Sep 6, 2012

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Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream REVIEW

This Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream has saved my skin this summer, and has quickly become my go to product whenever I need a moisture boost. I originally got it in a Glossybox order, and it had just sat in a box for a few months, as I’d no idea of JUST HOW BLOOMING GOOD IT WAS.  I was reaching for a new cream a few weeks ago, when my trusty Lancome serum died and this little tube was the first thing I found. The cream is lovely, thick, unscented, with an amazing texture that’s not too liquid or to cumbersome. It really melts into the face, and feels like you’ve been standing under a soft shower for hours, you feel moist, refreshed and smooth- and oh so soft.

My skin has been playing up as I’ve been travelling a lot, and planes, airports, humidity and crazy weather (thanks New York!) make it flare up, and adding a new cream can sometimes be an issue. Monu didn’t result in anything over than baby soft cheeks- and left my hands feeling like they’d had a paraffin treatment as well.

The cream is formulated with natural ingredients and is paraben free, so should suit even the most sensitive of skins (I’m combination) and features essential oils, Shea Butter & Sodium Hyaluronate to improve the skin’s barrier function and natural betaines to stimulate the skin’s hydration process.  *this was a quote from the packaging!*

I really like this product and it makes me want to try more of the brand. I love how it feels to use and the pricepoint makes it accessible to most people as well.

£17.50 / $23 from Feel Unique

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