Jul 27, 2011

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Red or Dead Release Me : First fragrance in the Red or Dead Family!

Red or Dead is a brand I’ve had an on-off love affair with for years. They do a lot I really like- they have great colours, a stunning array of tights; glasses frames that are slick and stylish and some very cool shoes. The fashion hasn’t always excited me that much though- but the fact they’re going into scent is exciting.

Called Red or Dead Release Me, you can look forward to a floral scent with a yummy coconut base. Notes include rose and plum on the top with a muskier base of  tuberose, coconut and cedarwood. The bottle is super cute- a little silver birdcage, and I love that it comes in a tin box- perfect for storing jewellery.

The image used in their shoot is stunning as well- and makes me think seriously about going the redhead route. They showed some stills from the shoot on their Facebook page and its nice to see behind the brand.

It will be £25 for 50ml from the 1st September 2011.

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Jul 25, 2011

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Fantasy hairwear from PuppycatMeow

I love dressing up. I have a special place in my heart for those who take their love of makeup into the realms of fantasy, and cosplay queens, manga girls and harajuku honeys make me all warm and gooey inside; unicorns and bunnies oh my! I recently found a great Etsy store where the seller specializes in a variety of hair extensions, hair pieces and cool fantasy wigs which give the wearer an amazing decadent Sailor Moon eesque vibe.

Created by PuppyCatMeow there are so many options to choose from, whether you’re going for a steampunk look or an escaped from LOTR movie style. She can take individual orders and hair can be colour matched to your own if you’re looking at her cool buns and braids.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces. Part of the reason I like them so much is the HUGE attention to detail- not only are the pieces great but the styling and makeup is spot on and you do feel transformed somewhere else when you look at the images.

The Rosette barette is really cute, kinda Leia and kinda GaGa headphone hair at the same time, and definitely wearable.


This is an easy to wear piece- the catchy named 3-small-rosettes-made-of-hair-wig-slides. Cute, huh?

Check out her store for more pieces.

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Jul 25, 2011

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MAC Turquatic fragrance a summer scorcher

 Somehow the fact that MAC occasionally does limited edition scents has escaped me, but I’m excited about the upcoming  Turquatic fragrance.

The word combo makes me think of turquoise, aqua and excitement, and whilst I have NO idea what turquouse smells like, aqua should be light and breezy, and the MAC brand is bound to make it full of sparks.

The scent is crisp and fresh- they’ve blended mineral water through lotus leaves and added some anemone, orris and blue cedar for sweet light notes- perhaps the faintest hint of musk? Sounds like a nice light scent for summer and I like the bottle- looks like a grown up version of Cool Water- and another excuse to hit MAC up.

Date scheduled for release is August 11th in the USA.


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Jul 20, 2011

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Topshop goes animal crazy for A/W 2011

Normally the term ‘animal crazy’ refers to all types of prints, from fierce looking leopard, to zebra, dalmatian and even snakeskin. This season it’s all about the fluffy animals though as Topshop is dong a rather hardcore line of cuddly looking animal tops, from snuggly sweaters to tight fitting jersye shapes with prints of various animals all over them. I think the rabbit version is my favourite; what do you think? It’s definitely a step up from the traditional Christmas jumper…


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Jul 15, 2011

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Fake Nail Jewellery: Yay or Nay?

The girl in the picture looks rather pretty. Simple white vest, light sweeping of bronzer, large silvery looking necklace.. made up of fake nails. Yes, FAKE NAILS. Created by Cheap Monday the fake nail collection includes a selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings all with fake acrylic nails as the main base. It’s kinda cool, and they’re all clean and unused. I’m just unsure. Don’t we have enough ways of making jewellery without using fake nails? What do you think?

You can buy these pieces at Alex and Chloe, with a necklace $58.

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Jul 12, 2011

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Would you shower at Manchester airport?

I’m going on holiday and flying from Manchester airport. Whilst checking out the various stores and duty free goodies on offer I learnt they have shower facilities. Fab- a nice way to cool down after a plane! Wait- these aren’t luxury spa like centres or free gym experiences, they’re budget showers for the budget customers and are they worth the £6.50 charge?

