Oct 17, 2012

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Hybris Cosmetics: Prototype prestige packaging

There’s something very exciting about a prototype. Sure, it may never happen, but I love the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the manufacturing and mockups of possible packaging.. and some things we look at today might be the big hitters tomorrow. May I remind you of the wet/dry straighteners and the cleansers with attached brush heads? They all started life like this, and look how big they got!

Hybris is the inspiration of Israeli Dafna Aizenberg. She was told to create a brand that drew inspiration from ‘Urbanity, Pedro Almodovar’s creations, fashion and a paint shop’, for her branding course.  (don’t you love vague school projects?)

What she came up with was Hybris, a design that manages to look both decadent and delicious, with a candy like exterior that would definitely fall into the gourmand section of Harrods.

I like the way the product line has been structured from the foundation towelettes with color swatches to the blushes displayed in mini popcorn boxes. Most striking are the pigment shades, in small stylized candy boxes, like present you’d find on a Fifth Avenue Christmas tree.

Mmmmm. There’s no word on whether this will ever come to pass, but Hybris is definitely on my radar now- as is Dafna Aizenberg, so watch this space.



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