Nov 30, 2011

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Kim Kardashian Tweets her Violent Lips trial: Fan or Publicist?

Kim Kardashian is known for being mouthy on her Twitter account and she just posted a rather hot photo of herself trying out Violent Lips lip tattoos. Whilst I think she looks fab I wonder if this is a genuine photo, as ‘oh I just found this in my sisters room’, seems a little vague and premeditated as does the picture perfect makeup and matching outfit.

We tried Violent Lips not that long ago, and have proven that first attempts need a little work to get them looking even- and Kim’s look is picture perfect. Either way, hats off to Kim for publicizing a small brand (paid for or not) and I love the look.

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Nov 30, 2011

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L’Artisan Parfumeur Christmas

I’m a massive fab of L’Artisan Parfumeur products as the scents that escape through these amazingly crafted candles and perfumes are divine- they’re as if your nose has gone on holiday to Willy Wonkas world of delight and refused to return. I adore their Vanille Absolument scent with its musky tobacco and leather undertones and rich vanilla scent that’s thick and creamy without being sickly and I love the look of their Christmas Collection.

What’s on offer here is a variety of adorably designed Eau de Toilettes, mini candle coffrets and an adorable limited edition  Cèdre Bleu candle. They come packaged in pretty white boxes decorated with street scenes and doorways, inspired from Parisian culture.

The solid perfume Mure Et Music (see above) is another must have product as it’s very collectible and at £40 won’t break your wallet.

Check them out at L’Artisan Parfumeur here.

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Nov 29, 2011

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Vivo Cosmetics Review- new budget brand from Tesco Beauty

I’ve recently been trialling a new range in the UK callled Vivo Cosmetics and here are my thoughts. It’s a small range aimed at the budget end of the market which makes it ultra affordable,with eyeshadows coming in at £1.50 and kohl eyeliners at £1.50.

I had three products to try, a Vivo Eyeliner, Vivo Highlighter and Vivo lip gloss.

The Vivo Cosnetics Highlighter, £5

You get a surprisingly large amount in this tube and it dispenes easily leaving a lovely shimmering colour on the skin that’s easy to blend and looks great on the cheekbones and the chest area. It really illuminated by face and I loved the way it gave me iridescent shine in the light, but its definitely an evening product as it can be a bit OTT for the day.

Vivo Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner, £2

This comes in a variety of shades- Glitter Black, Carbon Black, Brown, Plus, Slate and Silver. I had it in carbon black and liked the long slim tip as it gave a great slim flick and looked really good on the eyes. The formula dried quickly and it really lasted and though the packaging was a little cheapy looking, the product really lasted all day- impressed!

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Nov 28, 2011

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Paul and Joe Spring 2012 is purrrfect

Paul & Joe are known for their cute makeup collections and fresh take on new trends and their new Spring 2012 makeup collection is cat-licious. Known for their cute love of cats and quirky styles they’ve introduced some special packaging in honour of their 10th anniversary, and everything is inspired by their owner and designer Sophie Albou’s obsessions/ love of cats.

Above  are  the  three Face & Eye colour palettes (£19.50) in Siamese, Please, Kittycat and Purrfect.

I love this product- it’s so beautiful to look at!

Three cat-shaped creamy Blusher Sticks (£21) in Glamour Puss, Minou and Catfight.

Three limited edition lipsticks;

Sex Kitten, a sexy, nude beige for a seductive look; Meow!  a sweet, natural pink for an adorable look; Catwalk  a modish orange color for a glamorous look.

The Paul and Joe Face & Eye Colour and Lipstick will go on sale exclusively at ASOS from January 1 and the full range rolls out at Fenwick on January 14 and at Harrods on January 23.

[image sources]

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Nov 26, 2011

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The Celebrity Smell of Selling Out Tumblr

Celebrities and dubiously named fragrances go hand in hand and it’s about time someone called out the vacuous smelling D lister and their vanilla scented concoctions. This person would be the very funny and smart owner of the ‘Scent of Smelling Out Tumblr’ who takes a wide snarky overview at the variety of celeb fragrances on the market.

The writer (who is anonymous) takes a punt at a variety of fragrances, from the likes of Avril Lavigne to Paris Hilton. Her prose is concise witty, and strikes a big chord with me, which is why I feel that you have to read it. Here are a few excerpts to get you on board with their ultra funny Tumblr site.

On Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose:

‘I find it quite comical that as a self-proclaimed punk rock princess, Avril Lavigne hasn’t found the time to create any songs worth subjecting my ears to as of late, yet she’s cleared her schedule to make enough room to release three perfumes. Do punks even wear perfume? Do they even shower? My guess is that Avril was motivated to create fragrances by the fear of losing her Hollywood boo, Brody Jenner. “If I smell nice, maybe he’ll ignore the fact that that my outfits always look like a blind person put them together.” But, as much as I’d love to share my utter disgust over Arvil’s wardrobe choices, I’m here to discuss her perfumes. While she has three (yes, three) today I’m reviewing her latest scent, ‘Forbidden Rose.’