So what do you get?

Shower and change – £6.50 per person
Leisure facilities, shower and change – £12.00 per person

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday from 6am
Saturday and Sunday from 8am

The shower facilities have no picture, so you don’t know if they’re luxury or basic- and if you get freebies like shampoo/towels. We are told that they’re offered by Radisson SAS Hotel Manchester Airport which offers no info on their site. Sure, the hotel looks nice- but where exactly are you showering. I don’t feel inclined to try- do you?

{not actual shower pictured}

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Jul 11, 2011

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Morphine Lipstick for va va venom?

Morphine has elements of glamour about it. Sure, it’s a hard drug that’s not great for your health, but I think dark night, smoky opium pits, glamour, a True Blood mash up of decadence and devilishness. This is why I’m drawn to the Morphine Lipstick, though it’s not quite what I expected. I though dark red, succulent, maybe with a pouting ingredient added (for the extra burn) and instead I got a peachy coloured lip balm that’s chocked full of essential oils including blackcurrant and seed oil. It’s flavoured with mango, but still has an edge- they’ve used an ingredient that will make your lips go numb, yes NUMB and make your boyfriend’s lips tingle! Not sure how they’ve done this, the secret is in the essential oils U guess!

It’s named after the Kill Hannah song “Lips Like Morphine” where the kiss is so powerful that it leaves you numb and gasping for air.

I like the idea- think it might go onto my wishlist!

$19.50 from Morphine Lips

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Jul 9, 2011

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Pantone candles let you colour code scent

Pantone addicts love the cool colour charts and huge array of products that Pantone bring out every year. Pantone have just enetered the beauty arena with scented candles- and I love these! Available in loads of shades, each is a didderent scent- with the twist being that they are named/scented after their shade. No mere purple and red- think Honeysuckle and Purple Twilight.

Get them from 15 Euros and up from Vincon. More coloors on Colette with the whole range (maybe) out later this year.

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Jul 5, 2011

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Celebrity What were they thinking? Jackie Chan Skincare Line

Sometimes you hear about beauty product lines that are so bizarre and farfetched you figure they’re a fake- and then you learn they’re true. I share with you now- the Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line. For REAL.

Yes, this line may not have made it to the UK but it does exist and was launched in 2007.

Here’s what he says about it;

The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line was introduced at Cosmoprof Asia, the largest and most prestigious international beauty trade event in Asia. Jackie and his business partner Maggie Chu joined forces to produce a line of skin care products which are completely organic. In keeping with Jackie’s history of preserving and protecting the environment, the products are composed of natural ingredients which are non-polluting and all packaging is made using recycled materials.

OK, I like the eco-stance on it- and very forward for 2007- but this makes me laugh really loud. I imagine Chan sweats a fair amount, so that woulsd lend him some credence but still.. would you buy skincare from a man who looks like this?

Yeah, me neither.  A quick google shows zero results under shopping, so I’m guessing this was shortlived.

I like this introspection at strange celebrity beauty product lines, so think I’ll make this a feature!

[via Cracked]

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Jul 5, 2011

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L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011: The shows

Last night the stars of the hairdressing industry flocked to London from around the UK to celebrate the L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011. There were many excited hairdressers glugging the free wine, and it was looking at a menagerie of tropical birds, as all outfits were bright and stylish.

There were two shows before the winners were announced a stunning visual performance from Charlie le Mindu, whose models sashayed down the catwalk in booty shorts with a trendy east London vibe- the key piece being the giant L’OREAL head piece worn (see above).

Guy Kremer also put on a show, with help from opera diva Annie Lovell and beautiful make models dressed as instruments, with strings across their torso and who ‘played’ themselves.

Sophistication, couture and the esoteric blended perfectly, as models holding mirrors danced with ladies in draping black robes.

I’ve mixed up the images below for variety, but I think you can tell which team is which. The shows were spectacular, and truly showed how artistic hair has become.

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