Dec 22, 2011

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Beds of desire: Princess carriages, a Viking ship and more

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping badly lately but I’ve started to longingly think about a new bed. I’m more about memory foam mattress than the pretty princess beds pictured, but sleeping like a Disney star might make me sleep better.. maybe?  Here are a few droolworthy beds to help you get your sleep on.[image via]

$10,800 for this from Posh Tots

Princess Coach Iron Crib from Posh Tots

Viking Ship Bed from Posh Tots

Which one tempts you?

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Dec 21, 2011

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Sally Hansen Nail Art pen review

We don’t have Sally Hansen Nail art pens in the UK yet, but I couldn’t resist picking up one on a trip to Los Angeles, as it was only ten dollars. The pen comes in plastic packaging and looks like a slim felt tip. It handily contains a guide to suggest ideas you can create; spots, stripes, flower shapes.

To start you need to pump the pen to start the varnish flowing to the nib, so you press it down on the table/hand till you hear a click. A few more clicks and the nib floods with black. It’s quite a watery varnish, so you do need to press firmly for thick lines, but a little practise makes it quite smooth. I’d advise against clicking to create dots as that gets messy, but dabbing it creates a nice spotty effect.

I used this to create a cool black French manicure effect, and I really like the finished look. A top coat is ESSENTIAL though or it will all smudge away.

It comes in lots of colours- can see these being super popular if they ever come to the UK.

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Dec 20, 2011

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Beauty Blogging Link Love: December 2011

Jen celebrates earth tones with this FOTD atMy Funny Valentine.

Want luscious long lashes? Amy Antoinette shows us the impressive results of Rapidlash.

Fleurissante shares her impressions on Chanel Holiday 2011 collection.

Phyrra shares with you her new favorite way to follow all her beloved beauty bloggers… on the Kindle Fire!

Take a sneak peak at the new Sigma Extravaganza Complete Kit and grab the Sigma Brushes coupons at Handmade Reviews.

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Dec 20, 2011

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Conquering false eyelashes- four secret tricks to full on fluttering

False lashes may be the mainstays of the Christmas season, but they’re not always the easiest things to apply. This season is going to be all about giving great flutter, so I’ve compiled a few sneaky tips to help you master the tricky art of false lash application.

Here’s my guide on how to apply false lashes.

Secret beauty tool: A chilled spoon.

Many beauty tomes suggest you use a pair of Tweezers to place the false lash against your eyelid, but I’ve found a lot of people feel really awkward putting something pointy near your eyeball. The teaspoon trick we’ve discovered involves using a teaspoon to gently press the false lash against your eyelid. The curvature of the spoon helps flatten the lash to the inner rim of the eye, and due to the shape you can press all the way round at once. Your new beauty bag staple! I find that having it slightly chilled means the glue is less likely to stick to the spoon as well.

Flex and trim the false lashes

Before you apply the lash to your eye, bend it between your fingers to add movement to the lash. This makes it easier to work with and also means it will adhere to the curve of your eye and not just curl off. False lashes tend to be created longer than your actual eye area, so measure the lash against your eye and snip a little bit off the end to make it fit better.

Get a good false lash glue

The adhesive your false lash comes with will work, but why settle for ‘workabale’ when you can use something wonderful? We love the Duo glue (you can get this in MAC or online) which has a great sticky consistency and really helps the lashes stick down. The nozzle dispenser makes sure you evenly coat the lash in glue, and you can even opt for a tinted version to blend with your eyeliner. You’ll be impressed with how much difference this makes!

The 60 second rule

Once you’ve applied the glue to the lash, wait 60 seconds before you put it on, so the glue will have turned slightly tacky. This makes it much easier to apply and stops your fingers from getting accidentally sticky.

Do you know of any great false lash application tips? I’d love to hear your secrets, please share them in the comments below.

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Dec 19, 2011

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Nail glove jewellery is a strange way to decorate your nails

How do you paint your nails? Red, blue, black? How about trying some real gold nail jewellery clips that cover your own nails. They are created by Anna SaraDavik and are surprisingly pretty and elegant- and the gloved versions add a twist that I really love.

What do you think- too strange, or surreal and beautiful?[via]



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Dec 15, 2011

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Shoe-tastic Supertrash Sneak Peak S/S 12 Preview

Supertrash always puts on a good press day, and after eyeballing their Autum Winter 2011 collection a  few months ago, I was keen to see what they had in store for Spring/Summer 2012. The upcoming collection features a variety of prints and textures, but I was surprised to find I was most drawn to their footwear, as this was an area I’d never really paid much attention to before.

The Supertrash footwear offerings are unashamedly sexy with high heels vibrant colours and gorgeous detailing. They’re not just superficially pretty though, as the shoes contain hidden platforms (to make the more comfy) and stunning embellishments like a corset style detail running up the heel of the Aquamarine shoes (see above). The colour choices are great as they have some lovely bold shades, but this is paired with some taupe and nude shoes to cater for every occasion. The printed wedges are very summery and I adore the lace up peep toe brogue style shoes

Check out more of the brand at

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Dec 14, 2011

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LoveLabel Nail Varnishes Set from Very

I love shopping for beauty online as it’s easy one click gratification. VERY is a online retailer which stocks a lot of brands and I was intrigued by their LoveLabel nail varnishes. You get four for £10 and they come in an adorable box, and are really well packaged.

I like how each varnish has a thick strong lid and the colours are very rich- you only need two coats to get a great finished look. They have a super glossy finish and I was very happy with the colour selection- the bold orange being my favourite above all.

One small complaint is that the lids can be a little stiff to begin with, but they soon loosen up. I also ADORE the box- what can I say, I like storage!

£10 from Very

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Dec 13, 2011

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Bamboo toothbrushes for an eco-clean

I’m pretty devoted to my electric toothbrush, but I don’y tend to bring it along when I travel. Next time I’m picking up something for my travel kit I might consider this Bamboo environmental toothbrush as it’s a toothbrush with a conscience. Created by a Brisbane dentist the idea is simple- a way to stop the waste created by the estimated 300 million  toothbrushes discarded every year in Australia. Created from bamboo these brushes are 100% biodegradable so once discarded they can easily be recycled. The bristles are created from a special polymer that’s resistant to bacterial growth and it’s available in soft bristle, medium bristle and soft bristle for children.

 Pack of 12 for $36

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Dec 12, 2011

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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner Review

Physicians Formula is a brand I grew to love when living in LA as it is priced at a student budget and has great quality. I recently picked up the Physicians Formula Shimmering Strips Gel CreamLiner  and have fallen in love with this. For around ten dollars, you get three complementary shades that area meant to suit green eyes (they also had brown and blue eyes as options).

The green version featured metallic green packaging and despite having baby blues I decided I liked the colours here the most. The pots are stackable and need to be put together to create a seal.

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Dec 12, 2011

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Portal Soap for geeky shower adventures

Are you a fan of Portal? The viciously addictuive game lets you zip from room to room with the specially created soapy Companion Cube. Designed to look almost exactly like the fiendish box on screen, this mint scented concoction will be your faithful shower companion if you can bear to use it.

Handmade, this is a perfect gift for any gamer, but I’m tempted to keep it all to myself.

$23.99 from Etsy

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