Apr 25, 2011

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Eylure false lashes retro adverts

Beauty is a very cyclical world and many trends resurface years later. We’ve seen seventies glamour, doe eyed style and now the china doll look (as featured on the Anna Sui catwalk) is making a comeback. Eylure have released special top and bottom lash sets to allow you to get the look, and I’m in love with their old school false lash adverts. Here are a few I snapped- aren’t they adorable?

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Apr 24, 2011

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Rockalily red lipsticks- one to suit every woman!

I’m a fan of red lipsticks, and am excited about the launch of Rockalily lipsticks, a four piece range with three shades of red and one pink- one is BOUND to suit you! The range has a vintage feel to it, which is no surprise considering it’s created by ReeRee Rockette! It epitomizes her love of Rockabilly and Vintage style, and the four shades are designed to flatter The range includes two blue-based reds and one orange-based red and a blue-based pink. I love the look and feel of the brand, and like that it’s a compact range, so you can try without being too overwhelmed. Get them for £14 here. 

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Apr 23, 2011

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Alexa Chung bright blue Coachella festival nail look

Alexa Chung is known for being fashion forward, and when I spotted the bright blue nail varnish adorning her nails as she attended Coachella, I had to do a get the look. I love bright shades, they’re playful and pretty and when it’s sunny they make you look so fresh. I don’t know what shade she used, but here are three ‘get the look’ nail shades.

Check out:

-OPI No Room for the Blues

Barry M Blueberry Nail paint

Nails Inc Special Effects (for a funky alternate look).

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Apr 22, 2011

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Luminaire Highlighting Concealer from Sleek MakeUP

As a massive fan of Sleek MakeUp I jump on any new release with glee and love the sound of their new Luminaire Highlighting Concealer. It’s designed along the YSL Touche Eclat style, but rather than purely highlighting cheekbones, it’s also designed to conceal circles, reduce lines and plump up skintone. Love that it’s budget friendly (as always with Sleek MakeUP) and look forward to trying it!

Out on May 11th for £6.49 from Sleek MakeUP

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Apr 20, 2011

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Stargazer Princess Lipstick Collection for the four kisses of Kate

Royal Wedding related beauty products roll on, and now we have Stragzer’s turn with a four piece lipstick set that will make you pucker up like a princess. Each shade is named after an event in Kate Middleton’s life,  ‘See through Dress, isa sheer lilac shade inspired by the dress Kate strutted her stuff in at a university fashion show, and the hot pink ‘Kensington Blowdry,’ is named after the salon she gets her hair done at (Richard Ward, FYI).

There’s also a red shade, ‘Catwalk Cathedral’ and a light pink shade called  ‘The Lady’s Been Waiting,’.

What do you think? Cool and cute or puke inducing. I’m on the fence here- help me out!

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Apr 19, 2011

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Rodial Glam Balm product review: A saviour for travellers!

Rodial is a brand I’ve loved for a long time. Sure, it’s a name fraught with controversy (see my post on the Crash Diet range ) but people often forget how GOOD most of their line is.

I recently rediscovered my love for the Rodial Glam Balm during a press jaunt to Berlin. First of all, it’s below 100ml so will mane it through security (I sobbed goodbye to my Nuxe lotion) and secondly it’s a great all purpose balm.

I apply it in air to keep skin soft and moisturised and it’s much less greasy than 8 hour cream. It doubles as a night moisturiser too, works well as a primer for foundation and will heal ragged cuticles in two days.

The texture is nice, with a silicone feel and absorbs quickly and it doesn’t aggravate oily skin. I’d say this is a must for anyone, and it really lasts a long time as you don’t need to use much.

£63.55 from ASOS

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Apr 18, 2011

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Playful Prada inspired banana Nail Art

The Prada fashion house is known for its rather reserved styling, so their spring summer banana designs are a breath of fresh fruit. London Nail salon WAH nails has used the print as inspiration for a matching manicure- banana-licious!


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Apr 18, 2011

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Royal Wedding Prince and Princess scents from the Perfume Shop

The Royal Wedding bandwagon rolls on, but this time it stop somewhere I vaguely like. You can get your own mini Princess or Prince scent to spray on, and they’re placed in adorable bottles, think Gwen Setfani’s Harajuku range of scents. Kate is resplendent in her wedding naughties and William has a mini military uniform.

Princess (Kate) smells of green leaves and white flowers, whilst Prince (Wills)  is cedar, and spicy nutmeg.

These are available online from now till stocks run out and are £20 for the 28ml each pair, or £10 each at the Perfume Shop.

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Apr 17, 2011

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DD+ Bikini Delights

I happen to be rather well endowed up top, and despite what Playboy would have you believe find it rather hard to find swimwear that looks flattering- and young and fun. Thankfully in the last few years brands have cottoned on to this, and here is my slection of bikini options for women who are more than a D cup handful.

La Senza’s 50s style Polka Dot bikini:

Looks lovely in the larger cup sizes and the colour is so fresh and fun. £22 for the set (separate top and bottoms) from La Senza

Leopard print Bikini Top from ASOS

Va Va voom. That’s pretty much it! £18 from ASOS

ASOS animal print halter top

This is ultra cute, and I love animal prints! This is from the ASOS D+ range. £16 from ASOS.

Pour Moi Azure Bikini

Can you believe this is a D+ bra (all the way to F!). No, me neither- haven’t things changed. £24 from ASOS.

Freya Riveria Tankini Set

Tankinis can be a great option if you’re tummy conscious and this style is so cute! £43 from Figleaves.

Ruffle red bikini La Senza

This is a very cute set, and I like how it makes you look so dramatic and Spanish (or that might be the model!). £32 for whole set

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Apr 15, 2011

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Beauty themed jewellery to prettify your person

Makeup doesn’t just need to decorate your face, it can work well on your wrist or decolatege as well. Here’s my pick of lovely makeup themed trinkets.
Perfume shaped prettiness, think this is so adorable!
£24.99 from Maggie Angus
Lulu Guinness lipstick charm bracelet, £75

Anna Lou necklace, £20 from Truffle Shuffle

Dolce and Gabanna lipstick necklace, £925

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