Feb 17, 2013

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Nailympics 2013 – The Rome Nail Art Olympics

Over and over  I have stressed the idea that nail art is an ART. It involves skill, time, dedication and creativity and the Nailympics 2013 celebrates the diversity of this. Artists from around the world gathered in Rome to create breathtaking displays of design on nails.

This is a serious competition, there is a big judging panel and each category has its own sets of rules, from creativity elements to  options such as ‘Micro art or “Flat art” must not represent more than 20% of the total artwork. It is suppose to be 3 Dimensional artwork.’

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Oct 19, 2012

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Halloween Makeup from MAC: Hunger Games, Catwoman and more!

Halloween is coming, and I’m VERY excited. I may not have worked out what costume/ crazy makeup/ insanely long wig to wear yet, but I do know that I’m going to be drooling over all the makeup on the night. Happily, MAC makeup artist Moises Ramirez has given me some inspiration with his stunning face charts showcasing some cool beauty looks- and costume suggestions.

Hunger Games- Effie Trinket Makeup

Marilyn Monroe

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May 31, 2012

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David Koma AW12 Runway Collection: Hands On

I’ve already raved to you about the amazing new shoes that David Koma is producing for AW12, and though I don’t want to overload you with fangirl exclamations, his outfits are simply too delicious not to share as well. This season he’s gone for fierce structural pieces that make a don’t F with me statement and peplums feature heavily, whether they’re tiered and ruffled, or satiny and loose at the sites. There’s a slight gothic feel to the collection – and the makeup- but I feel this is more about showing that the clothes are designed for strong powerful women, rather than Morticia Addams fans.

Up close the pieces are every bit as striking as they are in the catwalk- you can see this in the images above, and I love that they translate from the runway into items I can imagine wearing. The fabric is thick and heavy- these are weighty items, one that give you purpose and expression, not throwaway clothes. It would be hard to say they are investment pieces as they are so striking, but as seasonal statement dresses you really can’t do better as these are so luxurious and fierce (yes, I said fierce already, it works here, OK?) that you NEED to get one!

Enjoy the rest, and get a tissue to mop up all that drool.

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Feb 27, 2012

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Favourite Fashion Week Makeup Looks NOT to try at home

Prabal Guring : Makeup by MAC

London Fashion Week has been and gone (as has New York Fashion Week for A/W 12) and blogs have been full of the best hair, best looks, best blah-di-dah. I’ll be honest with you- most makeup looks ARE not wearable and pretending they are is essentially saying that if you just wear a touch of nude lip gloss and a blue eyeliner you’ll have recreated the look of the Prabal Guring show (see above). You WON’T have, you’ll just have been ‘inspired’ by it and that’s pretty blah.

So, I offer you no ‘how to’s’ or ‘use such and such to recreate this’, instead I offer you unashamed ‘Wow To’s‘, my version of what I think is simply beautiful makeup wise, and whilst it won’t be a ‘trend’, it’s eye candy to those who love makeup artistry.

Zac Posen: Makeup by MAC

Click through for green girls, blue eyes and orange brows. Yes, REALLY.

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Feb 24, 2012

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Organic and fruity hair styles- artist Takaya goes literal

Hair styles have been pretty creative lately as London Fashion Week has seen models with all sorts of strange coiffured designs perched atop their head, but nine have been quite so fruit-a-licious as these fruit and veg hair decorations from Japanese artist Takaya . The designs are called “Organic Hair Styling”, and it’s certainly a new way to get your five a day!

[via Trendy Girl]

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Oct 3, 2011

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Issey Miyake SS12 Catwalk: Two toned beehives

I like ti stay away from too much catwalk critique on Addicted to Beauty as a lot of it is samey samey and uninspiured. When  I saw images from the Issey Miyake S/S ’12 collection I knew I’d be breaking my unwritten rule as the look was so playful and uniqe it desrved some recognition.

They say it ‘was inspired by nature, especially the vibrancy of nature’s floral
palette, and the organic shapes of plants and flowers.’

OK, I can get behind that idea, but what tickles me is how they created petal shaped hats/ hair in graduated colours- women aren’ walking hydrangeas! It’s certainly striking though and we’re told by Wella guru  Eugene Souleiman just how she created this concept.

“The starting point to the hair look was the idea that I wanted it to look like the bulb of a tulip, something for the petal shaped hats to morph with so that it’s not obvious where the hat finishes and the hair begins. I wanted a look that was elegant but in a contemporary way and a shape that was both graphic and soft, which is why I created this sculpted swept back look which was streamlined to change the shape of the head. The addition of spray colour allowed me to bring to life the vibrancy of nature with vivid colours that fade and graduate; exactly as they would appear in the natural world”.

Cute explanation, but I don’t think this is a ‘try out at home’ look, as even if you got it right you’d still look like your hair was the ‘bulb of a tulip’. Hmm. If you must have a go, how to instructions are after the jump.

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Sep 18, 2011

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Marc Jacobs Makeup by NARS @ NYFW S/S 12

New York Fashion week S/S 12 (stand for Spring/Summer) is now over, and the stress of London Fashion Week has begun. I though I;d share with you one of my favourite look from the New York Runways, that which was seen at Marc Jacobs. As much as I love crazy beauty looks ( and I do) there’s something very nice about seeing something so wearable and easy to replicate, and as the makeup was all created by Francois Nars using NARS products, recreating this is only a beauty counter away.

The look was inspired by rock divas of yesteryear, think Patsy Klein and Amy Winehouse and it was all about glossy lips, smooth skin and black, black eyes. Think eyeliner, mascara and more mascara… A well defined eyebrow helps frame the face and there’s something very winsome and delicate about this style- rarely have I seen a face chart followed so precisely.

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