Oct 17, 2012

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Hybris Cosmetics: Prototype prestige packaging

There’s something very exciting about a prototype. Sure, it may never happen, but I love the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the manufacturing and mockups of possible packaging.. and some things we look at today might be the big hitters tomorrow. May I remind you of the wet/dry straighteners and the cleansers with attached brush heads? They all started life like this, and look how big they got!

Hybris is the inspiration of Israeli Dafna Aizenberg. She was told to create a brand that drew inspiration from ‘Urbanity, Pedro Almodovar’s creations, fashion and a paint shop’, for her branding course.  (don’t you love vague school projects?)

What she came up with was Hybris, a design that manages to look both decadent and delicious, with a candy like exterior that would definitely fall into the gourmand section of Harrods.

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Oct 13, 2012

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Dangerous Nail Files at the Conran Shop

Nail files can be dangerous tools in the hands of the uninitiated and a rough file can be torturous- think nails on a blackboard! This just got taken up a scare notch with the launch of the Dangerous Nail File range. Each nail file resembles the types of tool you’d expect Dexter to have in his homicidal maniac/ serial killer kit and you can pick from Gun, knife, axe, cleaver and more. Designed by  Shelly Getzendanner from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘bad manicure’.

These are on sale at the Conran Shop for £7.85 each and should make a gruesome present for someone you love/hate.

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Jul 25, 2012

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Braces Faces are desirable (and deadly!)

Braces used to be the ultimate in teen stigma, but threy’ve recently had a comeback, and it’s now seen as cool to have a brace face. This concept is utterly alien to me (a reccessive bite makes braces the DEVIL) but I promise you this is true- if only in the EAST. Howwever, due to the soaring costs of braces in places like Thaildn and China is has become a badge of honour- wealth if you will, to be seen with a barec face, the sartroial equivalent of a Chanel handbag for the teeth.

You can now get braces in a myriad of colour combos, and styles vary from little flowers to butterflies and Mickey Mouse ears pressed onto your teeth. Not my sort of thing admittedly, but a cute way to take the stigma out of teeth alignment, and pretty kawaii in its own quirky way.

The problem now occurs when the poorer kids try to emulate this trend- but they can’t afford the £500/ $700+ pricesfr the real deal. This has sparked a wave of FAKE braces, and these aren’t the best for your mouth health. Remember that your mouth is a hotbed of germs and bacteria and if something unsanitary goes int here, the outcome can be bad. There has been a wave of brace infections, one causing a death in Thailand due to a thyroid infection it caused!

Thailand has always been uber strict on some things, and they’ve outlawed fake fashion braces- where selling them can get you 6 months in the slammer.

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Jul 13, 2012

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MiraDry is a sweat stopping solution

Summer is upon us and that means that it’s sweat season, and all those cans of Sure and Lynx will be getting double airings. Some people however will find mere cans of deodorant puny things in the battle against sweat patches on their shirts, and this is due to a condition called Hyperhidrosis. What Hyperhidrosis means is that you sweat more than normal- often unexpectedly soaking your clothes, and it can come with age, medications, or for no reason at all. This might not sound that bad, but imagine it in a work situation, or  a date- water rolling down your face is not going to make you feel confident.

Up till now options were fairly limited. There are special prescription deodorants, and there were Botox underarm injections (yes, really) but all of these solutions are temporary and need repeating- which also makes them expensive.

MiraDry is a new procedure designed to help sufferers, and it works in a different way to anything I’ve seen before. It works by eliminating some of the sweat glands under the arm, and by reducing the amount of glands there you also have less sweat.

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Jun 29, 2012

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Equine Shiatsu for happy horses

Films like the Horse Whisperer make us aware that our equine friends respond well to soothing words and gentle touches, but did you know that they can also be treated with SHIATSU? Yes, that’s right, why not let a horse chillax with some massage techniques?I recently learnt about Shiatsu being used in the case of horses and am simply lost for words.

It’s not so much the idea of a horse benefiting from deep tissue massage which astounds me, rather the enthusiastic way that site Methods of Healing describes the treatment.

‘Equine Shiatsu operates under the same philosophy as regular Shiatsu, applying the philosophy of energy movement and meridians to horses instead of humans. The movements have just been tailored to suit the equine form.’

Think that’s all of it. Oh noooo, there’s much more.

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Jun 25, 2012

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Heroine Hair Dye Options- LOL

What type of hair colour do our favourite superhero heroines wear? I found a funny mockup of the poetential L’Oreal shades the likes of The Hunger Games Katniss and Merida from the upcoming Pixar Disney film Brave. I like the lighthearted look at the colours they might dye their hair, and whether or not this is a L’Oreal PR stunt it’s a pretty cute one!

Hopefully we’ll get to see even more mockups- who wouldn’t want Little Mermaid Ariel hair, or Pocahantos’s glossy locks? See more cute hair dye styles after the jump.

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Jun 22, 2012

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Celebrity Prayer Candles- Amy of Guadalupe, Sister Nicki Minaj and more!

Prayer candles are a tradition which has a Catholicism spirit to it, as the beeswax candles are traditionally used in churches. You light the candle and make a wish make a blessing and you can direct this at a person or to god- think of each candle as a prayer for a person. Many of these candles feature religious iconography such as Jesus and Mother Mary, but these celebrity prayer candles from Idol Kill serve a different deity.

I don’t think they’re suggesting we worship at the altar of celebrity or ask Mother Gaga to grant our wishes, but they are making a lighthearted statement about religion and beliefs as well as creating some rather cool looking candles. I’m not sure if the Amy Winehouse candle is going a little too far, but I find the Nicki Minaj version very entertaining.

[Amy of Guadalupe- above]

Sister Nicki Minaj

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