Jul 5, 2011

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Celebrity What were they thinking? Jackie Chan Skincare Line

Sometimes you hear about beauty product lines that are so bizarre and farfetched you figure they’re a fake- and then you learn they’re true. I share with you now- the Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line. For REAL.

Yes, this line may not have made it to the UK but it does exist and was launched in 2007.

Here’s what he says about it;

The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line was introduced at Cosmoprof Asia, the largest and most prestigious international beauty trade event in Asia. Jackie and his business partner Maggie Chu joined forces to produce a line of skin care products which are completely organic. In keeping with Jackie’s history of preserving and protecting the environment, the products are composed of natural ingredients which are non-polluting and all packaging is made using recycled materials.

OK, I like the eco-stance on it- and very forward for 2007- but this makes me laugh really loud. I imagine Chan sweats a fair amount, so that woulsd lend him some credence but still.. would you buy skincare from a man who looks like this?

Yeah, me neither.  A quick google shows zero results under shopping, so I’m guessing this was shortlived.

I like this introspection at strange celebrity beauty product lines, so think I’ll make this a feature!

[via Cracked]

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Jul 5, 2011

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L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011: The shows

Last night the stars of the hairdressing industry flocked to London from around the UK to celebrate the L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011. There were many excited hairdressers glugging the free wine, and it was looking at a menagerie of tropical birds, as all outfits were bright and stylish.

There were two shows before the winners were announced a stunning visual performance from Charlie le Mindu, whose models sashayed down the catwalk in booty shorts with a trendy east London vibe- the key piece being the giant L’OREAL head piece worn (see above).

Guy Kremer also put on a show, with help from opera diva Annie Lovell and beautiful make models dressed as instruments, with strings across their torso and who ‘played’ themselves.

Sophistication, couture and the esoteric blended perfectly, as models holding mirrors danced with ladies in draping black robes.

I’ve mixed up the images below for variety, but I think you can tell which team is which. The shows were spectacular, and truly showed how artistic hair has become.

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Jul 4, 2011

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Gucci gives the Fiat 500 a facelift with the 500byGucci

The Fiat 500 is traditionally a girls car. Fiat might argue against this, but the legions of women in love with this baby would protest otherwise.It’s small, it’s zippy, heck it’s so cute it almost looks like it’s smiling, which means I’m quite happy saying this is a car that I’d happily drive around town, decorated with a furry steering wheel (or two).

To celebrate Gucci’s 90th anniversary (wow!) and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, the brands are joing forces to create a super stylish Fiat500 which has been Gucci’d to the hilt.

The humble Fiat500 has had a couture car makeover, with a glossy pearl glass paint exterior and a choice of shiny or stain chrome interior (depending on the car colour). The traditional Gucci stripes give the car a racing feel, whilst added extras such as contrasting black and ivory panels and two tone leather seats give it a fel of luxury. The signature Gucci print is repeated inside the car, with the Guccissima print on the seatbelt and seats and the interior looks beautiful and strokeable, and would make for a comfortable journey.

 I wasn’t sure about this idea to begin with, as I thought a Porsche/Gucci collab might make more sense, but I like how they’ve given luxurious touches to an affordable car, and the sleek design is attarctive not tacky. Gucci has an image of glamour and attractiveness and they have done a good job of combining this with car elements.


The Fiat 500 by Gucci will be available in the UK with 2 engine sized, 1.2 litres  £14,565 OTR  and 0.9 litres for £15,765 OTR. The low engine size should keep your insurance low which is a bonus! This Italian car is truly divine, and it makes me want to renew my driving licence and invite some of the lovely looking Gucci models to come and party with me!

[This post was sponsored, but opinion is 100% honest]


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Jul 4, 2011

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Sneak Preview: Dorothy Perkins A/W 11 lookbook

Ivory and Orange Colour block coat, £29

It’s hard to think about winter when the sun is making such a welcome appearance but the Dorothy Perkins A/W 11 collection is so lovely you almost want to wear coats. they’ve gone for a seventies bohemian feel, with brightly toned dresses and coats with colour blocking and Peter Pan collars. I like how the collection is crisp and has Autumnal overtones, as full on Winter can be put off for a lot longer.

Ivory, black, tan and colour deco dress, £42

Black contrast jacket, £39

Yellow full circle dress, £35

Orange and navy wool jumper dress, £35

Teal and brown heel brogues, £48

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Jul 3, 2011

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Sorcerer’s Spinal Cord candle celebrates the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows finale

What can you say about these spinal cord candles, other than how cool they are? As I’m at a loss for words, I’ll share with you the Etsy sellers blurb.

