Dec 4, 2012

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Hair chalk How To : Hair Lust Time!

Hair chalk is a super cute trend that I’m a little bit obsessed with at the moment. It’s a cool and easy way to add some temporary color to the hair, and you can create a really striking look with minimum effort. As a bleached blonde, I struggle with changing colors as I don’t want to mess up my locks, and this is a perfect way to add color and keep my hair in good condition.

There are a few different ways to apply this, and as a blonde there are a few extra precautions to bear in mind.

Basically, if you have dark hair, wet it and then apply chalk. If you are fair apply chalk to DRY hair, as wet hair will stain it temporarily.

First off, decide what look you want to go for- just a dip dye effect, or a cool twisted rainbow braid?

Rather than lay it our for you, I’m going to share this fantastic video which really helps explain how to apply hair chalk and the best way to achieve the look you want. Doesn’t the model look stunning- watch this space for my own attempts! Key points to take from this are to use soft chalk pastels- NOT any old chalk, and also to use hairspray to ‘seal’ the chalk in, so it doesn’t just fall onto your clothes.

Now here are just a few images of hair chalk creations that I heart. I *think* these are all chalk, if some are dip dye I apologize!

Love this look from Teacups and Tantrums

The Lovely lady at Luux

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