Sep 14, 2014

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Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review

I’ve been a big fan of hair extensions for years but due to my hair going through a delicate phase have been avoiding them. Clip ins seem the perfect compromise and I was thrilled when Madison from Irresistible Me offered me the chance to to road test their clip in hair extensions. They had a nice selection of colors and lengths to choose from and I opted to go for the Silky Touch 20 inch golden blonde clip ins.

The packaging: The hair came in a nice black box and I was impressed that inside the sealed bag was a mini pouch. This pouch had a color test for you to try before you opened the full sealed packages- as extensions are non refundable, the mini strands were a nice way to make sure you had the right color.

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Aug 23, 2014

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Lazy blogger Sure deodorant review: Your sweat won’t smell – Maximum Protection!

How does a beauty blogger review deodorant? Let me count the ways.

1. Take artsy Instagram photos of the product and refer to it in a third person way #nofilter

2.Go for the gritty close up shots of armpits, slo-mo GIF spraying it on and perhaps a gentle “aaah”.

3. Comedy moment: Take over a tube station and get disgruntled commuters to smell pits. Low cut top advised.

4.Think about rehashing the press release using spin words like “scientifically proven for wetness protection” (ugh) and “Body-responsive fragrance technology”.

5. Feels like too much effort. It’s a bloody deodorant. Leaves review alone and actually start using product. It is summer.

6. Discover that product works (minimal surprise, it is deodorant).

7. Product works and NO white marks. Also, the roll on has weird little white bubbles that appear as you twist base. Play a game to decide how many you need a day, wipe excess on kitchen towel, will blame that on the dog.

8. Happy to not scare strangers with BO, writes up said review. Takes 2 pictures of product, considers underarm picture and then eat a Galaxy Bar.

If this has sold you/ not sold you/ made you indifferent yet wistful/hopeful about clean underarms and think that the brand recognition will make you pick this up in Boots, details are as follows:

Sure Compressed Cotton Dry 75ml RRP £2.10, Sure Maximum Protection RRP £5.10 

If you want more science, read their website. If you want cats that look like pinup girls, go here.


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Jul 14, 2014

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$10 Coastal Glasses Review

Can you get a good pair of glasses for ten dollars? That’s what I wanted to find out. Coastal currently offers a First Pair Free offer fro glasses when you use the code “First Pair Free.

I was in the market for new glasses and due to feeling pretty broke this month though this would be a good idea. Technically they are not “free” as the title of the post explains, as around $10 should be budgeted for posting. You also need to have a prescription or this would be pointless. So first things first.

Picking the frame. The free versions are not as nice as the other options – obvious I guess.

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Jul 7, 2014

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Miss Dior Perfume Review

It sounds a little cliche to say that I’m a fan of Miss Dior, and to that end I was almost predetermined NOT to like the scent. It came in a small bottle that could almost be kawaii, but how can a a million dollar corporation really “get” kawaii with their polished golden edges and font choice that denotes luxury and excess.

You can see here that the odds were stacked against Miss Dior from the start but begrudgingly I was forced to admit, that yes, Dior really DOES know what it’s doing with the perfume and that brands get a good name for a reason. Sometimes I’m so caught up in the new indie brand that I don’t pay enough attention to the big boys and Miss Dior in its sweet, fresh, girlishness is definitely a keeper.

It’s a light feminine scent that whispers on the nose, rather than overpowers it. It has citrussy overtones a sweet jasmine like heart and a warmth spreading through its thats due to the patchouli base notes. It feels light at the offset and I wondered at its staying power but it develops on the skin, giving me wafts of delight throughout the day and scenting my hair and pillow in repose.

I’m not sure it’s strong enough to be a signature scent, but its fresh and light enough to be a happy addition to my fragrance wardrobe , a pick me up piece of pep for summer that’s wonderful.

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May 23, 2014

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Origins Night-A-Mins review: CULT Skincare at its best

Every day you hear a new buzzword in skincare. Whether it’s “biodynamic,” “alphabet creams,” “retinol”, CC cream, DD cream (yes a thing now) or more, the basic USP is the same. For the uninformed, USP stands for unique selling point and it’s the thing products all want to have; the key differentiator of “us not them,” why that brand is far better than its competitors.

Origin’s Night-A-Mins doesn’t really try to do that, it comes in an unassuming medicine-y like brown jar and the clinical labeling hints more old school than modern wonders, but that’s why it has achieved classic  CULT status. It’s simplicity and perfection is its USP, and ultimately what everyone aims for, a product which basic formula is so good and effective that there is no need for buzzy words or hyped up “science” that baffles most beauty aficionados. ( a personal pet peeve).

So why do I love Origins Night-A-Mins so?

This is a cream that has been a night staple to me for many years. As a beauty blogger I am unfaithful to creams,  regularly eschewing its thick milky goodness for “hot, buzzy” new serums and lotions, but every month I return for some skin loving goodness. It feels lovely on the skin, like you’ve doused your face in thick water, the type of imaginary liquid that soothes, nourishes and strokes you, with never a acne breakout or angry dry patch in sight. The packaging has changed- the image above is of the “old style” Night-A-Mins, the new version is more in line with Origins branding nowadays.

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Feb 19, 2014

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Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Mascara Review

Today I’m getting my my mascara hat out and going a little gag over this beauty by Guerlain. What’s really interesting about the Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash mascara is just how narrow the brush is as I’m used to hefty brushes that place a large amount of product on my lashes.

But the skinny brush of part of why this mascara is interesting. It’s less about giving you giant volume and more about letting your lashes stand independently, as the brush is really great at getting every little lash, even those awkward corner ones- coated and luscious looking. Apparently this is all down tot the science and Guerlain waffles on about polymers and oil etc, but really you don’t care about that, you want to know if its worth it.

Well that depends on what look you are going for. I found this great for lash definition and separating, and it gave really nice lengthening results. But for me, as someone who really wants volume overall, this fell a little flat.

$30 from Nordstrom

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Feb 17, 2014

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Doll 10 Cosmetics Irresistible Lip Wardrobe review

Doll No. 10 Cosmetics are a new brand for me and I’ve been enjoying playing with some of their products. The first thing I noticed about them was a *certain* resemblance to Dior, but that’s no bad thing at all, as that’s a quality and look to aspire to.

I was really drawn by the Doll 10 “Irresistible Lip Wardrobe” which comprises of an eight piece gloss and lipstick set, with the lip colors matching the gloss. What’s cool about this is the layering process as they can all be worn separately or blended together to create new and cool effects.  They come in a sleek black which feels solid and look luxurious, and I love that the lipsticks lie in a bed, opening the box and pulling them out is an enjoyable process. They are very wedged in though, but for sheer style this is a win.

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