Jan 17, 2013

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New York City Subway Tights

Navigating New York is not an easy task. Sure you could just yellow cab it around, but those Sex and the City days are gone, and it’s all about living with Girls style Dunham realism. These sexy looking NYC subway tights might not feature every stop you’ll need, but at least they’ll add a little razzmatazz to that subway ride. The tights feature the different stations and actually do map out some of the most common stops- for authenticity sake, naturally.

Created by Nylon Journal, the tights are made of microfiber nylon spandex, so they should be pretty longlasting. They also do a bunch of other covetable designs, including the eye exam tights, which I heart big time.

Be warned though- when wearing these in public you may get the ‘just wanted to see where the next stop was’, line by some creep looking up your skirt.

Best answer: No place you’ll ever get to go.

$44 from Nylon Journal

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