Jul 8, 2013

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Dolluxe False Lashes All Dolled Up Review

Now I have a a hit or miss relationship with false eyelashes so I wasn’t sure of Dolluxe were going to work for me. They looked nice and fluttery in the pretty pink packaging, but would they equal to spidery loveliness on my eyelids? All too often falsies end up in a pile of tears with my eyes prickling, and me wailing I’ve wasted half an hour and some pocket money to NOT achieve lovely lashes.

Well these were recommended to me by the New York Lolitas (lovely stylish girls with clothes to die for) so I gave them a chance. The ones I chose were the number #4, All Dolled Up versions.

I liked how feathery these lashes were and that though they suggested trimming to fit your eyes, I literally just snipped 2mm off each ends for them to fit me. The lashes came in a mixture of lengths to help them blend in with my own lashes and the best part was the really flexible lash band which helped it adhere to the eye. I even liked the included lash glue- and normally you can’t tear me away from my Duo cream!

Mostly though, I really did like the overall look. They stick on easily and the doe eyed Bambi expression they gave me was super cute. A rim of Bourjois white eyeliner on the inner circle of my eye finished the look, and I was blown away by how easy they were to apply and remove. I may just have found my new favorite false lashes to invest in!

$10 from Dolluxe

  1. gorgeous!
    I am using those Kardashian individual lashes. They are great!

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