Aug 23, 2014

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TrainHard Jewelry lets you look good, offers #fitspiration

I don’t think I’m alone in not being the most motivated gym goer. I know the benefits, know that I feel SO much better after and really enjoy a strong tight body. But I’m lazy. But maybe with the TrainHard Designs jewelry range I could be a little more incentivized to get my sweat on?

The company offer a variety of really attractive workout inspired accessories, from adorable necklaces with slogans such as “Train Hard” to cutesy bracelets in gold that say “Lift”. Yes, it’s not rocket science or subtle but it might work as a better reminder than that dusty Fitbit… They seem to focus on products that are well made and use precious materials and CrossFit does seem to be a theme, with one necklace having those words in small rings.

I think the Pirouette earrings are particularly lovely, they describe them as “Golden spiral double twist earrings mimics the beautiful whirl and fluid movement of a dancer.” Poetic huh?

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Jul 30, 2014

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Feline Face Masks bring out the cat lady in you

Face masks can be fun – and if you’re Japanese they can be positively feline. Can’t really leave the cat puns at home as this new face mask range has been inspired by Cats the Musical, meaning that every cat shaped mask has an amazingly Andrew Lloyd Webber inspiration.

These masks work in the traditional full mask way, with eye and nose cut outs, to allow you to breathe while the mask – laden with skin loving ingredients – gets to work.

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Jul 14, 2014

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$10 Coastal Glasses Review

Can you get a good pair of glasses for ten dollars? That’s what I wanted to find out. Coastal currently offers a First Pair Free offer fro glasses when you use the code “First Pair Free.

I was in the market for new glasses and due to feeling pretty broke this month though this would be a good idea. Technically they are not “free” as the title of the post explains, as around $10 should be budgeted for posting. You also need to have a prescription or this would be pointless. So first things first.

Picking the frame. The free versions are not as nice as the other options – obvious I guess.

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Jul 13, 2014

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Korean Beauty Boxes A Great Way For Western fans to Enjoy Kawaii Eastern Beauty

I’ve spoken a number of times about the Korean beauty brands that I love. Problem is, no matter how great all these brands are they are HARD to get hold of in the USA or UK, as stories don’t sell them and shipping them from eBay can be expensive.

Awesomely I just discovered that subscription beauty boxes exist to fill this problem and I’m happy to introduce you to some that I’ve been eyeballing for a while now.

Q Box

What is it?:

This is an awesome offer. The Q Box gives you 5-7 full sized items every month, all hand picked from Korea and Japan. You can opt for one box, 3 months, or 6 months and the stuff you get is adorable. Reviews on other websites suggest that you get a mixture of kawaii jewelry and skincare/makeup stuff all which has my heart anticipation anticipation. Woop!

Cost: 1 month will cost you from $21.95-$24.95 (not sure why the prices vary) but for such novel and diverse products it seems like a bargain.

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Jul 7, 2014

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Miss Dior Perfume Review

It sounds a little cliche to say that I’m a fan of Miss Dior, and to that end I was almost predetermined NOT to like the scent. It came in a small bottle that could almost be kawaii, but how can a a million dollar corporation really “get” kawaii with their polished golden edges and font choice that denotes luxury and excess.

You can see here that the odds were stacked against Miss Dior from the start but begrudgingly I was forced to admit, that yes, Dior really DOES know what it’s doing with the perfume and that brands get a good name for a reason. Sometimes I’m so caught up in the new indie brand that I don’t pay enough attention to the big boys and Miss Dior in its sweet, fresh, girlishness is definitely a keeper.

It’s a light feminine scent that whispers on the nose, rather than overpowers it. It has citrussy overtones a sweet jasmine like heart and a warmth spreading through its thats due to the patchouli base notes. It feels light at the offset and I wondered at its staying power but it develops on the skin, giving me wafts of delight throughout the day and scenting my hair and pillow in repose.

I’m not sure it’s strong enough to be a signature scent, but its fresh and light enough to be a happy addition to my fragrance wardrobe , a pick me up piece of pep for summer that’s wonderful.

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Jul 7, 2014

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Burn your hair to treat split ends?

There are many things that I do on the hunt to long lovely locks but hair burning has never been on that list. Yes, hair burning, the act of turning tresses into smokey smoldering singed locks. Ummm, nope.

But apparanely this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho said that she likes to use a candle to burn her hair to keep it looking good. Not convinced? There’s a proper name for this- “Velaterapia” and it basically just means using a flame to burn off your split ends. Cos scissors are so last year right?

I’m not the only one to be shocked by this.. or to question it’s veracity.

