Mar 26, 2012

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Renouve make hand sanitzers stylish

Hand sanitizers are not sexy items. Necessary yes, especially when travelling, but sexy-NO! Well, till now anyways. Renouve is a new hand sanitizer, one that not only look stylish but also has anti ageing properties. Yes, now you can disinfect and protect!

The issue was that the alcohol used in most hand sanitizers can dry out the skin, and as hands are often first to show the signs of ageing, this isn’t ideal. Renouve contains Bitter Orange Peel Extract, palmitoyl tripeptide-5 (to produce more collagen) and is 95% natural (made in Switzerland).

I think this is very clever- it gives people an extra way to look after the hands at the same time as being sanitary, and as long as the price is reasonable, people may even start to use this to replace hand cream. Everyone is so germphobic nowadays that having something like this- pretty and with a purpose- will be very handy, and I love that they’re making the bottles so stylish.

Renouve is a new brand for me, and I love their attention to detail and the adorable watercolour drawings on their website (see above)- I’d love to know who creates them.

Out in April- price still to be disclosed from Renouve.

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Mar 23, 2012

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Whooga Ugg Boots Review from an Uggs Hater

I have never been a fan of Uggs. I think they look like people are wearing slipper-ugly slippers- on their feet and don’t understand quite how they have become so popular. I do however like black boots and when Whooga offered me the chance to try a pair of their least Uggs looking Uggs I decided to give them a go. In the spirit of fairness I warned them that I was not an Uggs fangirl, so they knew what they might be getting into.

First off; The Whooga packaging is stunning. The boots come in a large chocolate brown box covered with a gold ribbon- you feel like you’re getting an amazing present and it was fun opening the box. The two boots were stuffed with paper and nestled together. I’m a size 7, but had read that these come up a little large and opted for a size 6, which fitted perfectly.

I’d opted for the Whooga Weave Boots in black (they also come in tan, grey and chocolate) and they were made of a nice thick material. The inside was coated in merino sheepskin and  they folded up and down, so you could make them ankle boots or knee high boots. I like how the material was pretty stretchy- meaning you wouldn’t have a size issue if you calves are hard to fit ( a common issue with high street boots).

The boots felt really light to ware as well- despite looking very solid, they were really light on the feet and the rubber sole gave a good grip when the pavements were wet and icy.

I first wore the boots out with a pair of jeans and really HATED the look. It felt like I was trying really hard to be one of those girls, y’know the type I mean, and that’s just not me. I tried them again with black tights, socks and a short skirt.. and that kinda worked. It was less about making the boots the outfit, more allowing them to complement what I already had on.

The boots were actually REALLY comfortable to wear- I was surprised by how soft they felt and how cosseted my feet were. Yes, it did feel like I was leaving the house in slipper, but on the plus side- I was leaving the house in slippers!

They kept my feet warm all day, which was really impressive and I like how they were smell free after (always important). One note; You do need to wear socks with these, as when I tried going out barefoot or in tights, my foot slid around the Whooga boot, as it just didn’t seem to grip. The day I went barefoot I actually got a blister, so go for socks at all time. Remember, I went a size lower here than normal, so it’s not a size issue.

Overall- I was surprised that I found the Whooga Ugg boots wearable and comfortable. I still would be wary of using them everyday (did so and ended up in a posh bar wearing them by mistake *Shame*) but they definitely are nice to slip on when you want something comfortable, so are good for a day shopping or going to the park- a nice change to trainers and easy to take on and off. I also liked that they worked well with black tights! So, it’s not a love affair, but a like affair is definitely more than I was expecting!

£79 from Whooga for the Whooga Weave Boots with 1-2 Day Express shipping free to UK and EU customers.

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Mar 23, 2012

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Butter London enter the lip gloss market with LIPPY

Butter London are known for their nail lacquers and playful use of colour and they’ve now decided to get lippy, with their LIPPY matching lip shades, to allow you to colour co-ordinate on your face. Or not, there’s no requirement, but these lovely looking glosses should complement most outfits.

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Mar 22, 2012

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Swing earrings for adult sized kids

There’s something so innately playful about these Swinging Man Earrings that you can’t help but smile when you look at them. Maybe it’s the small chains the tiny metal figures are clutching onto, or it’s the hammered bead wire bar that they dangle from- either way they’re so cute that my heart goes out to them and I want to run to the nearest playground and start pushing kids off swings (gently of course). They’re attached to silver posts and will be a talking/ pushing point for everyone who sees them on you!

$162 from Etsy

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Mar 21, 2012

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Vibrating foundation: The Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

There’s always a lot of innovation in the beauty world, but the Enprani Face Designer Autopat surprises even me. Hailing from Korea and not available in the UK yet, it’s a battery powered foundation.

It bears some resemblance to the Clarisonic face cleaning brush, as you apply it over the face, and the vibrating applicator head vibrates to help spread foundation over the skin, similar to how the cleansing brush head pulsates to give you a deep clean. I’m unsure if this will give an even finish, but the company seems pretty confident and are packaging this with their own brand of foundation.

