Apr 19, 2012

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Magic Face WTF Whitening Cream

There is a massive market for skin whitening treatments in the East, where pale skin is seen as ultra desirable, but it’s a market that never fails to shock. I’ve seen this in full action when visiting Thailand, as everyone commented on my ‘pale beautiful skin’, and women I met wore long sleeved shirts, caps and jeans in order to avoid sun rays- even in the blazing 30 degree heat!

I was recently in Egypt and stumbled across the Magic Face whitening cream in a pharmacy there. It’s intended to help lighten the complexion and though I don’t know if it contains anything harmful (there is a BIG trade in dangerous skin lighteners) I was really perturbed by the image used on the packaging.

I think it was the use of the zip across the ladies face- the presumption that she needs to ‘peel off her skin’ in order to be seen as desirable is really unnerving and I think it’s terrible that women are held up to that artificial standard of beauty. I know this might sound odd coming from someone who is happy to fake tan and prattle on about eyeshadows, but I’m all about working with what you have and the idea that your skin can change by as many shades in the image is a misrepresentation, and one that couldn’t be achieved without toxic ingredients.

I hope that women everywhere realize that they are beautiful in their own skin and that the likes of Magic Face will provoke the same WTF feeling in everyone who sees it. ┬áCelebrate your own beauty- forget about this notion of ‘ideal skin tone’ and be happy in who you are.

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