Trichologist Iain Sallis commented on Safety in Beauty, “In all the 12 years as a Trichologist, I am shocked to read this story about a naked flame being used to cauterize hair. Hair is not only incredibly flammable (thanks to the abundance of sulphur in it) but the theory that it somehow opens channels for nutrients to seep into is incorrect.”

So why do women get this done? reported that this so-called split end savior gets devotees hooked by its promises.”The burning supposedly opens up the hair follicle, making it more receptive to nutrients, in turn making the conditioning treatment even more effective. It takes three and a half hours, and loyalists get it done about every four months.”

I understand desperately wanting better hair, but with so many great options put there this just seems like a recipe for disaster.

(via The Gloss)


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Jun 8, 2014

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Beauty Blogging Love June 2014

What’s new in the blog-osphere?

It’s a polish photo-fest over on Makeup Morsels this week. Check out these bright new launches from Morgan Taylor, just in time for summer.

This week at theNotice, a Clarisonic skeptic gives the Mia 2 a try. Come see how it’s going so far!

Phyrra tells all about the Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes! Find out which ones she loves and which ones to skip!

Where big is beautiful – Addicted to Beauty checks out the elephant, yes, elephant beauty pageant.

Jenn from Spiced Beauty shows you her favourite summer collection from the Body Shop! Do you like Early-Harvest Raspberry?

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection is a gorgeous summer collection with the packaging that makes FabDiva20 so excited! Check out her collection haul!

Pammy Blogs Beauty has found the perfect concealer to help her tired Mommy-of-an-infant eyes: Laura Mercier’s New High Coverage Concealer!

Beauty Reflections is reliving the 80s with Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in Blue!

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Jun 4, 2014

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Consumer Reports finds the Best Nail Varnish for longevity – but can you guess who it is?

There are a lot of Nail varnish brands in the world, and a lot of companies telling you theirs is the best. We love select “hot” colors of the season and crave the latest metallic shimmers. But which is ACTUALLY bona fide the best value? By this, we mean which brand will make your talons look best for longer?

Consumer Reports put this to the test and the results were surprising. Chanel, despite its cult status, chipped for most testers on day 1. The brand that came top was Sinful Colors, Professional Range, followed by CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. I’ve never tried the CND Vinylux, so I’m now keen to give that a go. I have wornSinful Colors a lot before, and do love their array of shades, but to be honest I’ve often sidelined them, taken in by buzzier brighter brands and now I’m thinking more fool me. Sinful Colors average at around $2 a bottle, while Chanel is about $27 – that’s a gap  so wide it doesn’t even compute.

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May 23, 2014

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Origins Night-A-Mins review: CULT Skincare at its best

Every day you hear a new buzzword in skincare. Whether it’s “biodynamic,” “alphabet creams,” “retinol”, CC cream, DD cream (yes a thing now) or more, the basic USP is the same. For the uninformed, USP stands for unique selling point and it’s the thing products all want to have; the key differentiator of “us not them,” why that brand is far better than its competitors.

Origin’s Night-A-Mins doesn’t really try to do that, it comes in an unassuming medicine-y like brown jar and the clinical labeling hints more old school than modern wonders, but that’s why it has achieved classic  CULT status. It’s simplicity and perfection is its USP, and ultimately what everyone aims for, a product which basic formula is so good and effective that there is no need for buzzy words or hyped up “science” that baffles most beauty aficionados. ( a personal pet peeve).

So why do I love Origins Night-A-Mins so?

This is a cream that has been a night staple to me for many years. As a beauty blogger I am unfaithful to creams,  regularly eschewing its thick milky goodness for “hot, buzzy” new serums and lotions, but every month I return for some skin loving goodness. It feels lovely on the skin, like you’ve doused your face in thick water, the type of imaginary liquid that soothes, nourishes and strokes you, with never a acne breakout or angry dry patch in sight. The packaging has changed- the image above is of the “old style” Night-A-Mins, the new version is more in line with Origins branding nowadays.

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May 23, 2014

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Elephant Beauty Pageant Where Big (Animals) Are Beautiful

When you hear the term “elephant beauty” you either think Dumbo Disney cuteness or some plus sized extravaganza. What you don’t think is actual elephants fluttering eyelashes and wearing rouge on their trunk. More fool you. Well, not the rouge part (animal cruelty is no joke).

In Chitwan National Park, Nepal, the elephant beauty pageant has been part of the Chitwan Elephant Festival celebrations since 2010.

The park holds around 100 elephants and in the inaugural 2010 competition, six took part, scrubbed, smoothed and covered in colored cloths and face paint. Even their nails were painted.

The BBC reported that the chosen elephants were used for their “discipline, obedience and experience” and the judges examined the animals to see if they were up to scruff. For example, sores in their mouth would mean that their handlers had to chastise them, and the winner should be an elephant with a sunny disposition.. and a way with eyeshadow.

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