Apr 10, 2012

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Mischa Barton’s makeup line at Mischa’s Place

Mischa Barton has gone a little off the radar recently, but she’s now back with a band with the launch of Mischa’s Place. I loved her in the OC and since then she’s gone on to be recognized for her cool bohemian style and I love her range of handbags. Mischas’ Place kind of takes her various fashion and beauty interests together and combines them in a hub where you can buy things that are ‘Mischas’ Place’ approved and branded.

There was a lot to pick from in her beauty range- blushes, lipsticks and palettes but they are all fairly highly priced, which is  tricky for something untested and so far only sold online. It’s expensive to get these- £20 for Benefit style paint on blushes and £30- £32 for an eyeshadow palette, so you have to pick wisely.

I’ve taken a little look at her beauty product line and have picked my favourite of the bunch- the Twist range of eyeshadows.

I really feel that the best of Michas’s makeup collection would be the Twist range, which  are colour wheels that have four vibrant shades on them, which look amazing and are hopefully highly pihmented. I’m a little concerned by the disclaimer, ‘This is a multipurpose face product, but care is recommended when used around the eye area as it has been known to cause sensitivity in some people’, as where else would you use these but the eyes, so will let other braver web testers feed back to me what happens!

Aqua Twist really catches my eye as I love the blue combinations, but I feel Circus Twist would be amazing for festival beauty looks.

Will you be trying these- which one do you like best?

Check them out at Mischas’s Place

  1. That’s so sad. These private label palettes are so old and have been sold from so many indi-labels like B*TCH SLAP. They are available on eBay for a few bucks.

    • addictedtobeauty says:

      Wow, really? I hate it when companies do this- they do look lovely, but it’s a shame to misrepresent them and charge more.

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