Dec 22, 2013

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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener REVIEW

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m quite the hair straightener addict and the my beloved GHD‘s are never far away. Can Karmin tempt me to their brand with the promises of  tourmaline ceramic smoothing plates and a pretty design? I had to try it to know for myself…


The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener came in a lovely box, a smart shape with a snap closure and the content displayed well. In side lay a carry-case/ combo heat mat (that Detached) which  was black with a light white floral overlay, subtle, but not extreme. The straightener came with  two type of lug fittings as well to make it easy to travel with which was a very sweet addition. There was also a  3 years manufacturers warranty include, which never hurts!

I also really liked the 3- metre carry cord as that’s very helpful when you live in plug socket hell. The pink color was also an extra bonus, as it’s bright and fun, and it’s nice to have a pop of color in the morning.

Ease of Use

The Karmin plugs into the wall, and a small wheel on the inside of the plates lets you turn it on, and adjust the temperature setting at the same time. There’s a safety feature included which turns it off after an hour, so you don’t need to worry about burning the house down if you’re easily distracted.

It’s easy to section small parts of hair and it heats up really quickly, which really cuts down on styling time. The temperature gauge ranges from 250 Fahrenheit to 460 which is impressive and lets you adjust it based in how delicate your hair is. The Tourmaline ceramic plates are deigned to give less static and help keep styles for longer and I found they left my hair soft with non of that crispiness you sometimes get from some mass produced straighteners.


This left my hair looking silky straight with a lovely sheen to it. I really liked how easy it was to glide the ceramic plates down my hair shafts and the style held all day. I also tried using the iron to create curls, and while I made a few nice ones, I’m really unskilled at this, and so curl-wise I can’t really give you feedback.

One of these days I will be a straightening curler pro.. till then, the trusty iron or hot rollers for me.

Straightening wise, I’m a big fan of Karmin and have been happily using these most days of the week. I’m not completely certain about all the “ion” claims they have, and I would like an on/off switch as well, but overall these work really nicely and leave my hair straight, shiny and silky.

Get the Karmin Proffesional Salon Pro G3 Styling Iron  for $159.99 from Beyas

To keep up to date with Karmin sales and offers check out their Facebook page here!

  1. Excellent review! I also have this styling iron and I’m completely in love with it, my hair looks so fab!

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