Nov 19, 2011

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Spray Tattoos- better than the real thing?


I’ve wanted a tattoo for years but two things have put me off. Firstly, I’m a class A wuss and hate needels and am not sure if I’d be able to cope with having a needle repeatedly jab me, and 2, I constantly change my mind and am worried I’d get bored of a tattoo once I had it. Sure, there are a lot of fake tattoos you can get but they tend to peel and look a little silly (IMO). I stumbled across the Spray tattoos website and was very impressed with both the concept and the price.

How it works is that you choose a style of tattoo that you like and buy the stencil (and they have lots- Chinese, Arabic, stars and more) and then you carefully apply it to the skin, spray it with the chosen tattoo spray and voila- you have your temporary tattoo.

The actual stencils are super cheap- around 75p for one, and the spray can is £8.99. They say the can will provide you with enough coverage for 35 small designs and your design will last for 3-7 days. Sounds like a great idea and I love that you can chop and change your designs easily. They even have a UV spray for those who love clubbing and want to stand out- awesome!

Check out Spray Tattoos here

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Nov 18, 2011

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See By Chloe S/S 12 Collection: Sneak Preview

The See by Chloe brand is one I’m very fond of as it lets you get a little Chloe luxury in your life at a cheaper pricepoint. I loved their A/W 11 collection and now I’ve had the chance to feast my eyes on what will be out in S/S 12. It’s a rather lovely looking collection, with an emphasis on pale shades, wooden heels and taupe, and though the suede shoes may be a bit unwearable with the UK weather, they’re rather lovely.

My favourite piece in their range would have to be the heeled boat shoes (above) as the dark brown lining contrasted with the wooden sole is amazing and I’m in deep shoe lust. Here are a few more picks from their collection…

Yes, that is cream SUEDE you are looking at. Love the updated version of the wedge trainer/bootie though.

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Nov 18, 2011

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Beauty Blog Link Love: Truth about thigh highs and 10 uses for nail varnish

Here’s a round up of great  blogosphere news.

-Everything you ever wanted to know about thigh highs and garters but were afraid to ask from All Women Stalk

-10 strange uses for nail varnish from Instructables

-I’m craving the YSL Holiday Collection after seeing it on the London Lipgloss.

-Have a very berry Christmas with the Sleek Makeup Berry Collection on I Heart Cosmnetics

-Apuldre by Molton Brown looks rather lovely- and we bet it smells great to! On Isabelle OC

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Nov 16, 2011

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Beauty Waist Shaping Cushion- really?

Today we celebrate another credulous ‘do people really buy this ***’ product that hails from Japan, Called the beauty waist shaping cushion, the idea is that you just LIE on the thing and voila, instant abs. How does this work?

Well, they say; This comfortable cushion is ergonomically designed to enforce healthy posture and the tightening of key muscles, which in turn encourages an ideal body shape’

The concept is great, which is no doubt why they sell the thing, but anyone with a brain will know that no matter HOW you lie down, you won’t get great ans unless you cut down on carbs and work out more. Hey, it’s your money you’re throwing away…

$55 from Japan Trend shop plus $30 shipping

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Nov 16, 2011

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Alibis Cologne for Men lets the wife think you’ve been in a meeting

It’s no secret that men go to strip clubs, and equally that not all their wives/girlfriends approve of it. To stem the tide of familial discord as South African strip club has kindly created a cologne that lets their clients disguise where they’ve been. Rather than smell of sweat, cheap perfume and the scent of longing, men can now opt to smell of three alternatives instead.

Here are the three options; My Car Broke Down, which smells of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, I Was Working Late, with scents of coffee, ink, cigarettes and wool suits, and We Were Out Sailing, which has the smell of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, cotton rope and aqua. 

They cost $37 each, and you can only get them in South Africa, but how can you put a price on the lack of arguments achieved by a squirt of this?


