Dec 17, 2014

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Celebrity Nail decals.. with celebrities on them

The nail art trend has been a bit crazy over the last few years. We’ve seen crackle, foils, sparkly, wraps, art that uses brushes, stamps etc. Decals are not super new — essentially they are stickers for your fingertips. However, up till now I’ve never see anything this entertaining- or culturally relevant. Yes, these are celebrity nail decals, but forget about Beyonce, we have stickers that pay homage to the most beloved of all things hip — the television show. Yup, fans of Orange of the New Black and Girls can use their fingers to pay homage, counting down the days to the next drama filled episode.

And modern pop icons get a look in to, with the Nicki Minaj decals showing her anaconda pose to perfection. I love this mix of old and new icons with the playful imagery and the supercute drawings let you get more than a finger-full. Wear however you please – I’d suggest one pr two accent nails and a contrasting color for the wow factor – and to make them last a little longer.

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Jul 7, 2014

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Burn your hair to treat split ends?

There are many things that I do on the hunt to long lovely locks but hair burning has never been on that list. Yes, hair burning, the act of turning tresses into smokey smoldering singed locks. Ummm, nope.

But apparanely this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho said that she likes to use a candle to burn her hair to keep it looking good. Not convinced? There’s a proper name for this- “Velaterapia” and it basically just means using a flame to burn off your split ends. Cos scissors are so last year right?

I’m not the only one to be shocked by this.. or to question it’s veracity.

Trichologist Iain Sallis commented on Safety in Beauty, “In all the 12 years as a Trichologist, I am shocked to read this story about a naked flame being used to cauterize hair. Hair is not only incredibly flammable (thanks to the abundance of sulphur in it) but the theory that it somehow opens channels for nutrients to seep into is incorrect.”

So why do women get this done? reported that this so-called split end savior gets devotees hooked by its promises.”The burning supposedly opens up the hair follicle, making it more receptive to nutrients, in turn making the conditioning treatment even more effective. It takes three and a half hours, and loyalists get it done about every four months.”

I understand desperately wanting better hair, but with so many great options put there this just seems like a recipe for disaster.

(via The Gloss)


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Nov 7, 2012

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Sexy Celebrity Spectacle wearers (who don’t need to wear glasses!)

Skinny jean wearing Shoreditch hipsters have helped reinvent the idea of glasses from nerdy to nerd-licious and celebrities have been hooking up to this trend and proudly baring four eyes in public.

Many of the celebrities who have been seen sporting glasses are trying to perpetuate the sexy geek stereotype, and some manage this marvellously, while others fail spectacularly. To celebrate how gorgeous girls in glasses can be I’m going to share with you a few of my favourite sexy glasses wearing celebs.

Zoeey Deschanel

OK, it’s true that her inane perkiness and kooky mentality can be a little grating, but she definitely rocks the extra lenses. She has opted for  a frame shape that’s bold and the tortoiseshell design of the frames draw attention to her porcelain skin and flowing hair.

Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Jessica Alba can rock pretty much any look, but we think she captures innocence and smartness with these pretty oval frames.

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Jul 3, 2012

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Blake Lively’s Fishtail Plait : How to cheat your way to this look!

Blake Lively is one of my big girl crushes (look, I LOVE Gossip Girl OK?) and I think she has an amazing style. OK, an amazing stylist. Sure, it’s easy to dress well when you’re young, thin and rich, but she really seems involved in choosing her colours and clothing, and she generally seems to get it right. I got sent this lovely picture of Blake Lively at the premiere for Savage in New York, and think her fishtail plait is stunning. I like seeing celebs with hairstyles we can replicate at home, and though a fishtail IS fiddly, it’s so much easier than ring curls or a French Plait, that I’m happy she’s bringing it back.

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Jun 28, 2012

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Made in Chelsea mugs and hoodies- Totes Inapropes!

I’m not as up to date with the latest series of Made in Chelsea as I used to be (holidays/life/booze) but having watched the other series intently I’m betting Millie will be making that troutface, Francis will be inept with girls and trading quips with hot model boy Fredrik , and Spencer will be making girls throw things at the TV and cuss him out for his nefarious no good ways and dodgy hair styling.

In (dis)honour of the crew, I wanted to share a few choice items that have been created to celebrate/ mock the MiC team, and here they are for your enjoyment. I think they’re pretty pun in cheek, from the Totes Inapropes Hoodie to the Made in ChelTea mug (my personal fave).

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Jun 25, 2012

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Heroine Hair Dye Options- LOL

What type of hair colour do our favourite superhero heroines wear? I found a funny mockup of the poetential L’Oreal shades the likes of The Hunger Games Katniss and Merida from the upcoming Pixar Disney film Brave. I like the lighthearted look at the colours they might dye their hair, and whether or not this is a L’Oreal PR stunt it’s a pretty cute one!

Hopefully we’ll get to see even more mockups- who wouldn’t want Little Mermaid Ariel hair, or Pocahantos’s glossy locks? See more cute hair dye styles after the jump.

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Jun 22, 2012

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Celebrity Prayer Candles- Amy of Guadalupe, Sister Nicki Minaj and more!

Prayer candles are a tradition which has a Catholicism spirit to it, as the beeswax candles are traditionally used in churches. You light the candle and make a wish make a blessing and you can direct this at a person or to god- think of each candle as a prayer for a person. Many of these candles feature religious iconography such as Jesus and Mother Mary, but these celebrity prayer candles from Idol Kill serve a different deity.

I don’t think they’re suggesting we worship at the altar of celebrity or ask Mother Gaga to grant our wishes, but they are making a lighthearted statement about religion and beliefs as well as creating some rather cool looking candles. I’m not sure if the Amy Winehouse candle is going a little too far, but I find the Nicki Minaj version very entertaining.

[Amy of Guadalupe- above]

Sister Nicki Minaj

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