Apr 10, 2012

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Beauty Blogging Link Love April 2012

Beauty’s Bad Habit Blog goes a little wild with her loud and proud 80′s inspired make-up look!

Musicalhouses takes a look at Sleek Blush by 3, the three-in-one blush compact that’s set to be a hit!

Phyrra builds, swatches, and reviews her own Build Your Own Palette by Urban Decay!

This week at theNotice, Rae talks Viva Glam – but she’s not alone. Don’t miss her Viva Glam V swatches, FOTD, & review, and be sure to check out the shade on the rest of the Lipstick Bandits as well!

At Musing on Beauty, Mariella falls in love with Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – a first for a foundation addict like her! Find out why she’s liking it so much.

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Apr 10, 2012

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Mischa Barton’s makeup line at Mischa’s Place

Mischa Barton has gone a little off the radar recently, but she’s now back with a band with the launch of Mischa’s Place. I loved her in the OC and since then she’s gone on to be recognized for her cool bohemian style and I love her range of handbags. Mischas’ Place kind of takes her various fashion and beauty interests together and combines them in a hub where you can buy things that are ‘Mischas’ Place’ approved and branded.

There was a lot to pick from in her beauty range- blushes, lipsticks and palettes but they are all fairly highly priced, which is  tricky for something untested and so far only sold online. It’s expensive to get these- £20 for Benefit style paint on blushes and £30- £32 for an eyeshadow palette, so you have to pick wisely.

I’ve taken a little look at her beauty product line and have picked my favourite of the bunch- the Twist range of eyeshadows.

I really feel that the best of Michas’s makeup collection would be the Twist range, which  are colour wheels that have four vibrant shades on them, which look amazing and are hopefully highly pihmented. I’m a little concerned by the disclaimer, ‘This is a multipurpose face product, but care is recommended when used around the eye area as it has been known to cause sensitivity in some people’, as where else would you use these but the eyes, so will let other braver web testers feed back to me what happens!

Aqua Twist really catches my eye as I love the blue combinations, but I feel Circus Twist would be amazing for festival beauty looks.

Will you be trying these- which one do you like best?

Check them out at Mischas’s Place

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Apr 9, 2012

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Sleek Glo Face and Body Highlighter review

I love Sleek Makeup products, as they tend to be high quality and great value for money. Their latest bronzer/ highlighter is called GLO and bears a striking resemblance to that of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. That aside (they do say imitation is the best form of flattery) the product itself is pretty lovely.

There are 3 colour versions- Peach Shimmer, Bronze Baby and Gold Digga and all suit different skin tones, so both pale and dark can use this. the palette consists of  a variety of nude and brown shades striped together which you apply by swirling a brush int hem and creating an amazing glowing look on the cheekbones, that shines with multi dimensional colour  picking up the mica pigments that reflect light.

[Peach Shimmer swatched]

It’s really easy to use and I like the finished look on the face. My one issue would be that the powder does tend to crumble when you use a brush, which I feel wastes a bit of products if you have to tap off the excess powder picked up- it would be good if they could alter this, so not as much gets wasted.

The packaging is sleek and compact and I really like that it has a firm locking mechanism so nothing will go awry in my bag.

£6.49 from Sleek makeup


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Apr 6, 2012

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Sleek Blush By 3 review

The Sleek Blush By 3 palettes contain some of the prettiest cheek shades I’ve seen in a while. Each palette has three shades and as a rule you get a combination of matte and shimmer shades. They are ultra pigmented so the colour you see in the pan is the coloyr you get on the face, which may be a little scary when looking at the violet hued palettes, but take a risk!

Called  Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Lace, Flame,  and Sugar, I was sent the Flame Blush By 3 to review. The shades were called  Furnace, Bon Fire and Molten and there was a lot of red hues in this packet.

I was a little wary of how bold the Flame shades were, but they actually looked great on, making my cheeks ultra rosy and lifting my cheekbones. You do have to be brave to carry off the full on red cheek look, so team it with black eyes and pale lips and you’re good to go. For a softer look you can use powder to make the shades a little less bright.

Cheeks definitely make a statement when using this- are cheeks the new lips? Probably not, but it’s fun to mix it up a little!

£10 from Sleek Makeup 

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Apr 5, 2012

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Lipstick portrait of Leila Khaled

The name Leila Khlaed has become synonymous with Palestinian aggressiveness, as this lady hijacked a plane in 1969! It’s hard to approve of her actions, especially when you learn that she then attempted ANOTHER hijacking soon after, but the Palestinian terrorist  does have guts. Artist Amer Shomali recognized the bravery/craziness/ passion of Leila Khlaed and has immortalized her in lipstick. Using 3,500 lipstick tubes he mapped out her face and then inserted lipsticks that corresponded to face colour and clothing.

