Sep 22, 2013

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Drink from Ring Wine.. because

“I’ll just have a sip,” became a lot more accurate with the introduction of the ring finger wine. Nothing says “marry me” like a girl with a glass on her hand, right? This cute little ring can hold

Brought to us by Remy Martin (the cognac king) the rings are part of a design project to make cognac drinking sexy. Ring on the finger? Check. Mouth to fingers Check.

These desgns were made by Merve Kahraman and basically sex up ring pops as we know it. Plus every sip and the aromas will shoot up your nose. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you…

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Jul 8, 2013

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Dolluxe False Lashes All Dolled Up Review

Now I have a a hit or miss relationship with false eyelashes so I wasn’t sure of Dolluxe were going to work for me. They looked nice and fluttery in the pretty pink packaging, but would they equal to spidery loveliness on my eyelids? All too often falsies end up in a pile of tears with my eyes prickling, and me wailing I’ve wasted half an hour and some pocket money to NOT achieve lovely lashes.

Well these were recommended to me by the New York Lolitas (lovely stylish girls with clothes to die for) so I gave them a chance. The ones I chose were the number #4, All Dolled Up versions.

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Apr 17, 2013

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International Beauty Show New York 2013

The International Beauty Show is an enormous annual event in New York. It features  exhibition halls full of sparkling powders, wheezing hairdryers blowing out steam, and high cheery calls of dah-ling and bah-by! Students clutching purses full of twenties wandered the halls, slender feet encased in Uggs, and processed hair teased high.

Vendors attempt to lure them with giveaways, and heavily discounted products. They also had exciting new cosmetic lines to show.

The New York International Beauty Show is a great time to assess what the big beauty trends for the next year will be, and there was a lot to take in. I’m going to showcase some of the cool stuff on offer, and give you a nice little teaser for the months to come.

These Cobra Hairdressing shears were [pretty stunning. Love how they come with different handle designs.

Bright shades remain popular. Thick, heavy pigments were being sold by lots of brands.

This is a pretty cool look, a unique ponytail catcher that gives you that Xena Warrior Princess Look.

Just your average cool body art tutorial…

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Mar 7, 2013

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Little Mermaid walks on land : Walk with Princess Shoes!

The Little Mermaid is one of my all time favorite movies, so I screamed with excitement when I saw these shoes. Perfect on so many levels- I love the heel, the height, the mix of contrasting colors, and that they come adorned with Prince Eric and Ariel is simply too fabulous for words.

The heels are hand painted by Etsy Seller Ashton Atelier, and she’s a whizz at creating Disney Princess types on the bottom of your soles. Not only will she create Ariel- or Sleeping Beauty/ Cinderella etc, but she’ll also apply them to ANY pair of shoes you want, as you get to send her a pair to work with. Yes, that does make the whole princess a little pricier- and you’ll be without your shoes a while, but in return you get back a pair that you know fits well that has now had a major revamp.

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Feb 17, 2013

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Nailympics 2013 – The Rome Nail Art Olympics

Over and over  I have stressed the idea that nail art is an ART. It involves skill, time, dedication and creativity and the Nailympics 2013 celebrates the diversity of this. Artists from around the world gathered in Rome to create breathtaking displays of design on nails.

This is a serious competition, there is a big judging panel and each category has its own sets of rules, from creativity elements to  options such as ‘Micro art or “Flat art” must not represent more than 20% of the total artwork. It is suppose to be 3 Dimensional artwork.’

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Jan 24, 2013

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LeParcel- the beauty delivery box for THAT time of the month

Beauty boxes were big business last year, and they show no signs of slowing down. It’s easy to order everything from sneak peeks of new lipsticks to products for curly hair- and they’ve just added a new timely beauty box line to the current offerings. Called Le Parcel, this monthly box is designed to always get to you on time.. as you’ll need it.

Yes, this is tampons and pads BY MAIL. Each box comes with a selection of 30- and you can choose by brand and flow. Additionally you’ll get a bar of chocolate (mm) and a surprise- anything from a cute watch to some hair ties based on previous boxes. The boxes are timed to arrive 5 days before you ‘start’ so there shouldn’t be any mishaps and the packaging is pretty adorable.

They make ordering a simple process, and allow you to cancel ‘if things change’, and you won’t get charged if its within five days of delivery.

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Jan 17, 2013

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New York City Subway Tights

Navigating New York is not an easy task. Sure you could just yellow cab it around, but those Sex and the City days are gone, and it’s all about living with Girls style Dunham realism. These sexy looking NYC subway tights might not feature every stop you’ll need, but at least they’ll add a little razzmatazz to that subway ride. The tights feature the different stations and actually do map out some of the most common stops- for authenticity sake, naturally.

Created by Nylon Journal, the tights are made of microfiber nylon spandex, so they should be pretty longlasting. They also do a bunch of other covetable designs, including the eye exam tights, which I heart big time.

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