Jan 19, 2015

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Pop Out Jewellery is practical and pretty

Jewelery is wonderful. Pretty, shiny objects that you can use to adorn yourself, statements of your personality, your expression and the hopes of what you’d like to achieve. Or, if that’s too high-faluting for you, pretty baubles that draw attention. But jewelry doesn’t travel super well, it gets knotted and frustrating and can lead to hours with vaseline and a needle (this works, but soooo time consuming).

I recently came across Pop Out Jewelry and was blown away by its style and its sass; what a cool way to transport jewelry, and also make people feel involved in their items, as they have to physically pop them open! You purchase a slim piece of metal, press out your item and then transform in into a wearable using the clasps or ear hooks provided.

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Oct 15, 2014

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Andy Warhol gets the Glossybox treatment

I’m a big fan of Glossybox’smonthly beauty boxes, and now I’m really regretting I let my subscription lapse. One of my favorite things about Glossybox is that the boxes are so pretty. They’re sturdy and perfect for storing all my junk, really, a number of them line my dresser, each with eyeliners and lipsticks inside.

This month Glossybox is sending out adorable Andy Warhol emblazoned boxes in four different colors and I’m in lust. They would look so cute on my shelves.. and the fact that they’re stuffed with products by Nuxe and Ciate doesn’t hurt either.

10GBP from Glossybox

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Sep 17, 2014

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WANT: Face á Face Bocca glasses

I recently discovered this amazing range of glasses and they’ve changed my life. OK, that’s a lie. I WANT them to change my life.

I’ve embraced glasses as a cool way to add style to the face, the shape, the frame, but I never really thought the glasses themselves would stand out all that much. But these, wow. These Face a Face glasses are Dorothy’s dream world, wonderful cats eye styled shapes all with little feet on the sides of the frame. As in real miniature shoes. Everything from high heels to brogues.

OMG, I’m almost too overcome for words. Manolo Blahnik eat your heart out, these frames are everything I always wanted glasses to be, but gave up hopes of ever achieving. It’s such a simple idea, I’m amazed this hasn’t been done before and these images make my heart sing.

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Aug 23, 2014

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TrainHard Jewelry lets you look good, offers #fitspiration

I don’t think I’m alone in not being the most motivated gym goer. I know the benefits, know that I feel SO much better after and really enjoy a strong tight body. But I’m lazy. But maybe with the TrainHard Designs jewelry range I could be a little more incentivized to get my sweat on?

The company offer a variety of really attractive workout inspired accessories, from adorable necklaces with slogans such as “Train Hard” to cutesy bracelets in gold that say “Lift”. Yes, it’s not rocket science or subtle but it might work as a better reminder than that dusty Fitbit… They seem to focus on products that are well made and use precious materials and CrossFit does seem to be a theme, with one necklace having those words in small rings.

I think the Pirouette earrings are particularly lovely, they describe them as “Golden spiral double twist earrings mimics the beautiful whirl and fluid movement of a dancer.” Poetic huh?

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Apr 10, 2014

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Chanel and Dior Nail Varnish iPhone cases. Yes, really

There are many weird and wonderful iPhone cases out there.Glitters, diamonds, snakeskin, Chanel nail varnish clones… Erm, what? I just stumbled across a range of Chinese imported iPhone cases designed to look like supersize versions of Dior and Chanel nail varnishes. Yes, nail lacquers. I don’t really know what to make of it, I get the whole lets stay on brand and support what we love thing but these are so insane an ridiculous that I don’t really have any other response than incredulous laughter and to snort up my cola.


I guess it’s good that you can have a giant nail varnish phone that replicates your face nail color, especially if it’s one of the ultra desirable sold out shades that  Dior and Chanel are so fond of doing every year but.. really? Meh.

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Feb 17, 2014

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Awesome Customized flip flops from Hatch

As someone who now spends an inordinate of time on the beach, I’ve started to become more aware of the seaside wardrobe. Swimsuit, flip flops, shades… Once I needed just a single pair, but now I need far more. I just spotted these super cute custom flip flops on Hatch, and am really take by them. Basically, they custom make flip flips in your favorite colors and print your name onto the rubber soles, so everywhere you tread you leave your mark.  I really like this, and it’s pretty awesome you can put whatever on them, from names to slogans to YOLO.. if you must.

$20 from Hatch

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Dec 10, 2013

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Nach Bijoux Porcelain pooches are dog-lightful jewelry

I introduced you to Nach Bijoux not to long ago, an adorable brand that showcases smart, well designed porcelain pretty things. Think carefully crafted zebras, lions with chain manes and hand-painted pretty designs. I’m now blissing out over all their dog designs and find their labrador and pug rings woof-tacular (sorry).

The designs combine porcelain with a number of other cool materials including leather, rope, feathers and brass. I think the designs are awesome, and love the huge range of dogs, they have everything from german shepherd to labradors to the cutest little pugs ever. Yes, I am a dog person, you have a problem with that?

Get them from Nach Bijoux here.

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