Apr 23, 2012

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Irregular Choice AW12 preview

Irregular Choice are a long term favorite brand of mine as they have such a playful edge to all their designs. I’m in love with their new shoe styles for the coming year as they effortlessly blend flowers and embellishments with interesting designs. Some of the highlights that stand out are shoes with a New York skyline printed on them and flower corsage heels which turn an everyday pair of boots into something that really stands out.

They also previewed a lot of great looking accessories for the coming year, and really put their bags on my radar. I love the look of the circus tote which features lions and elephants and their metallic clutches are equally adorable as they showcase monogrammed cats and a variety of contrasting metallic colours. They also have a little known range of accessories that include headwear and sunglasses and their cats eye glasses are adorable.

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Apr 22, 2012

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Beauty Blogging Link Love: w/c Aprill 23 2012

Check out these “Lust, Caution” inspired custom OCC Lip Tar mixes on My Funny Valentine, packaged with a lip brush applicator!

Phyrra does a wearable bright pink video tutorial with BftE Cosmetics.

A product that applies like a gloss, wears like a stain, and pH-adjusts like a grade school chemistry experiment is too good to be true – right? Find out if it is (or isn’t) on theNotice.

With spring in the air, it’s time to invest in a gorgeous coral lipstick! Amy Antoinette reviews the beautiful new Clarins Joli Rouge Pink Coral Lipstick.

Is OPI Just Spotted the Lizard really a dupe fore Chanel Peridot? Read polish insomniac’s post to find out!

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Apr 21, 2012

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Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection

Is there anything better than sugar laden cupcakes with buttercream frosting? How about taking a  delightful nail varnish and adding sprinkles to it? How about placing nail varnish in said sprinkles and adding cupcakes? OK, this might sound a bit confusing, but the new Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection kinda does all of this, and is stunning to boot.

The four piece collection features for great looking shades, and uses mattified glitter particles to create an amazing sprinkle effect. It’s hard to describe so luckily you get an image of it to enjoy!

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Apr 20, 2012

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Backlight lipstick for glowing ravers

Blacklight Reactive LipstickBlacklight Reactive Lipstick

Blacklight Reactive Lipstick

My raving days may be a little  bit behind me, but I always like to dressup now and then, and these backlight lipsticks look amazing. They’d be great for festival season, and they come in a range of cool looking colours. These lipsticks work by reacting to UV light, so whilst they’ll look bright in the daytime, in the heat of the club your lips will literally be glowing- a cool way to be centre of attention.

Which colour do you think you want to go for?



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Apr 19, 2012

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Magic Face WTF Whitening Cream

There is a massive market for skin whitening treatments in the East, where pale skin is seen as ultra desirable, but it’s a market that never fails to shock. I’ve seen this in full action when visiting Thailand, as everyone commented on my ‘pale beautiful skin’, and women I met wore long sleeved shirts, caps and jeans in order to avoid sun rays- even in the blazing 30 degree heat!

I was recently in Egypt and stumbled across the Magic Face whitening cream in a pharmacy there. It’s intended to help lighten the complexion and though I don’t know if it contains anything harmful (there is a BIG trade in dangerous skin lighteners) I was really perturbed by the image used on the packaging.

I think it was the use of the zip across the ladies face- the presumption that she needs to ‘peel off her skin’ in order to be seen as desirable is really unnerving and I think it’s terrible that women are held up to that artificial standard of beauty. I know this might sound odd coming from someone who is happy to fake tan and prattle on about eyeshadows, but I’m all about working with what you have and the idea that your skin can change by as many shades in the image is a misrepresentation, and one that couldn’t be achieved without toxic ingredients.

I hope that women everywhere realize that they are beautiful in their own skin and that the likes of Magic Face will provoke the same WTF feeling in everyone who sees it.  Celebrate your own beauty- forget about this notion of ‘ideal skin tone’ and be happy in who you are.

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Apr 18, 2012

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Zatchels Press Day gives me serious lust

Zatchels are a British owned brand that have had a meteoric rise to fame. They’ve literally been trading for one year (established April 2011) and have a host of celebrity fans, high profile appearances- and are really lovely to boot. The Zatchels range comprises of the famous Zatchel satchel on which the company made its name, and this is available in a variety of colours and finishes, from neon designs to on trend florals and star designs.

