Dec 6, 2012

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Holly Go Nightly Sleep Mask

I do love a bit of shuteye, and it’s important to get my 6-8 hours sleep so I don’t frighten little children. This stunning fringed Holly GoNightly sleep mask harks back to the Audrey Hepburn era of glamour and style and the fringed eyelashes are so over the top that they become pretty adorable. Sure, I’m way too blonde to be Holly GoLightly, but at least I can attempt to look stylish in repose.. maybe!

This is a super cute eyemask and would make me smile all over to wear it- or see someone getting shuteye with this on. With Christmas coming and stockings needing to be filled I reckon this is a great way to go. It’s lined in satin so will feel soft on the skin and is super cute!

$15 from FredFlare

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