Oct 26, 2012

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L’Oreal Mythic Oil : Hair gold in a pot

Bleaching and heat tools do not a healthy hair of head make, so L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil mask has been my secret tool in keeping my tresses in shape. This product is easy to use- you simply shampoo your hair as normal and then apply a healthy dollop of the Mythic Oil Mask to the ends of your hair. The product has a light yellowish tinge to it, and I love how it has a nice thick texture, making it really adhere to your hair and enabling you to carefully comb it through the ends (helps prevent tangling at a later stage).

Mythic Oil is from the L’Oreal Professionnel  range, which offers (in my opinion) a slightly higher level of haircare products, and there are multiple Mythic Oil options to choose from- a dedicated shampoo and conditioner as well. You are advised to leave the mask on for around 3 minutes and I like to aim for about five as my hair needs some serious TLC.

It rinses off easily and you can already tell how nourished the hair is from this, as it runs like silk through your fingers as you shower out the product. The secret to this product is in the ingredient list- naturally- which contains Argan Oil, Avocado and Cotton Seed Oil to leave hair shiny and silky, and taming all those flyaways that frustrate me so (well, for a day or so at least).

I found my hair was much more manageable after using this, and my ends which had been looking a little fried felt softer and were more supple. It was also easier to style my hair after using this product, and it’s now part of my weekly routine.

The Mythic Oil Masque retails for around £16.80 / $21.

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