I went along to their first ever press day and was awed by the amount of beautiful bags on display- many which I just wanted to take home. The classic Zatchel has three different sizes, so is perfect for the working woman (or schoolgirl) and the many colour finishes means there is something for everyone.

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Apr 17, 2012

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Bow Nail Art Tutorial

I love nail art and have been experimenting on ways to make my fingers more fancy and have decided that the bow manicure is both visually stunning- and easy to do. This was adapted from a tutorial I read on the Beauty Department, and here’s how you create this look.

First choose two contrasting colours. I opted for blue and white, but I think a purple gold combo would be equally pretty- pastels for a ore summery look and brights for a more fierce style.


1. Start with a coat of the base colour.

2. Next using the contrast colour create two small circles along the top of the nail- messy is fine.

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Apr 17, 2012

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RMK 15TH Anniversary cheek palette

Palettes are my beauty nirvana and I can’t believe this limited edition lovely from RMK escaped my radar for so long. It has been created to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of RMK.

RMK is the top selling beauty brand in Japan and was created in 1997 by a former makeup artist. Everything in the brand is top quality, blends well and gives the skin a lovely sheen. To celebrate their 15th anniversary two cheek palettes have been created in shades Pink Coral and Brown Beige.

Each consist of 6 colour petals placed together to create a stunning look, though this palette is way to pretty to actually use. YES, I do COLLECT makeup- want to make something of that? I love the little girl drawing on the palette- a mixture of butterfly meets fairy I think!

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Apr 16, 2012

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Peter Andre is Fake Bake ambassador: Match made in heaven

Summer is here which means one thing- pasty Brits lathering on the fake tan like an extra in TOWIE. It’s time for us all to choose what brand we want to coat our limbs with, and Peter Andre is at hand to promote Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan. He’s a great choice of face for the brand as he has had a perma tan for two decades, and his lovely caramel colour is bound to attract people choosing their fake tan.

I find it intetresting that Fake Bake have gone with a man- not that their is any issue with men fake tanning, but that they think this is a big enought  market to pay whatever Pete’s appearance free is.

Pete is fronting the Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan. It’s masculine looking in a blue tube, and the use of the word ‘Sport’ makes it Grrr manly. It’s a gradual tan build up product,so you won’t go brown over night and is non greasy, and designed for active people.

Peter Andre says; ‘When Fake Bake approached me about this product I was really keen to get on board as I am constantly on the go but still want to take care of my appearance. I’ve really enjoyed being involved from the beginning and loved having an input into the tan design, even the great papaya and coconut smell. I love to tan but quickly, safely and effectively so this Fake Bake product is made for me!’

It’s a unisex product so I’m sure ladies will be using this, it’s just an interesting signpost that shows us how the world is far mire accepting of make grooming products- and that men aren’t embarrassed to use them anymore.

 £14.50 from Fake Bake

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Apr 13, 2012

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Clothes with EYES on them-faves!

Yes, I know this is ANOTHER fashion post. I realize for a blog that was primarily designed to be about beauty I’m going a little off topic in general, I just keep discovering so many cool and quirky items in the fashion world that I feel I have to share them with you. Part of me is also using this blog as a sort of personal wish list/ mental shopping list, so I have ideas when it comes to requesting birthday presents/ Christmas gifts/ splurging my salary.

I’ve discovered a cool Etsy seller who delights me with her frivolous use of colour, playful whimsical style and huge assortment of CLOTHES WITH EYES ON THEM.  Yes, who doesn’t want a dress that can eyeball people from across the room?

Here are my five favourites!

Pink Mop Monster Ball dress

I LOVE this, it’s like a Sesame Street character exploded into ruffles and prom getup. It’s soo cute.

Mickey Mouse Bubble Jumper Dress

Mickey Mouse Bubble Jumper dress

It may be $95, but this is a cool take on a kids theme, and a grown uo and fun way to wear it!

Pastel Bunny Jumper  - Women skirt ALL sizes

Bunny jumper

Called a jumper, this is really more of a skirt/pinafore look, and I love it.

Unicorn Dress

This is a moment where words fail me, as no sort of expression will ever be enough to capture how joyous this makes me feel.

Big EYE Owl Pocket Dress ALL SIZES

Big Eye Owl Dress

Too-whit too-whoo. The most grown up of these fashion finds, and a more adult way to wear the eyeball trend.

All from Coyote Peyote on Etsy

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