Oct 27, 2013

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The best brand you’ve never heard of: Image Skincare

Image Skincare Prevention SPF50+Moisturizer in one

Summer is here, and with the sweltering heat and the sweaty pits is an awareness that I need to get protected and stay protected. Leather is so handbags not face, y’know. Image Skincare has been one of my secret loves for years, in part as it’s so damn hard to find a place to get it. First introduced by a London facialist, it is one of those brands that’s generally sold in salons On one hand, that’s good as you’ll be taught how to use it effectively, on the other hand, you look askance as it’s recommended as everyone hates the hard sell- facials are expensive, remember? So, despite Googling for all of 5 minutes I can’t give you a price (sorry) but can link you to their website where you can make enquiries. Annoying, huh?

But so, so worth it.

Basically the Image Skincare Prevention and daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 is GREAT. It’s lightweight and feels really nice to apply, sinks in quickly, doesn’t make you break out and gives you the kind of glow where people think you’ve been eating well/working out (if only they knew).

Suitable for most skintypes, my combination, acne prone, randomly dry face loves it, slathering it on like a drink of water. Plant derived stem cells could be part of this, as it has photosomes and roxisomes to reduce the risk of free radical damage caused by the sun. It has water resistant properties, so though you need to reapply after a swim, a quick splash of the sprinkler won’t make you burn.A s with all creams with SPF you need to reapply during the day

Again, the ingredient list is part high school chemistry, part people in labcoats talking in tongues, but I can  verify a lot of them as desirable products.

This is a great SPF and moisturizer in one, and if you don’t know much about Image Skincare then you should definitely start now.

  1. nancy wilson says:

    Owner of Studio East. Image products best i have used, stocked. My clients love these also. Great company, great products.

  2. nancy wilson says:

    Perfect products, excellent RESULTS!!!

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