Feb 14, 2015

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Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Cream for Dry Skin

Winter has not been kind to my skin. Not so much the horrible rain and wind that bite away at my face and leave my nose resembling Rudolph, but more that terrible dryness, that makes me wake thinking my throat has closed up, with my nails all raggedy and my skin parched.
The Hydrationist describes itself as “maximum moisture cream” and when Chemist Direct sent me one, I leapt upon it like a woman finding an oasis. Though I hoped this would not be a deception and I’d actually regain feeling in my extremities again.

The packaging is lovely – hey, it’ Lauder, and the cream itself has a white, thick consistency and smoothes on like a cold cream. It’s quite heavy, which I liked, as it felt very nourishing to my parched skin and though it took a little while to absorb, applied between teeth-brushing and dressing gave it enough time to sink in. At night I like to wear it slightly thicker so it can soothe me while I sleep.

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Feb 12, 2015

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Nail Armor Review For Dragon Claw Fingers!

It started with the idea that I might go all out for a recent video games convention, and then – dispirited after looking at the effort that people put into their outfits – and omg, the cost of real anime wigs—I thought maybe a low key look was in order. These dragon claws are awesome. I’d seen pictures online and though up-close they might be tacky, but actually they were so much more.

Available in a few color ways, I’d opted for silver – classic, and might be good if I ever go Danerys on something. They came in a cute silver box, nestled in soft cotton and are the most beautiful things ever.

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Feb 8, 2015

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Product Review: Joico Color Endure Treatment Masque

I know, I know, I should be kinder to my hair, but I just can’t stay away from that bleach bottle. My hairdresser tries her best, but in between salon visits, straw is a fair comparison for my hairs texture. On a bid to get rid of that oh so prevalent crispy feeling I’ve been trialing hair treatments. This Joico Color Endure Treatment Masque was provided to me my Chemist Direct and I’m here to document my experience.

First off, it’s a thick white conditioning cream that smooth’s nicely onto the hair, making it feel weighted and heavy, like slugs of silk down my back in the shower. It washes off easily and my hair has that nice conditioned feel to it, but the big test – what would it feel like when dry.

Sure, the bottle has words like replenishing and “multi spectrum defense complex” (what? Yeah, exactly) but I cared about my blonde staying bright and y hair feeling soft.

I’d say it achieved that. My hair was bouncy but not fried and I like d that my blonde didn’t get muted with washing. It’s not the softest thing ever, but considering how I abuse it, I’m pretty happy. So long Herbal Essences.. I think this is a new staple.

It doesn’t seem to be listed anymore on Chemist Direct, but keep checking back and hopefully they’ll relist it.

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Jan 19, 2015

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Pop Out Jewellery is practical and pretty

Jewelery is wonderful. Pretty, shiny objects that you can use to adorn yourself, statements of your personality, your expression and the hopes of what you’d like to achieve. Or, if that’s too high-faluting for you, pretty baubles that draw attention. But jewelry doesn’t travel super well, it gets knotted and frustrating and can lead to hours with vaseline and a needle (this works, but soooo time consuming).

I recently came across Pop Out Jewelry and was blown away by its style and its sass; what a cool way to transport jewelry, and also make people feel involved in their items, as they have to physically pop them open! You purchase a slim piece of metal, press out your item and then transform in into a wearable using the clasps or ear hooks provided.

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Jan 16, 2015

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Thoughts on Addicted to Beauty Number 69 (in top blog awards)

Try and take your dirty mind away from the number 69, and instead replace my lovely blog in that spot.

Rebates Zone collected and collated a whole lot of beauty and style blogs and rated them based on Alexa rankings, Twitter and Facebook accounts and ranked my blog in 69th place. Honored to be on the list which includes some of my favorite blogs out there, and in this busy world nice to know that my penchant for pretty things — and strange things — is being noted and appreciated.

Yes, I’m not a fool, and I know this list was created partly for promotional purposes, a.k.a you scratch my back, I scratch yours. But still, even with that proviso, the names on the list; A Beautiful Mess, British Beauty Blogger; these are blogs I admire and enjoy.. and who make me feel guilty that I’m a semi-sporadic blogger with a lazy streak and medium photo editing skills.

