Dec 11, 2012

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Dr. Murad Youthcam will evoke amazement or alarm about your skin

Guest Blogger MT learns about what Dr.Murad might do for his skin.

Measuring the effectiveness of skincare products is never going to be easy and inevitably, you end up with more questions than answers. With so many factors affecting you skin which can change from day to day, it can be really difficult to know if a product is working, let alone if it is the correct product for you. Fortunately, world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad has made our lives that little bit easier with the introduction of YouthCam.


The latest introduction from Murad  brings an element of technology to their offerings. YouthCam is a state of the art skin analysis system combining a high resolution camera and propriety software developed using Dr Murad’s extensive dermatological experience. The system claims to be able to capture features of your skin indicative of the most common skin concerns and provides quantitative measures of your skin health.

Aided by a Murad skin expert, the process lasts a few minutes before the software scores you in 6 different areas :- Hydration, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, blemishes and pore viability. Once the results are in, you then receive a customised product regimen recommendation to address any areas of concern picked up by the machine.

All this sounds great but also potentially costly. Amazingly, this service is 100% complimentary. Now available at House of Fraser Oxford Street and Debenhams in the Glades Shopping centre, you can walk in without an appointment and find out what your skin really needs for free.

For those not in the know, Howard Murad is the founder of Murad - a high-end, salon quality range of skin care products. Murad products have been around since 1989 but have only recently begun to gain traction in the UK. The main philosophy promoted by Dr. Murad is that of Inclusive Health – basically good skin is not just about topical products but also general health, both physically and mentally. One key theme is around the amount of water retained by each of your skin cells and how to maximise this through protecting your skin and re thinking about how you intake water as well as ensuring your body is supplied with the correct nutrients for healthy skin.

If you chose to purchase any of the  products that get recommended for you, you are encouraged to come back in 4 weeks for another YouthCam scan to see how well the products have been working, again completely free.  Additionally if you are brave enough, the software can show what your skin will look like in 5 to 10 year’s time as well as how it might look if you follow the suggest Murad skin regimen.

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