Jun 12, 2012

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London Skyline Mock Stocking Tights from Marks and Spencers

I’m really not one for patriotism ( the Jubilee left me feeling very flat and embarrassed) but I am a fan of London Town, so I’m happy to share with you these amazing London Skyline Stockings. Created by Marks and Spencer I’m AMAZED at how stylish and cool these are. The stockings moniker is a misnomer, as these are faux stockings- tights that pretend to be suspenders but have the helpful gusset to stop them sliding down.

I spotted these in Selfridges, adorning the legs of a sales assistant and when I asked where they were from, she blushed and told me they were Marks and Sparks! ‘You’re the fifth person to ask today’, she shared- she must be pretty red about wearing a brand Selfridges DON’T stock.

The images along the top of the black stocking part of the tights features icons from London Town- such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and  Battersea Power Station! They look really cool on, and I’ve bought two pairs- I just know one will rip and I need my back up! Everywhere I go I get lovely comments on them- this is an amazing creation!

Limited Collection London Skyline Mock Stocking Tights
£9.50 from Marks and Spencer

  1. I have these and always get great comments when I’m out and about.

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