Blogging has changed a lot over the years, first it was all about being “first”, having exclusives and great access. Then it was about amazing photography, lovely layouts and a voice that made you go gooey inside. There are the YouTube bloggers whose skills far surpass my own, and the haters who call me out when I mess up my eyeliner or try to teach something I don’t excel at. But whatever. The world is big and people gravitate to what they like, what resonates for them and what they enjoy.

Things I like: New, quirky products that make me laugh. Pretty, amazing collections that I want to buy, store and never use.. hoarder style. The occasional mind blowing product that does everything it promises and more. And lots in-between. Beauty blogs have an honesty, a rawness, a “I don’t care what you want, this is what I LIKE SO LIVE WITH IT feel.” That’s why I go to them.

Once $20 for makeup seemed crazy.. now it’s less crazy but it’s still not exactly free. And I hate waste. So maybe I’ll review the just OK stuff to, just to give you an idea of whether it works for you. The main thing is, people blog as they enjoy it. It’s fun. There are pretty things and thoughts we want to share.

Hopefully you like reading this.. If not I wish you well, and no trolling please.

Peace out and blog well. xoxoxox

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Jan 14, 2015

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Nail Armor Nail Jewelry is fierce

These Nail Armor pieces provoke a mixed reaction in me. On one hand, they’re clearly well designed, ornate pieces of artwork, but on the other hand, the vicious looking points and the twisted curlicues that create these seem to whisper of violence. Or at least, some Cosplay inspired Game of Thrones roleplay.

But they are beautiful and if you can get over your slight fear that you’ll somehow stab yourself while zipping up your jeans, these might be a fine addition to your set of ring n’bling.They come in a variety of finishes and the filigree is just gorgeous.

$18 for a set of from JekyllHydeJewelery on Etsy

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Dec 17, 2014

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Paint and Peel Tinkerbell Nail Polish back in the game

Remember the Paint n’Peel nail polish of yore? Nope? Well I don’t blame you, it’s kinda blurry for me. Thankfully Buzzfeed reminded us about it – and also told us that a new, re-named version exists today.

Bo-Po is the same formula and does everything you don’t remember, but amazingly will let you remove that chipped polish with ease, and dare I say, fun? Beats biting those nails to bits right?

Get them here, $3.99 each

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Dec 17, 2014

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Celebrity Nail decals.. with celebrities on them

The nail art trend has been a bit crazy over the last few years. We’ve seen crackle, foils, sparkly, wraps, art that uses brushes, stamps etc. Decals are not super new — essentially they are stickers for your fingertips. However, up till now I’ve never see anything this entertaining- or culturally relevant. Yes, these are celebrity nail decals, but forget about Beyonce, we have stickers that pay homage to the most beloved of all things hip — the television show. Yup, fans of Orange of the New Black and Girls can use their fingers to pay homage, counting down the days to the next drama filled episode.

And modern pop icons get a look in to, with the Nicki Minaj decals showing her anaconda pose to perfection. I love this mix of old and new icons with the playful imagery and the supercute drawings let you get more than a finger-full. Wear however you please – I’d suggest one pr two accent nails and a contrasting color for the wow factor – and to make them last a little longer.

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Nov 7, 2014

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The Fairest of Them All Makeup Bag

Christmas is a coming! Halloween candy is on sale, you’ve scrubbed off that nasty white face paint and decided that joke Ebola costume should NEVER see the light of day again.

Now it’s time to get festive — and start planning the large amounts of gifts you’re going to need to buy your loved ones (with a few thrown in because you’re worth it.)

Yes, I’m feeling like flexing my credit card muscle, can you blame me?

So, let’s take a look at the many lovely things on the market that make me go all girly. First off, this pretty Alphabet makeup bag brings out my inner Disney diva and the colors are very seasonal. The pouch is super cute and perfect to throw in a tote on the go. Bring on party season!

$33 from Selfridges, London

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Oct 16, 2014

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Awesome Instagram Nail Artists for you to go wow at

I’m in awe of the women who do amazing things with their nails. Seriously, this is a whole new level of nail art, this IS ART. A lot of nail art queens are on instagram, and I’ve been loving their 15 second tutorials, like, OMG, what they can do in that time (though speeded up).

Without further ado, sit back in wonder!

(Image via ChristabellNails )

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