Apr 3, 2012

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Cor Silver Soap Review

I’m not supposed to be biased before I try out a product, but in case of Cor’s The Silver Soap, I will admit to being fairly wary. I’m just not a soap person- it reminds me  of school and dry skin and basic beauty routine- I’m all about creamy cleanser, cleansing oils, generous moisturising products that remove makeup and leave my skin soft and scented. Would I really like a soap- even one with a cool name? I doubted it, but in the name of beauty, I went and tried it.

The packaging was pretty cool- the soap came in a small box, and inside lay a see through square casing that held the soap suspended. It was like a Crystal Maze crystal (ish), but int his case it was a golden orange soap suspended rather than a TV show piece of tat (that I still desperately want).

It’s easy to use- I mean soap isn’t rocket science- you wet your face and hands, lather your hands with the soap in between them and then apply to the face. The next part is where it gets interesting- rather than just wash and wipe, you should leave the foam on for around 2 minutes, then pat dry. The reason you leave the foam on your skin is to do with the science behind the soap- the Silver Soap is no ordinary soap.

Cor’s The Silver Soap is formulated to ensure that the particles of the active ingredients are small enough to travel via the pore to the dermis layer, to ultimately achieve optimum performance from your skincare. Embedded silver particles of 5.9 nanometers help the formula of collagen boosting  Avocado, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and more nourish and hydrate the skin.

It felt very comfortable to use, and I experienced no ill effects at all. I only say this as the literature warned me that I might have tingling or tightness in the first few uses whilst skin gets acclimatized but I was lucky and had no problems at all. The Silver Soap is designed to help with spots, pigmentation and eczema, and it does this by using nano-technology., Seriously. Silver nano particles are present in the soap (using a compound of silver/silica) and these enable the ingredients to penetrate the skin (well, that’s what they say).

Cor say that you shouldn’t think of the Silver Soap AS a soap (weird marketing, huh?) but as ’a dehydrated creamy foaming cleanser that will activate with water.’ 

I was surprised at how comfortable I felt using this, as it didn’t dry my skin out as I’d feared and the styling of the soap gave it a luxurious feeling. I didn’t notice any dramatic change to my skin, but it also didn’t have any side effects which was good. My skin felt  a little softer after use, and though the soap is not going to replace my regular cleansers, I’m happy to have it as part of  my weekly routine.

My attitude towards soap has changed somewhat- and I guess that’s worth celebrating! I’ll never be in LOVE with soap, but I’m no longer scared of them!

Corsilver.co.uk priced £15 for 10g and £35 for 30g.


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