Feb 6, 2013

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Lacquerous lets you rent nail polishes

I love nail varnishes and have a rather ridiculous collection of them at home. I like to change my colors regularly- sometimes mauve, sometimes coral, gold- mixing it all up. I’m always excited to try new shades, and rarely finish a bottle, so the Lacquerous model is great for me. The Lacquerous model offers people like me- nail varnish addicts- the chance to try brand new designer nail shades, without taking up too much space in my bathroom.

The site allows you to choose colors and brands that you like- including Chanel, Lancome and more- to your ‘lust list and you can then get three shipped to you as often as you want- all for $18 a month. When you’re bored with your varnishes you simply ship them back in the box – with free post and packaging- and then more get sent out to you.

Sure, you could just buy all the varnishes, but we all know that Chanel polishes COST a lot, and this is a way to try the best shades without the commitment. Think of it as a swap shop, with a fee, but the fee gets you designer nails. All nail bottles are checked for cleanliness on return, so you’ll never get something sticky in the mail, and you can upload and swap your own varnishes.

Nail varnish is pretty hygienic to share, and  ‘According to (their) scientific research (and our friendly microbiologist), The cocktail of ingredients in nail polish is really tough to be resisted by microorganisms including bacteria or fungi. Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, isopropyl alcohol, tosylamide/formaldehyde are organic solvents and in combination they are the toughest to be resisted or tolerated by microorganisms. Therefore nail polish is safe to share.”

I feel pretty tempted by this offering- I might just have to sign up.

You can sign up here for Lacquerous

Have any of you guys tried it- what did you think of it?

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