Mar 4, 2013

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Foreo Luna Mini challenges the Clarisonic

Cleansing is a huge part of my life, it’s a ritual that involves lotions, oils, cloths and gadgets. From muslin wipes to the Clarisonic, the cleansing process leaves me feeling revived, fresh and awake. Nothing gets me feeling as ‘fresh’ as my trusty Clarisonic, but the pricetag of $150 plus is understandably offputting to many.

The Foreo Luna Mini is a budget friendly alternative and is super cute too. I haven’t tested it, but did manage to get a hands on preview in January, and it looks like it might be great. The waterproof vibrating brush/applicator/something of this nature is covered in silicone and pulsates up to 1400 times a minute. The idea is that you apply your favorite cleanser to the brush and not only will it thoroughly clean your face, but it will also stimulate blood flow, and do this in a gentle manner.

500 points on the brush contact the face and the two speed options allow you to adjust it to your preferences. The Foreo Luna Mini also has a light indicator which lets you know when to move t to different parts of the face. It can last 90 days on one charge – no batteries needed-  and I really like the pretty color options it comes in.

Definitely worth a try!

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