On Paris Hilton Fairy Dust:

‘While the design of the actual bottle doesn’t bother me, I am especially annoyed with the advertising campaigns for ‘Fairy Dust.’ They feature Paris Hilton dressed as a slutty fairy. Last time I checked, fairies do not exist, making it highly unlikely that hooker versions too. She is wearing next to nothing and appears to be levitating amongst what I can only assume is fairy dust. The concept is so original and innovative, I almost lost my breath. Oh wait, that was when I actually smelt it and nearly choked on its wretchedness.

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Nov 25, 2011

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Lego soap for bathroom building time

The LEGO Building Block soaps let you recreate you early halcyon days int he bathroom with entertainment that cant be measured. Soap up with six LEGO soaps which come in three flavours- red strawberry, blue blueberry and yellow lemon. They come individually wrapped and will look uber cool (potentially) in your bathroom.

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Nov 24, 2011

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Five Great Black Gel Eyeliners : Avon, Urban Decay, Diego Dalla Palma, NARS and GOSH

I’m a big fan of black eyeliners here and they have been a makeup staple for me since I turned 15. They come in so many varieties nowadays- liquid, kohl, gel, but my current favourite have to be the pencil gel options. These come in pencil form bit with the smooth consistency of gel, which means they slide on without tugging and leaves  an amazing black line that lasts all day. Here are my five favourites for you to enjoy.

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil

This Avon pencil is brilliant, it glides across the lashes really gently, but deposits full on colour that’s very striking, Love how it doesn’t tug the skin and it lasts for ages. Get it here.

Diego Dalla Palma

This brand is new to the UK and currently only available in Tesco (weird, huh?) Their eyeliner is super long (they were originally created for makeup artists) and leaves a great thick black line that’s easy to smudge and doesn’t budge. Get it here.

Nars Larger than life longwear eyeliner

This is a glorious pencil- it glides across the skin leaving an amazing black line which you can have as slim or thick depending on the pressure. Beautiful! Get it here.

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Nov 24, 2011

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S/S 2012 Sunglasses sneak preview from Marc Jacobs, Carerra, Emporio Armani and more

The Safilo press day is always one of excitement every year as it’s great to try on sunglasses in dismal November- it makes us feel more positive about the advent of summer and the variety of frame shapes and sizes gets us planning our matching beach outfits.

This year the offerings were as exceptional as ever, and it’s hard to narrow the sunglasses down by brand as each offered something different and unusual. Marc by Marc Jacobs won my heart with their heart embossed lenses, whilst the imagery from Carerra was as playful and bright as ever. Here are a few great sunglasses to lok forward to next year!

[I love the Carerra pictures- Leia looks rocking!]

I love how bright and bold the Carerra range is for Summer 2012- the combo of neons and bright colours will really make the face pop.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

How cute are those heart sunglasses? Marc by Marc Jacobs is always a playful brand and they’ve taken it up a step with these amazing creations.

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Nov 22, 2011

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Diva Tweeze Santas Helpers from Sally’s Express

I love the Christmas season- the mince pies, the Starbucks egg nog lattes and the cute seasonal gifts that make adorable stocking fillers. I think the Diva Tweeze Santa’s Helpers range is adorable and practical and you have 5 cute options to choose from.  These consist of Noel, Merry, Faith, Angel, Joy and Holly- which will you choose?

£3.05 from Sally’s Express

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Nov 22, 2011

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Zalando Online Shopping Store REVIEW

Zalando was a company I was unaware of till they approached me and offered me the option of trying their service. Once I’d clicked onto their website I was hooked- and managed to spend far more than I’d meant to (oops).

Zalando is an online retailer that collates a wide variety of brands. It’s not a discount store- though it does have a SALE section, so you can generally find what you want in the tight size. They combine a variety of high street with high fashion  brands and a quick overview shows you the likes of French Connection, Falke, Vero Moda, Levi’s and Paprika in the fashion section. Yes, they call themselves Zalando, the online shoe shop, but I was quickly drawn to their variety of other departments, such as fashion and beauty. I loved that they have a beauty section where you can while away hours looking at Korres, Butter London, Burts Bee, Clarins and more.

One of the things that really attracted me to the site was the promise of FREE delivery from Zalando, no matter how much the initial spend. This is amazing- it means you no longer have to justify a nail varnish by buying loads of other stuff- and returns are free if they don’t fit, or the colour is wrong.

I opted to buy a Vero Moda skirt and some Falke Striggings (thick knee high socks). It was easy to register and choose the items and filling in all my details was painless and took under 10 minutes. The next bit wasn’t so easy, as they were meant to be dleivered fairly wuickly and it took around two weeks.

I don’t blame Zalando for this- their customer service was great and the problem was their delivery company, Yodel, who apparently ‘repeatedly tried to deliver to me’, yet never left me a card or anything. Zalando were really helpful at putting me in touch with the right people, and even offered to refund me, so I was happy with that side of things, but the super late delivery did sour things a little.

The quality of the goods more than made up for it, and they came packaged in a large box, each individually wrapped in a plastic bag. They fitted perfectly (the website has great sizing guidelines) and I was very happy with my purchases.

Check out Zalando here and let me know what you think.

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