The Enprani Face Designer comes with batteries and replacement foundation pads and has a vibration speed of 4500 per minute!! It’s designed to makehygiene fans happy, as you never physically touch the foundation as it’s all applied via he head, so you’ll never get it on your hands.

[sources; 1, ]

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Mar 20, 2012

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Disney Couture S/S 12 ICON collection makes you Wish Upon a Star

Disney Couture is a brand that I’m completely in love with- it’s like they’ve distilled the magical appeal of Disney movies and infused it into gold and silver jewellery. Their 2012 Disney Couture Icon Collection focuses on some of the most classic movies, from the Cinderella bangle with a embossed depiction of the tale to necklaces and bangles inscribed with the words  ’Believe’.

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Mar 19, 2012

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Fitness Patch from BodyMedia : Stick on fitness?

There are a few things we dream about- calorie free chocolate that tastes good, exercise shoes that are actually stylish (FitFlops you FAIL) and working out and enjoying it. The Fitness Patch from Body Media may not grant all those wishes, but it makes a start on one of them. It’s a patch that you wear for seven days- much like an anti smoking patch, and what it does is record everything you do, we’re talking calories burnt, sleep measurements, steps taken etc. This data can then be collected and used to work out a tailored plan that fits you- they’re going for a personal approach not a one size fits all solution.

It’s still in prototype stage at the moment but is expected out some time this year. It works in a similar way to the fitness monitoring armbands so won’t magically boost your metabolism, but is a much more convenient way of tracking your activity, and hopefully teaching yourself some better habits.

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Mar 16, 2012

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Can Leg Hair be used in hair transplants?

Male pattern baldness and thinning hair affects a high proportion of the population, but it tends to be one of those ‘silent subjects’, as ‘how’s that propecia treating you‘ just isn’t a conversation starter.

We’ve seen semi successful treatments with hair transplants. but now there may be a new- and easier- way to do this. Hair transplants used to involve cutting away a strip of skin and hair from an area on the head and placing it on a receding hairline0- cue pain, and stress (this explanation is super simplified- comment if you want to know more) and has had relative success.

Now, there may be a new way to do hair transplants- using LEG Hair. Leg hair tends to be abundant, thick, and hurts LESS to remove and transplant.

Dr. Umar from California has been pioneering a new treatment where he removes hair follicles from the legs and transplants them to the hairline. He does so methodically so you have no ‘bald’ leg areas and the tiny leg wounds have minimal scarring. He has found that around 75 to 80 percent of the transplanted leg hair grew successfully on the patients’ heads after the operations, and he has since tried this on eight more people, including one lady.

Men’s leg hair has been use before to restore hair to the back of the head but this might be the first time EVER it has been used on the actual hairline.

“If you look at a natural hairline, it’s very soft, like baby hair,” said Dr. Sanusi Umar. “The back of the head is where you find the thickest hair on the head. If you take that hair and use it in the hairline, it can end up looking harsh and pluggy, because the hair is too thick.”

There may be hope for us all yet…

[via NY Times]

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Mar 15, 2012

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Blingbacks give your shoes serious style.. and comfort!

 I love my high heels, but the after effects of a night out aren’t so pretty. Sure, I can Compeed the sole of my shoes till they’re a size bigger, but my soles will still hurt. Blingbacks are a brand that have decided to make foot comfort both practical AND stylish with their cool shoe jewels that add flair to your shoes and ALSO keep your feet feeling better. The y do this by attaching a clever silicon strip to a stylish shoe strap, which adds some bling to the shoe and keeps your sole cosseted.

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Mar 14, 2012

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EOS Lip Balm REVIEW from Big Green Smile

The standard reaction when I pull out my EOS Lip Balm is ‘what the heck is that?’ Then people see me apply it to my lips, marvel at my slightly scented pout and invariably ask ‘can I have a go?’. As I love to share and am-not much of a germaphobe they invariably get a go, and then there faces light up as they realize how easy it is to use. A circular lip balm shouldn’t be that much of a novelty, but they’re pretty rare on the market and OH SO good to use.

The round pot is always easy to find in my bag, the twist on/off lid means it never ends up with fluff all over it, and the rollerball makes it easy to reach all parts of the lips, so my full mouth feel moisturised.

Oh, and did I mention it’s organic? That’s kind of an afterthought to me, as I think quality first, paraben etc second, but I know organic is a selling point for many people and in this case it’s dual quality. Paraben and petrolatum free this lip balm is great on the lips, making them soft and nourished and they come in a few flavours; honey dew, lemon drop, summer fruits (pictured) and more.

The reason I love this so is that despite the light scent and colour of the pot, these lip balms are clear, so give lips the look of being lightly licked and sheer. Shea butter and Vitamin E make your lips feel great and the ‘ooh factor’ of strangers is a plus!

£4.95 from Big Green Smile

*Purchased with my hard-earned cash.

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