The image this depicts is the infamous shot of Leila Khaled holding an AK47 and wearing traditional clothing. The piece of work has been entitled “Icon”and is featured in a an art exhibition at Birzeit University.

I can’t condone Leila’s actions, but do think that this image is very striking, and it’s amazing how the lipsticks create such a lifelike texture. Amer didn’t release the brand name- I hope it’s not Chanel, as that would make me cry!

[via OC]


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Apr 4, 2012

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Rihanna looks fierce and BLONDE as an Elle covergirl

I love that Rihanna is never afraid to constantly change and update her style and think the image she chose for the cover of ELLE Magazine May 2012 (out in the US) is pretty amazing

There are not many people I can think of; OK, NO people at all, who I reckon could rock the dark skin, blonde hair, PINK lips look- and don’t even get me started on that sherbet two piece.

Elle likes to make statements with its covers and I wonder if using Rihanna dolled up in Western style garb- blue eyes, blonde hair,. Barbie lips, is their way of ridiculing the all American Girl; stereotype- or perhaps reinventing it? It’s great to see such an interesting covershot out there and Rihanna reacts to it by looking simply.. Rihanna. Like Lady Gaga and Madfonna, one word is all that’s needed to define her, as she’s a law and style icon unto herself.

Photo by Tom Munro, Styling by Joe Zee

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Apr 4, 2012

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New beauty packaging designs

Beauty packaging is a really interesting field, as great packaging can entice you to pick up a bottle, whilst a product that has terrible packaging will stop you from buying it again. It’s more than just style- we’re talking design here, and it’s interesting to see some concept of beauty packaging that may make it to our shelves this year.

Hair care product bottle with comb

This is my favourite piece of design as you can immediately see how you’d use it. We always get told to comb our hair in the shower, now here’s a bottle with built in comb- GENIUS!

New Tube dispenser

The though behind the above design is to enable you to use every last bit pf product as the box style opening lets you squeeze out every part, and the top lid/jar can be detached and used for travelling. It also enables you to mix up products- SPF with moisturiser, etc.

 Shaver foam bowl

This bowl allows you to easily collect water and mix shaving products needed. the bowl is filled with product and is designed to give you the advantages of the old shave bowl with the advantage of automatic foam from the modern aerosol.

More details and more designs on Proinvention

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Apr 3, 2012

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Cor Silver Soap Review

I’m not supposed to be biased before I try out a product, but in case of Cor’s The Silver Soap, I will admit to being fairly wary. I’m just not a soap person- it reminds me  of school and dry skin and basic beauty routine- I’m all about creamy cleanser, cleansing oils, generous moisturising products that remove makeup and leave my skin soft and scented. Would I really like a soap- even one with a cool name? I doubted it, but in the name of beauty, I went and tried it.

The packaging was pretty cool- the soap came in a small box, and inside lay a see through square casing that held the soap suspended. It was like a Crystal Maze crystal (ish), but int his case it was a golden orange soap suspended rather than a TV show piece of tat (that I still desperately want).

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Apr 2, 2012

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Dita Von Teese Art Deco

Dita Von Teese can do no wrong with me, as I envy her porcelain skin, her flawless figure and her general va va voom. She has just released some images of an upcoming makeup collaboration with ArtDeco on her Facebook page and I think it looks stunning. it has an estimated launch date of May 2012 and comprises of a branded compact and lipstick- with more to follow perhaps?

No word on colours, but I’m guessing red for the lips and a silky powder compact for the glowing finish she is so well known for. Hopefully there will be more pieces coming, as I’d love a black eyeliner, and a stick on beauty spot would also go down a treat.

This isn’t her first foray into beauty as she teamed up with Agent Provcateur for scents and has rumoured other beauty lines in the works as well.

What do you hope for from this collection?


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Mar 30, 2012

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LK Bennett AW 12 sneaky shoe preview

LK Bennett has a reputation for being a rather safe brand, belobved of receptionists and lawyers UK wide. This season they are showcasing their glamorous side, as strappy sandals lie hand in hand with the rather more sensible Mary Jane shoes. I’m loving their use of gold and embellishments as it gives their Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection an amazing ArtDeco feel, perfect for the Great Gatsby craze that’s soon to hit the UK (you have been warned).

I love the pairing of electric blue with twisted gold on the strap and the collection is abundant with colours- reds, blues, blacks, so it really pops.

I think the patent toe on this ankle boot is stunning and it has a zip feature along the back to give it a little more edge (look closely and you can just see it).

The traditional T-Bar shoes- bound to have fans in offices around the country.

I love this sandal and matching wedge- it has a real eighties prom queen vibe to it, and you can see the Material Girl rocking these as she dances with a hairbrush.

Finally, the use of leopard print on a sandal and a shoe, for a edgier LK Bennett fan.

Prices TBC, out for A/W 12. Which one if your favourite? Let me know!

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