Dec 31, 2012

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Nail Rock BodyRock Glitter Tattoo Review

Temporary body tattoos were one of those things we thought we left in the 90′s, along with gummy bracelets, Rainbow Strike and Milkybars. However, recent years have seen temporary tattoos take on a life of their own- chiefly with the help of Chanel and their rather stunning leg decorations- and steep Chanel like pricetag. NailRock, the creators of the stunning nail decals that we love to play with decided to create a rather more wallet friendly line of temporary body art, and I’ve been [playing with some of them in light of it being the holiday season.

I’ve been trying the Body Rock Glitter pack, which contains three sheets of different gold glitzy tattoos, and as I LOVE stars, I just had to go for them.

The night in question? A college ball.

The dress? A pretty red TFNC number from Topshop.
The stars: On the collarbone, the back and the wrist.
The final look: Well, I was pretty happy with it…

It was really simple to apply the tattoos- seriously, we did this when we were ten, but if you need a refresher, here’s what they say:

1. Cut out your selected Body Rock tattoo design.
2. Make sure the area to be applied is clean, dry and oil free.
3. Remove the clear sheet protecting the tattoo.
4. Place the patterned side onto the skin. Once in place dampen the backing paper with water using a cotton pad.
5. Hold onto the skin until the tattoo releases from the backing paper onto the skin.
6. Slowly remove the backing paper away from the skin, ensuring the tattoo is firmly adhered to the skin.
7. Press down any loose edges with a damp finger and allow to dry.

The tattoos lasted a really long time- the one on my back was there five days later, and the one on my collarbone stayed neat for around three days. The one on my wrist did peel quite quickly though, but I think that was due to the placement.
Overall, I thought this was a really cute idea and I liked how it added some extra sparkle to my party look- and that you get so many options in one pack.

£5.99 from ASOS / around $8.50 from other retailers

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