Oct 9, 2012

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Face It Smart Digital BB Cream: Vibrating Foundation Review from Face Shop

Here’s another installment in my Korean beauty product reviews, and today it’s all about A VIBRATING FOUNDATION from The Face Shop South Korea. Called the Smart Digital BB cream, what’s on offer is a little hard to describe.

The Smart Digital BB cream comes in two shades- light and medium, but seeing as this is Korean, both are pretty light. They come packed in a box with the Smart Digital brush, which is an electronic pulsating sponge and vibrates of the face. The idea is that you apply foundation to the sponge and use it to press the color into the face with the vibrations helping provide evenness, diffuse the color and give you a  flawless photo finish look.

The reality? Well, a bit of both. On the cheeks and the forehead the vibrating head really helps spread out the BB cream, letting it sink in and giving you a nice even glow, On the nose, chin- not so much, the head is too big, the vibration distracting and the colour a bit patchy, sop I needed to fix it myself with a brush. You also don’t need to use the BB cream and vibration applicator together, as I tried this with my own foundation and it worked perfectly well.

The Face Shop Korea describes this as ‘having 12,000 vibrations per minute‘, the point being ‘ to maximize adhesion of the BB Cream’. This sounds a little like how electric tooth brushes say they oscillate a zillion times a minute thus giving you a deeper clean, and here the vibrations are meant to pat the color firmly into the skin. Their brand of BB cream has an SPF 50 and peptides and collagen and does feel really nice on the skin, a smooth finish with no obvious lines and feels quite light.

So am I sold? Well, I love my Clarisonic which has a similar premise and by using this I do think I use less product in general. It doesn’t take any longer than regular foundation application and the SPF 50 is a huge plus. I might not use this everyday, but it’s a definite plus for my foundation collection. (I also have an eye palette collection FYI).

Pricewise, I paid in Korean, but it woks out to around £18/ $26 for the kit should you want to try it yourself.

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