Feb 8, 2015

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Product Review: Joico Color Endure Treatment Masque

I know, I know, I should be kinder to my hair, but I just can’t stay away from that bleach bottle. My hairdresser tries her best, but in between salon visits, straw is a fair comparison for my hairs texture. On a bid to get rid of that oh so prevalent crispy feeling I’ve been trialing hair treatments. This Joico Color Endure Treatment Masque was provided to me my Chemist Direct and I’m here to document my experience.

First off, it’s a thick white conditioning cream that smooth’s nicely onto the hair, making it feel weighted and heavy, like slugs of silk down my back in the shower. It washes off easily and my hair has that nice conditioned feel to it, but the big test – what would it feel like when dry.

Sure, the bottle has words like replenishing and “multi spectrum defense complex” (what? Yeah, exactly) but I cared about my blonde staying bright and y hair feeling soft.

I’d say it achieved that. My hair was bouncy but not fried and I like d that my blonde didn’t get muted with washing. It’s not the softest thing ever, but considering how I abuse it, I’m pretty happy. So long Herbal Essences.. I think this is a new staple.

It doesn’t seem to be listed anymore on Chemist Direct, but keep checking back and hopefully they’ll relist it.

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Sep 14, 2014

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Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review

I’ve been a big fan of hair extensions for years but due to my hair going through a delicate phase have been avoiding them. Clip ins seem the perfect compromise and I was thrilled when Madison from Irresistible Me offered me the chance to to road test their clip in hair extensions. They had a nice selection of colors and lengths to choose from and I opted to go for the Silky Touch 20 inch golden blonde clip ins.

The packaging: The hair came in a nice black box and I was impressed that inside the sealed bag was a mini pouch. This pouch had a color test for you to try before you opened the full sealed packages- as extensions are non refundable, the mini strands were a nice way to make sure you had the right color.

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Jul 7, 2014

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Burn your hair to treat split ends?

There are many things that I do on the hunt to long lovely locks but hair burning has never been on that list. Yes, hair burning, the act of turning tresses into smokey smoldering singed locks. Ummm, nope.

But apparanely this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho said that she likes to use a candle to burn her hair to keep it looking good. Not convinced? There’s a proper name for this- “Velaterapia” and it basically just means using a flame to burn off your split ends. Cos scissors are so last year right?

I’m not the only one to be shocked by this.. or to question it’s veracity.

Trichologist Iain Sallis commented on Safety in Beauty, “In all the 12 years as a Trichologist, I am shocked to read this story about a naked flame being used to cauterize hair. Hair is not only incredibly flammable (thanks to the abundance of sulphur in it) but the theory that it somehow opens channels for nutrients to seep into is incorrect.”

So why do women get this done?

Elle.com reported that this so-called split end savior gets devotees hooked by its promises.”The burning supposedly opens up the hair follicle, making it more receptive to nutrients, in turn making the conditioning treatment even more effective. It takes three and a half hours, and loyalists get it done about every four months.”

I understand desperately wanting better hair, but with so many great options put there this just seems like a recipe for disaster.

(via The Gloss)


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Jan 23, 2014

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The Yuca Handsfree Hairdryer for Freestyle Drying

Drying hair sucks. It’s noisy. It takes a lot of time. And you lose the use of your hands. Seriously. That’s thirty minutes gone forever. Well the Yuca Handsfree dryer could be a great help/ make you look insane.

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Dec 22, 2013

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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener REVIEW

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m quite the hair straightener addict and the my beloved GHD‘s are never far away. Can Karmin tempt me to their brand with the promises of  tourmaline ceramic smoothing plates and a pretty design? I had to try it to know for myself…


The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener came in a lovely box, a smart shape with a snap closure and the content displayed well. In side lay a carry-case/ combo heat mat (that Detached) which  was black with a light white floral overlay, subtle, but not extreme. The straightener came with  two type of lug fittings as well to make it easy to travel with which was a very sweet addition. There was also a  3 years manufacturers warranty include, which never hurts!

I also really liked the 3- metre carry cord as that’s very helpful when you live in plug socket hell. The pink color was also an extra bonus, as it’s bright and fun, and it’s nice to have a pop of color in the morning.

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Nov 30, 2013

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Vacuum Hairdryer solves age old problem

Hairdrying makes your hair soft, volumized and dry. But it can lead to shedding, flyaways, broken strands and piles of broken pieces sticking to the carpet. Sadly, this is pretty much unavoidable. Well, to an extent. The vacuum hairdryer won’t solve breaking, but will help you keep your apartment free from piles of lint.

The Vacuum Dryer is a concept gadget (read: Can’t buy yet) that is incredibly smart. It’s a simple idea that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been made yet/ One side of the hairdryer “dries” the other vacuums up the flyaways and broken hair. Both utilize a nozzle, and hot air, and it seems pretty self explanatory that you could blow or suck fromt he same device.

Designer Jeong Shin Yoon created a mock up, taking into account the grill needed to capture hair and how the air flow system would work. Sign me up!

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Nov 4, 2013

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Wishlist: Jose Eber Infrared blow dryer

How much would you pay for a hairdryer The Jose Eber Infrared blow dryer is not cheap not cheap at all. Yet somehow I’m drawn to it, and part of the reason is the promises it gives out.

The thing is I really hate blow drying my hair. I hate the noise, I hate the time, I just want the process to be done. The Jose Eber Infrared Blowdryer says that it does two awesome things to the hair: Halves the drying time and makes the hair smoother too. How and why?

Well the premise is that by using infrared light (as well as heat) the air shaft dries FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Like,inside of the hair cuticle. Surreal, but very cool.

It also uses a “Blue, ultra violet light provides antimicrobial properties that prevent buildup and bacteria, deodorizing and refreshing hair during styling.” I don’t know if my hair really needs deodorizing, but this is a cool and smart way to solve my drying problem. I haven’t tried this yet, but from reading a bunch of beauty blogs it really does sound like this might be an awesome product.

Christmas wishlist, maybe?

$149.00 from Ulta

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