Apr 11, 2011

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Loving Christina Aguilera’s hair extensions

So many hair extensions look tacky and fake and I have to give Christina Aguilera the thumbs up for her hair look. Sure, the length may be a little phony (OK, a lot) but the hair looks in nice condition, is well cut so it doesn’t fall in an odd ‘one layer’ divide, and her real hair is expertly blended into the mermaid blonde locks. Kudos Christina- if only other celebs could take note of this!

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Apr 11, 2011

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MAC Flighty Collection S/S 2011

Spring/Summer is in the air and the MAC Flighty Collection is full of lovely brights. It combines whipped mousse eyeshadows in droolworthy shades with the Zoom Lash Mascara in four limited edition colours. Release date approx May/June 2011 in the US/UK respectively.

15 Big Bounce Shadow colours
Free as Air (light blue)
Spread the Wealth (mid-tone olive)
Rich, Sweet (chocolate taupe)
Extra Charged (turquoise)

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Apr 10, 2011

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The $850 Linea Pro Swarovski hair straightener

I’m a big fan of bling, so am rather attracted to the Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 iron. Sure, it’s hideously expensive, but if you have a Paris Hilton budget why not?

It features over 2500 Swarovski crystals applied individually (OMG, the time) and has titanium, plates, a PTFC heater ( uses far-infrared heat which gives even heat and has an instant reheat feature, plus safely penetrates the hair and protects it whilst styling it) , a digital temperature control and torumaline ceramic plates.

Get it for $850 here (made to order). [via the Luxist]

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Apr 9, 2011

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Get the celebrity hairstyle from Annabelle’s Wigs

I’m a big fan of wigs as they’re a fun way to radically change your hair colour and style very quickly, without all the stress and faffing around of salons. Annabelle’s Wigs offers a HUGE selection of styles and colours with prices to suit every budget. I recently attended a press day and was impressed at the variety and styles the company offered. The hair is all synthetic yet feels very soft and they offer everything from celebrity inspired hair (loving the Katy Perry blue version) to 3/4 length pieces that add volume to your real hair.

Apparently the Kate Middleton hairpiece has been selling fantastically possible because of all the themed parties soon to take place? Prices range to about £30 which is amazing value for a full length wig! I have my eye on the Dita Von Teese version.

Get your wigs from Annabelle’s Wigs here.

Dita Wig, £20.49

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Apr 8, 2011

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Seche Gel Lacquer from the creators of the Seche Vite top coat

The Seche Vite top coat is famous amongst beauty aficionados for its great smoothing qualities and long lasting finish, but did you know they also do a range of varnishes? I haven’t tried them yet, but if they live up to the top coat quality, I definitely want to! Any thoughts?

Seche Nail products

Have you tried these ? Let me know how you got on!

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Apr 7, 2011

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Ring a ding ding

I’m a big fan of finger candy, so have a lot of love for rings of all shapes and sizes. I’m currently going through a supersize me phase and think this lovely lot are rather special!


Envelope ring from River Island- how cute is this, wonder if it works?

Lovely Ladybug from Soho Hearts

Howling Dog ring

Diamante bird ring

Dorothy Perkins bug ring (quite loving bugs at the moment!)


Peacock ring from Topshop

Roberto Cavalli Onyx claw ring ASOS Sausage Dog ring

Double ring ( very cool, like the bondage style design)

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Apr 5, 2011

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GetLenses offer eye makeup remover: Smart cookies!

I’m a long term wearer of contact lenses, poor eyesight and vanity meaning I’ve worked my way through Acuvue, Focus and Specsavers own brand range. I tend to like buying my lenses online as you get a reduced rate, and have recently become a fan of GetLenses. Not only can you get lenses at a discount rate, but they now also sell eye makeup remover- a very smart idea!!

They’re offering a selection of eye makeup removers, and eye cream, both products I use regularly and would be willing to add to my cart when I’m checking out. I reckon Specsavers/Boots Opticians should take note of this, good on you Get Lenses! They also say they’ll soon be selling eyeliner and mascara…

Here are some GetLenses eyecare tips.

1. Know when to put your lenses in: With a strong prescription you’ll need to put your lenses in before applying your make up to see what you’re doing. But as a general rule, apply your overall make up first, put your lenses in, then apply mascara and eye liner

2. Stop the smudges with waterproof eye liner and mascara

3. Hypo-allergenic will always be kinder to your eyes. GetLenses.co.uk offers a range of products which are ultra-gentle, formulated uniquely with non-ionic tensio-active ingredients, with a pH identical to tears and suited to even the most sensitive eyes and particularly for contact lens wearers. Mascara and eye liners coming soon.

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Apr 4, 2011

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The SIX different types of beauty bloggers

Blogging has had a great deal of press lately, partly due to how many of us there are, and also due to inflammatory media stories such as 13 year old Tavi’s front row position at New York fashion week. The leads us to question further the role of the blogger in everyday media, and identify just who these so called bloggers are. Can people who have been involved in the industry for a short span of time really be valuable as critics, or does passion and enthusiasm outweigh years of expertise and in depth knowledge? Hmm.

Weigh this against the fact that many home grown bloggers have no financial constraints, such as advertorial policies or big brands to please and you start to question the authenticity of everything. In one respect, start up blogs are the most honest as people review products they buy, but as their readership grows and they get stuff for free**, everything becomes *slightly* compromised. I’m not saying this to disparage anyone, as I personally receive around half the samples I review gratis, but to make people aware of quite how confusing the industry is.

Here’s my guide to the beauty bloggers that you’ll experience.