‘On July 15th the forces commanded by the Dark Lord will unleash their evil powers. How will the world prepare for the fight? What chances of surviving the horror have mere muggles like myself and billions of unsuspecting others?

This time around both wizards and muggles must join forces to defeat the dark horde. I created this light as a symbol of our commitment to the fight. It lifts the magical vale between our worlds flashing like a beacon, drawing the power of love, uniting them in the struggle. It creates a polarized aura that prevents the dark from entering. The more candles are lit, the stronger their combined power to channel love and repel darkness which in turn gives more strength to the fighting wizards and witches.

With it we stand a chance and the more people light them on the night of the attack, the stronger the forces of light will be. Prepare for this battle, light the Sorcerer’s Candle on July 15th and repel darkness.’

The candles are handmade and look stunning and I find it funny that they were inspired by the new Harry Potter film. I’d never light them though that would be like burning art!

£32.70 from Etsy

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Jul 3, 2011

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Beauty Blogging Link Love July 2011

Are you a fan of NARS blushes? If so, do you own the shade Mata Hari? At Steal My Heart Lovee.com she shares her review.

Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews shares her first ever makeup tutorial. Part drinking game, part smoky eye, it’s easy to do and isn’t so over the top you can’t wear it to work.

Madame B Fatale shows us her bright eye look using some gorgeous colours!

Musicalhouses swatches the Illamasqua Powder Blushers! Do you prefer the bright, bold blush shades, or the easily wearable, pretty-in-pink shades?

At theNotice, Rae reviews a cult-favourite MAC eyeliner – but isn’t feeling the love. Find out why this popular product was such a letdown!

Phyrra falls in love with the Too Faced Eye Love palette and tells you where you can find it.

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed begins her fall lemmings early with pictures of the Lancôme St-Honoré Fall 2011 Collection – come add to the drool puddle!

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Jul 1, 2011

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The Clarisonic gets a Jaguar skin

I’m a massive fan of the Clarisonic skin cleansing brush as I find it more effective than washing with my own two hands. We all know that electric toothbrushes are more thorough well the brush cleans deep down and leaves you skin looking fresher and more refined. They’ve just released a USA version of the Clarisonic Mia with a jaguar skin, which I think is nice. The plain white version might be more clinical and ‘professional’ looking, but theses jaguar colours have a wider market appeal and add some colour to the bathroom.

This set contains:
- Clarisonic Mia One Speed Brush
- International pLink™ charger for worldwide use
- Sensitive Brush Head
- 1.0 oz Gentle Hydro Cleanser

$155 from Sephora

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Jun 30, 2011

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Limited Edition Maison Lancôme Blush is Parisian perfection

Some makeup is simply to pretty to use, and were I to buy this it would sit on the shelf, only to be taken out when other hardcore makeup fiends came by, to be stroked, cooed over and NEVER ever used (unless I got two). The Maison Lancome Blush is part of the Lancome 29 St. Honore collection. and will retail for $48.

Source: beautycrazed

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Jun 30, 2011

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Pacman Nail Art Tutorial

I’m a big fan of retro games and after a weekend of nostalgia at the arcade decided I was inspired. Here’s my tutorial on how to create a cool retro Pacman Nail Art look- you can see the monsters and Pacman evident above. You can change the colours if you like when you attempt this at home- I was trying to stay fairly true to the actual colours, but I reckon spicing it up might be fun. What do you think?


Products Used:

Eyeko Vintage Polish, Stargazer polish White and Black, Orly Snowcone, OPI Want Sunglasses, OPI Rumple Wiggins

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Jun 28, 2011

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True Blood and Tarte collaborate for a limited edition vampire range

Not so long ago Twilight create a beauty range, so it’s not that ridic for True Blood to get it on the action. They have created a three piece range which consist of a blood red lip tint, a blood red cheek stain and a smokey looking palette.Tarte for True Blood Limited-Edition Natural Cheek Stain

I love the tongue in cheek description of this at Sephora: Have you spent eternity in search of an everlasting glow? Meet your maker. This sparkling red cheek stain blends on smooth and lasts from dawn to dusk and well into the night. One drop is all you need to create a crave-worthy natural luminescence for all skintones and types. Like all Tarte products, this lusty natural stain will do good things to youthanks to natural mineral pigments and fruit extracts.

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