Sep 10, 2012

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Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is lust-a-licious

Anna Sui is one of those designers who can do no wrong in my eyes. Unashamedly eccentric with a beautiful kooky Japanese inspired aesthetic, her clothes and beauty products are adorned with eccentric girly accents, such as baroque style black mirrors , colourful prints and beautifully designed clothing.

Her latest perfume embraces my chi9ldhgood love of Tinkerbell and Enid Blyton, with a seductively light scent called Fairy Dance Secret Wish. This seems to embody stories of fairies dancing at moonlight, garden balls, and childhood legends and the scent is designed to dazzle and entertain your sense. Mango and Pink Peer fuse together for a bewildering first sniff, an accord tempered with Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla, for a softer warmer middle, with powdery accents.

I love the bottle design- it looks like it should contain a magical elixir that will transform you into a goddess right out of Disney movies, and the adverts are reminiscent of scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream- who else sees Titania, Queen of the Fairies in the ad image?

30ml Eau de Toilette, £26.00 /$33 from Debenhams UK

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