Oct 13, 2012

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Dangerous Nail Files at the Conran Shop

Nail files can be dangerous tools in the hands of the uninitiated and a rough file can be torturous- think nails on a blackboard! This just got taken up a scare notch with the launch of the Dangerous Nail File range. Each nail file resembles the types of tool you’d expect Dexter to have in his homicidal maniac/ serial killer kit and you can pick from Gun, knife, axe, cleaver and more. Designed by  Shelly Getzendanner from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘bad manicure’.

These are on sale at the Conran Shop for £7.85 each and should make a gruesome present for someone you love/hate.

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Oct 12, 2012

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Kinky Web Comic for Curly Afro Hair

I’m a big fan of web comics- they’re an easy way to lighten the day, and make those first few minutes of school/work go that much quicker. I just discovered the comic Kinky and Carl E.Stranz which focuses around Kinky, a superhero lady with natural kinky hair and a seriously bad ass attitude. She’s a ballsy wisecracking feminist, and she take no trash talk from anyone. I love how this comic has a strong funny female character, and it’s also good to address just how hard it is to look after Afro hair, an area which is notoriously absent from mainstream publications.

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Oct 9, 2012

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Face It Smart Digital BB Cream: Vibrating Foundation Review from Face Shop

Here’s another installment in my Korean beauty product reviews, and today it’s all about A VIBRATING FOUNDATION from The Face Shop South Korea. Called the Smart Digital BB cream, what’s on offer is a little hard to describe.

The Smart Digital BB cream comes in two shades- light and medium, but seeing as this is Korean, both are pretty light. They come packed in a box with the Smart Digital brush, which is an electronic pulsating sponge and vibrates of the face. The idea is that you apply foundation to the sponge and use it to press the color into the face with the vibrations helping provide evenness, diffuse the color and give you a  flawless photo finish look.

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Oct 6, 2012

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Ten Halloween Nail Art Inspiration: The Spooky Edition

Hello, lovely readers. Today I’m sharing with you some amazing nail art creations that have been making me drool with envy this week. There are so many talented bloggers and artists out there that I have to share some of their work with you- these people need recognition for all their hard work. Hopefully they will provide you with inspiration for your own nail art outings.. or you cam just admire their nail art artistry. In honour of October and Halloween, these nail art choices all have a very spooky vibe.. OK, and one or two just ‘cos they’re amazing.

Really pretty, and doable with someone with a nail stamping Konad set, and a great deal of patience.

This is so intricate, I’m impressed! Love how the skeleton lines up!

These would be easy enough to wear- they come ready made!

The hanging spider makes this nail art creation super spooky.

I love this- it feels like someone with a low skill level and a black nail art pen could do this at home. Yes, I’m talking about me…

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Oct 1, 2012

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Wrinkle MD Review : Anti ageing iPod style

WrinkleMD may look like some kind of beauty treatment from the future, with its odd eye patches and wires trailing over the face, but its actually based in solid science. Designed to combat the signs of ageing around the eye, WrinkleMD consists of attaching two adhesive patches to the face and hooking it up to the provided machine, a.k.a the Activator Pod. The eye patches are infused with Hyaluronic Acid and the idea is that by running a low current through the Activator pod that the Hyaluronic Acid and peptides will penetrate the skin more, leading to plumper skin and a reduction in fine lines. WrinkleMD say that the ‘Activator Pod’ adjusts the strength depending on how hydrated the skin is, which sounds pretty awesome- something tailored to your own body is always a bonus.

I don’t have significant eye wrinkles, but many nights of little sleep and a stressful lifestyle meant I was anxious that my  eyes seemed to be ageing quickly, and I wanted to address this.

First Impressions:

I liked how the WrinkleMD Eye was packaged, a sleek black box which displayed the product and a helpful booklet with easy to follow instructions. The most important thing is to start with a clean face, and once washed you apply the patches.

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Sep 20, 2012

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Butter London Nail Lacquer Review from Coterie

Coterie is a new destination for beauty lovers online and as an iFabbo member I was lucky enough to try out a few of their products pre launch date. I’m going through a bit of a nail crush lately and was really excited to choose from their Butter London nail selection as they offered a bunch of shades I’d been really curious to try.

