Dec 29, 2012

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Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Lifting Cream Cleanser Review

With Winter whistling its temperamental tune down the streets of New York, my skin is feeling drier than a Thanksgiving Turkey in December. Chapped lips, red cheeks and skin texture that is verging on the rough makes me a little concerned. Some people like to deal with rough skin by using harsh astringents but I prefer the gentle approach.

Dr Nick Lowe is a world famous dermatologist who specializes in using high end technologies and combining them with skin products to help refine and hydrate the skin, and he’s also medical director of a clinical research company which focuses on skin ageing.

I’m a big fan of cream cleansers, as I love the feeling of cream on m skin and they feel a lot less harsh than gels or scrubs. The Dr Nick Lowe Secret Is Out Lifting Cream Cleanser comes in a light blue bottle- and you get soo much of it, 200 ml to be exact, which is very attractive for the price. The cream itself is pretty light but has a nice non sticky consistency and is easy to rub into the skin. It contains algae to help tighten the skin as it cleans it, and includes Hyaluronic Acid, which adds to the feeling that you’ve somehow hydrated your skin whilst cleaning it, a very pleasant sensation.

Add a couple of skin goodies such as Ferulic Acid (protects against UV damage) and Vitamins A,C and E and you have a super skin formula in bottle- and this is just the way you clean your skin, before you even add anything to the mix.

I like to use it twice a day and find it works really well with stubborn makeup and my long lasting foundation, though if you use anything waterproof, you may need to use an extra product as well. Apparently it’s OK to use for eye makeup remover as well, but I’m a little precious about my eyes so I didn’t try that.

As a cleanser I’m a big fan- it made my skin feel soft, hydrated and did a great job and making me feel fresh and clean- The Secret Is Out- and I’m OK with that. ;.)

£13.99 from Boots / approx $ 18 from US stores

  1. I’d love to try this, and I am going to look next time I go out. I’m like you though–I don’t know if I’ll put it on my eyes. I do wear a heavier foundation so I think it could be great though.

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