovar’s creations, fashion and a paint shop’, for her branding course.  (don’t you love vague school projects?)

What she came up with was Hybris, a design that manages to look both decadent and delicious, with a candy like exterior that would definitely fall into the gourmand section of Harrods.

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Oct 13, 2012

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Dangerous Nail Files at the Conran Shop

Nail files can be dangerous tools in the hands of the uninitiated and a rough file can be torturous- think nails on a blackboard! This just got taken up a scare notch with the launch of the Dangerous Nail File range. Each nail file resembles the types of tool you’d expect Dexter to have in his homicidal maniac/ serial killer kit and you can pick from Gun, knife, axe, cleaver and more. Designed by  Shelly Getzendanner from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘bad manicure’.

These are on sale at the Conran Shop for £7.85 each and should make a gruesome present for someone you love/hate.

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Jul 25, 2012

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Braces Faces are desirable (and deadly!)

Braces used to be the ultimate in teen stigma, but threy’ve recently had a comeback, and it’s now seen as cool to have a brace face. This concept is utterly alien to me (a reccessive bite makes braces the DEVIL) but I promise you this is true- if only in the EAST. Howwever, due to the soaring costs of braces in places like Thaildn and China is has become a badge of honour- wealth if you will, to be seen with a barec face, the sartroial equivalent of a Chanel handbag for the teeth.

You can now get braces in a myriad of colour combos, and styles vary from little flowers to butterflies and Mickey Mouse ears pressed onto your teeth. Not my sort of thing admittedly, but a cute way to take the stigma out of teeth alignment, and pretty kawaii in its own quirky way.

The problem now occurs when the poorer kids try to emulate this trend- but they can’t afford the £500/ $700+ pricesfr the real deal. This has sparked a wave of FAKE braces, and these aren’t the best for your mouth health. Remember that your mouth is a hotbed of germs and bacteria and if something unsanitary goes int here, the outcome can be bad. There has been a wave of brace infections, one causing a death in Thailand due to a thyroid infection it caused!

Thailand has always been uber strict on some things, and they’ve outlawed fake fashion braces- where selling them can get you 6 months in the slammer.

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