I chose a few colours, but my two favourites were Butter London Wallis and Butter London Knackered.

Wallis (see above) was a metallic Olive shade that I was very torn about initially as I couldn’t work out if it would be flattering or very strange, but I’m glad I took the risk and ordered it as this is possibly my favourite shade. One coat provides great coverage and two pretty much means it will last for around five days, and the shade was amazing. The olive color is prismatic with multi toned hues in there, reflecting the light with gold and green flecks and the metallic finish was stunning

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Sep 18, 2012

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Kerastase Chroma Thermique and Kerastase Elixir Ultime Review

My hair has been party to a bleach extravaganza in the last few weeks, as I moved from strawberry blonde to a creamy white shade, so keeping my tresses protected from heat has become even more of a priority. When Look Fantastic offered to let me try some of their stock I eagerly opted for two Kerastase products that I thought would solve my hair problems- the heat protecting Kerastase Chroma Thermique and the hair enriching Kerstase Elixir Ultime. I hoped that both products would combine to help put some moisture back into my hair- and to keep it soft and shiny after heat styling.

Did this plan work?

It’s hard to keep freshly bleached hair in good condition, and the Kerastase Elixir Ultime proved to be a godsend in dealing with my new hair colour. It’s really easy to use- either as a pre shampoo treatment to enrich the hair, or as a pre-styling treatment to help hair feel protected. I actually prefer using this before shampooing- smoothing it through and waiting a few minutes for it to coat the hair shaft. Initially I thought this would be strange- why put it on just to shower off, but something about this pre -protecting process really seems to help the hair retain moisture and creates a beautifully glossy finish.

I’ve also enjoyed using this as a serum alternative- a tiny drop just to pat down flyaways and keep my parting in shape. It is VERY oily, but manages to absorb well, and not leave my head feeling greasy, and it gives my bleached hair an enormous conditioning boost. The Elixir works by using four oil extracts to help boost the hair; Maize Oil for shine, Pracaxi oil for nourishment, Camellia Oil for smoothing and Argan Oil for strengthening.

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Sep 14, 2012

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Beauty Blogging Link Love Sept 2012

There’s a Jessica Rabbit FOTD on My Funny Valentine. ‘Nuff said.

Struggle with dark circles? Then have a look at Clinique’s latest Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector at Adorable On Your Vanity.

Phyrra taps into her Fun side with the bright Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Fun Palette.

Don’t miss Rae’s nail swatches of butter LONDON’s AW12 collection this week on theNotice. Which holo polish more “you”: the sheer, silvery Dodgy Barnett, or the sage green Trustafarian?

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Sep 10, 2012

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Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is lust-a-licious

Anna Sui is one of those designers who can do no wrong in my eyes. Unashamedly eccentric with a beautiful kooky Japanese inspired aesthetic, her clothes and beauty products are adorned with eccentric girly accents, such as baroque style black mirrors , colourful prints and beautifully designed clothing.

Her latest perfume embraces my chi9ldhgood love of Tinkerbell and Enid Blyton, with a seductively light scent called Fairy Dance Secret Wish. This seems to embody stories of fairies dancing at moonlight, garden balls, and childhood legends and the scent is designed to dazzle and entertain your sense. Mango and Pink Peer fuse together for a bewildering first sniff, an accord tempered with Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla, for a softer warmer middle, with powdery accents.

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Sep 6, 2012

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Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream REVIEW

This Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream has saved my skin this summer, and has quickly become my go to product whenever I need a moisture boost. I originally got it in a Glossybox order, and it had just sat in a box for a few months, as I’d no idea of JUST HOW BLOOMING GOOD IT WAS.  I was reaching for a new cream a few weeks ago, when my trusty Lancome serum died and this little tube was the first thing I found. The cream is lovely, thick, unscented, with an amazing texture that’s not too liquid or to cumbersome. It really melts into the face, and feels like you’ve been standing under a soft shower for hours, you feel moist, refreshed and smooth- and oh so soft.

My skin has been playing up as I’ve been travelling a lot, and planes, airports, humidity and crazy weather (thanks New York!) make it flare up, and adding a new cream can sometimes be an issue. Monu didn’t result in anything over than baby soft cheeks- and left my hands feeling like they’d had a paraffin treatment as well.

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