Mar 16, 2015

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Jewish Nail Decals For Oy Vey Yay

I had to share these jewish nail decals from “midrash manicures” as they made me smile. Spotted at NY Now, a big home design show in New York, these nails take a religious twist on the traditional decals. Here you can opt for the ten plagues — on ten fingers, right?? — or go all patriotic (depending on your heritage) with the Israeli nails. And yes, obviously it has a Star of David. Can’t confirm if there is a picture of chicken soup or latkes though.

What do you think – would you wear these?

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Jan 19, 2015

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Pop Out Jewellery is practical and pretty

Jewelery is wonderful. Pretty, shiny objects that you can use to adorn yourself, statements of your personality, your expression and the hopes of what you’d like to achieve. Or, if that’s too high-faluting for you, pretty baubles that draw attention. But jewelry doesn’t travel super well, it gets knotted and frustrating and can lead to hours with vaseline and a needle (this works, but soooo time consuming).

I recently came across Pop Out Jewelry and was blown away by its style and its sass; what a cool way to transport jewelry, and also make people feel involved in their items, as they have to physically pop them open! You purchase a slim piece of metal, press out your item and then transform in into a wearable using the clasps or ear hooks provided.

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Dec 17, 2014

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Celebrity Nail decals.. with celebrities on them

The nail art trend has been a bit crazy over the last few years. We’ve seen crackle, foils, sparkly, wraps, art that uses brushes, stamps etc. Decals are not super new — essentially they are stickers for your fingertips. However, up till now I’ve never see anything this entertaining- or culturally relevant. Yes, these are celebrity nail decals, but forget about Beyonce, we have stickers that pay homage to the most beloved of all things hip — the television show. Yup, fans of Orange of the New Black and Girls can use their fingers to pay homage, counting down the days to the next drama filled episode.

And modern pop icons get a look in to, with the Nicki Minaj decals showing her anaconda pose to perfection. I love this mix of old and new icons with the playful imagery and the supercute drawings let you get more than a finger-full. Wear however you please – I’d suggest one pr two accent nails and a contrasting color for the wow factor – and to make them last a little longer.

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Jul 30, 2014

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Feline Face Masks bring out the cat lady in you

Face masks can be fun – and if you’re Japanese they can be positively feline. Can’t really leave the cat puns at home as this new face mask range has been inspired by Cats the Musical, meaning that every cat shaped mask has an amazingly Andrew Lloyd Webber inspiration.

These masks work in the traditional full mask way, with eye and nose cut outs, to allow you to breathe while the mask – laden with skin loving ingredients – gets to work.

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Jul 13, 2014

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Korean Beauty Boxes A Great Way For Western fans to Enjoy Kawaii Eastern Beauty

I’ve spoken a number of times about the Korean beauty brands that I love. Problem is, no matter how great all these brands are they are HARD to get hold of in the USA or UK, as stories don’t sell them and shipping them from eBay can be expensive.

Awesomely I just discovered that subscription beauty boxes exist to fill this problem and I’m happy to introduce you to some that I’ve been eyeballing for a while now.

Q Box

What is it?:

This is an awesome offer. The Q Box gives you 5-7 full sized items every month, all hand picked from Korea and Japan. You can opt for one box, 3 months, or 6 months and the stuff you get is adorable. Reviews on other websites suggest that you get a mixture of kawaii jewelry and skincare/makeup stuff all which has my heart anticipation anticipation. Woop!

Cost: 1 month will cost you from $21.95-$24.95 (not sure why the prices vary) but for such novel and diverse products it seems like a bargain.

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May 23, 2014

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Elephant Beauty Pageant Where Big (Animals) Are Beautiful

When you hear the term “elephant beauty” you either think Dumbo Disney cuteness or some plus sized extravaganza. What you don’t think is actual elephants fluttering eyelashes and wearing rouge on their trunk. More fool you. Well, not the rouge part (animal cruelty is no joke).

In Chitwan National Park, Nepal, the elephant beauty pageant has been part of the Chitwan Elephant Festival celebrations since 2010.

The park holds around 100 elephants and in the inaugural 2010 competition, six took part, scrubbed, smoothed and covered in colored cloths and face paint. Even their nails were painted.

The BBC reported that the chosen elephants were used for their “discipline, obedience and experience” and the judges examined the animals to see if they were up to scruff. For example, sores in their mouth would mean that their handlers had to chastise them, and the winner should be an elephant with a sunny disposition.. and a way with eyeshadow.

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Apr 10, 2014

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Chanel and Dior Nail Varnish iPhone cases. Yes, really

There are many weird and wonderful iPhone cases out there.Glitters, diamonds, snakeskin, Chanel nail varnish clones… Erm, what? I just stumbled across a range of Chinese imported iPhone cases designed to look like supersize versions of Dior and Chanel nail varnishes. Yes, nail lacquers. I don’t really know what to make of it, I get the whole lets stay on brand and support what we love thing but these are so insane an ridiculous that I don’t really have any other response than incredulous laughter and to snort up my cola.


I guess it’s good that you can have a giant nail varnish phone that replicates your face nail color, especially if it’s one of the ultra desirable sold out shades that  Dior and Chanel are so fond of doing every year but.. really? Meh.

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