Apr 17, 2012

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RMK 15TH Anniversary cheek palette

Palettes are my beauty nirvana and I can’t believe this limited edition lovely from RMK escaped my radar for so long. It has been created to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of RMK.

RMK is the top selling beauty brand in Japan and was created in 1997 by a former makeup artist. Everything in the brand is top quality, blends well and gives the skin a lovely sheen. To celebrate their 15th anniversary two cheek palettes have been created in shades Pink Coral and Brown Beige.

Each consist of 6 colour petals placed together to create a stunning look, though this palette is way to pretty to actually use. YES, I do COLLECT makeup- want to make something of that? I love the little girl drawing on the palette- a mixture of butterfly meets fairy I think!

The 2nd image I’ve shown you here is from Rouge Deluxe who has many more lovely ones on her site- and swatches too (gasp!).

£32 from Look Fantastic

  1. I want this- totally understand the makeup collecting addiction too, my Book of Shadows has never been touched!

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with collecting – I actually display my makeup collectibles! These palettes in particular are definitely worthy of collecting, they’re so cute and the “flower fairies” design was done by a prominent Japanese illustrator. :)

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