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Nov 15, 2011

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Style Me Vintage Hair and Makeup Tutorial Books

I love vintage hairstyles but due to being rather rubbish with my hands have never achieved the looks at home. I’ve watched zillions of YouTube tutorials, and still no Victory Rolls ;.(

This may all change though, as the Style Me Vintage book has some of the sweetest step by step photo guides I’ve ever seen, and uses real women as well. It looks beautiful, and there are so many styles covered, from finger waves to Marilyn Monroe Hair. This would be a great book for any lover of vintage style.. and Xmas is coming!

It looks like I may be attempting vintage hairstyles once more- will keep you posted on my success.

They also have a makeup book, so you can learn Twiggy’s sexy eyes- and more! £9.99 from Simple Beauty for the beauty book, and get the hair book here.

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Nov 14, 2011

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Moda in Pelle SS12 Sneak Preview

Moda in Pelle is one of my favourite brands as they produce such beautiful shoes. My collection includes peep toes, wedges, ballet flats- so I’m naturally excited about a new season, even if my shoe stand is groaning at the thought (and the boyfriend).

There are five fashion stories running through the collection, which basically means they picked a colour palette and then chose ‘Palm Spring Weekend’ or ’70′s Sunset Strip’ to run along side it. It’s a cute way for fashion writers to add some flair to their words, but the average shopper doesn’t know diddly all about this, so I’ll leave it out and let you focus on the beautiful shoes instead. They are STUNNING- the colours are so vibrant and the finishes look amazing- Moda In Pelle always has such great attention to detail.

How can you not adore the beautiful striped heel? It’s so unique- I love these!

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Nov 11, 2011

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Guerlain Noir G: Scented high tech mascara

Guerlain’s latest mascara offering (due early 2012) has some serious va va voom, and I’m enamoured by its sleek design. It echoes their lipstick line with the rounded body and included mirror and Guerlain Noir G promises to give your lashes some intense drama.

I love that the mascara has a pop up mirror as that makes application on the go so much easier, plus an extra mirror never hurts. The mascara is also refillable, so you feel like you’re making an investment and can also tick the eco box as well (kind of).

The Noir G is designed to give you serious volume and it does this with a very unique formula. Waxes coat the lashes which help lengthen them and an included polymer creates a protective film over them- sealing them in place. They’ve also used Ultra Black pigments to give it the most dramatic colour possible and they’ve included lash boosting ingredients such as  artemia salina which is thought to stimulate keratin.

The mascara also does something unusual- IT’S SCENTED.  Yes, just when you thought we’d run out of things to scent! Notes of peach, rose, jasmine and white musk infuse a light scent onto the lashes, which you might notice every time you flutter. I guess this would be pretty lightly fragranced, so someone would need to be very close to pick up on this…

To be launched in January 2012 in the USA, $49 for the mascara and compact, $26 for a refill. No UK date so far.

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Nov 10, 2011

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Lust! Bobbi Brown Cocktail palette (also known as the Party Shimmer Brick)

They call this the Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick, but it’s the cocktail palette to me! The silver gold combo is lovely, and would be great on the eyes and cheekbones.. with a real life cocktail accompanying it!

£32.50 from Bobbi Brown

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Nov 9, 2011

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Clarks and Liberty of London S/S 12 Sneak Preview Collection

Clarks and Liberty of London aren’t the most common bedfellow, but the Clarks and Liberty collaboration is going to bring a whole new generation of women to the brand that excels in soft comfort soles.

Clarks has been slowly changing its reputation in the last few years, moving away from ugly-comfy to styles that are truly fashion friendly. The Clarks Liberty range uses the Liberty Art Fabrics and you can opt for a few varieties. There are two trainer versions,  a bootie style trainer called the Jilli Dherbet or a plimsoll called the Jilli Fizz. Both are available in a cream and blue version, and the flowery print is to die for.

On the heels front, there is a cute wedge shoe called Scent Bottle  with the print on it, a matching cream bag and a cute ballet flat called Cavier Gold. 

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