The Bedroom Beauty Blogger

In a sense, this is where it all begins. The technological age has meant that scribbling in diaries are now replaced by musing on blogs, with Blogger.com (gives the url .blogspot.com) being the preferred platform due to its incredibly simple set up process. These bloggers share their unbiased opinion on a wide variety of products to the world. They often provide swatch tests of various palettes, and go into great detail on everything they buy, providing a comprehensive view of their product purchases. They blog for the love of it, and this is evident in their writing, sharing their experience with other readers, and commenting on products they love and hate. There are a huge number of these blogs out there, of varying quality, but the ones which have been going for a long time have a very loyal readership- the goal being to make it into the next category!

The Bedroom Blogger gone Big

Bloggers have been getting a lot of national press coverage lately, and this has had a positive effect on their blog figures and reach. It’s natural to piggyback off this success, and this leads to the more famous bloggers getting magazine column deals, TV appearances and in the case of Lauren Luke (the famous YouTube girl Panacea81) her own cosmetic line!  Whilst these writers are still in it for the love, the likelihood is that they’re verging (or have made the move) to beauty writing full time,  thus losing the amount of time they have to dedicate to their blog as they’re now contributing to all different sources. Now they’re being paid to write about things they love, they’ll also come across the thorny issue of making sure they keep their integrity when they’re being offered loads of free stuff. Great ones to read are All Lacquered Up and Lauren Luke.

The  Blogging Company

One of the first blogging companies in the UK was Shiny Media (now Shiny Digital and Aigua Media) which was a blog network. It was founded by three people who loved the blogging medium and they decided to work on this full time, and monetize it. They employed full time staff bloggers, paid to write editorial on beauty and style with no constraints, a online editors in the blogging world. The world we live in means that a web presence is now enough, and that a physical presence like a magazine is now unnecessary (Sugar Magazine closed and now they only have their website). This is probably the type of role most bedroom bloggers dream of, and if they create a strong enough presence for themselves, something they may well get. Great examples of Blogging Companies are Handbag, BitchBuzz, iVillage and Handpicked Media.

The  Company Blogger a.k.a The Magazine blogger / Web Editor

Rewind back 10 years and it’s extremely unlikely that most major magazines had any sort of web presence. Sure, they might have a holding page, but they didn’t have content regularly uploaded, or any kind of ongoing story, or regular writers- the essence of a true blog. Nowadays most magazines have a dedicated web team (often made up of interns and junior staff) who update the site with stories and galleries, and allow readers to comment on articles. These sites have the budget of the magazine to use in terms of design and layout and also the same access as the magazine staff to product releases, exclusives etc.  Some that I think are particularly well done are Grazia, Vogue, Elle and Company- no real surprise there, eh? The one way in which these sites sometimes lose face is the fact that they may have the same advertorial pressure that magazine writers have to deal with , where they *may* not be allowed to criticize the product of a major sponsor. This can mean you’ll only ever see glowing reviews, and never know about products they don’t rate, as whilst (hopefully) won’t lie, they may not feature ones they don’t consider worthy. Some magazines are still slightly backwards in promoting a web presence, and good learn a trick or two from the ones mentioned.

The e-commerce blogger/ The corporate blogger

Blogs are such popular tools nowadays that companies have got savvy and have realized that they can use editorial on site to promote all their products. This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t an interesting read, but other than news and celeb trends you’ll never see a negative product review, which kinda throws the whole integrity of the site into question. Despite this, they are often very well laid out (they have the budget) updated regularly, and often have great giveaways. Good e-commerce blogs to check out are Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty. They create relevant up to date editorial which comments on current beauty news and trends, and often has links back to their site where you can purchase the products.

The Beauty Blogger Blagger

Now this is the worst type of Blogger. Essentially this is someone who has read that blogging provide freebies and thinks, ‘Oooh, I wanna get me some of that’. Their blog regurgitates press releases and provide glowing reviews of anything they happen to be given.. EVER- whether it’d a deodorant or a tampon. Credibility, zilch- but it’s difficult for a brand to distinguish between a blagging blog and a bedroom blog initially.

NB. This guide doesn’t cover every eventuality, and naturally some people will find they fall into multiple categories.

** Magazines receive everything for free, and always have done, yet somehow their integrity is never questioned. Not that they lack it, but why are they generally seen as all-knowing and bloggers as grasping grabbing creatures?


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Apr 4, 2011

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Jason Wu releases nail colour collection with CND at Cult Beauty

I love Jason Wu’s catwalk aesthetic- his models are so striking, with clean lines, cats eyes and sharp jaws. His foray into varnish reflects his minimalist aesthetic, as you get a five piece set that highlights key colours in his collection. There’s a blood red shade, a baby pink and a taupe-y greige, as well as a base coat and a ‘Anna Effect’ top coat, which says it will create a ‘subtle, textured tweed-like finish’. I’m very tempted.. and we’ve just had payday!

Get it for £49.95 from Cult Beauty

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Apr 3, 2011

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Fergie looks lovely in LEGO at the Kids Choice Awards

OK, I know it was the Kids Choice Awards and all, but there’s no need for the lovely Fergie to pander to the ‘kid’ element is there? IS there??? Regardless, I LOVE this dress, it’s cute quirky and cool, and though Fergie *may* be to old to wear it she looks super hawt. I want one- I’d just be scared of the comfort level involved in sitting down!

Fergie’s makeup is amazing as well, I love the bright orange eye, and the nude face makes it look classy, not drag queeny. The black nail varnish adds a hint of rock chick, and the Lego bracelet, OMG, just pure love.


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