Feb 29, 2012

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Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques from Christian Dior gives us all purple passion

When Dior create a new nail shade the fashion set sit up and take note, as their nail shades are indicative of trends in styles to come for the next year. It seems we’ve moved away from the dull taupe of last season  ( I hate the word Greige) and taken on a more lilac hue. The Christian Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques nail collection features three purple-icious shades which are called Poison 996, Orchid 981 and Shadow 783. I’m not sure which is which, but would guess that Poison might be the darkest shade , whilst the other two seem more ruby hued.

I’m a big fan of purple and think these will look great on nails, though it’s fairly unusual creating such a dark palette when we’re starting to look towards summer. Still, Dior has never tried to fit in with the norm, and that’s why they’re so coveted.

Will you be getting these new shades?

£17.50 for one, out March 5th at Harrods.

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Feb 29, 2012

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Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden review: From a Non Blogging Viewpoint

I recently received a gift voucher for a Sanctuary Spa 50 minute treatment  massage. I was happy to get the voucher- I’ve previously been to the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden on a press trip and was looking forward to getting more of the same pampering. I’d had a great time last time- as an official member of press/blogger- so expected the same treatment this time around.

I know that being a member of press does sometimes get you better perks/treatment, but I was unaware how much of a difference it would make at what I thought was a five star spa.

Booking in was easy enough I called up, gave the appointment code and then was told when to come in and to make sure I had an extra 15 minutes to get ready. I was also ‘softly’ sold the idea of paying for staying for the rest of the day at the spa, but politely declined.

I arrived with around 20 minutes to spare before my appointment. The spa was very busy and crowded (it was a Sunday) and it took around 20 minutes for me to be seen at the front desk- at which point I said I was running late for my appointment.
‘We’ll hurry you through’, I was told and was taken through the changing room to get my locker key. I then waited another 5 minutes before 2 more guests were shown in and we were all handed keys at once from the overworked bathroom attendant.

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Feb 28, 2012

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Kaoir Makeup is neon-licious

I’m a sucker for a new makeup brand, and can’t believe I’ve never stumbled across Ka’oir before. With designs that make them look like a lovechild of Illamsqua and MAC and prices that seems a little more pocket friendly they seem to produce some really cool stuff. OK, I have no idea how to pronounce the name ; Kay’orr, Key-aw, so whatev, but the fact remains they ‘re doing really interesting things makeup wise.

They make a point of not testing on animals, but I have no idea how long they’ve been trading/ where they are from etc, as they seem pretty secretive online. I’m just going to go with calling them KAOIR for SEO purposes (don’t hate me) and love how many shade options they have- it’s unreal!

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Feb 27, 2012

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Favourite Fashion Week Makeup Looks NOT to try at home

Prabal Guring : Makeup by MAC

London Fashion Week has been and gone (as has New York Fashion Week for A/W 12) and blogs have been full of the best hair, best looks, best blah-di-dah. I’ll be honest with you- most makeup looks ARE not wearable and pretending they are is essentially saying that if you just wear a touch of nude lip gloss and a blue eyeliner you’ll have recreated the look of the Prabal Guring show (see above). You WON’T have, you’ll just have been ‘inspired’ by it and that’s pretty blah.

So, I offer you no ‘how to’s’ or ‘use such and such to recreate this’, instead I offer you unashamed ‘Wow To’s‘, my version of what I think is simply beautiful makeup wise, and whilst it won’t be a ‘trend’, it’s eye candy to those who love makeup artistry.

Zac Posen: Makeup by MAC

Click through for green girls, blue eyes and orange brows. Yes, REALLY.

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Feb 26, 2012

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Beauty Blogging Link Love: Late Feb 2012

Beautifully Addicted To…. shows you how to create Galaxy Nails.

Musicalhouses takes a look at Benefit’s latest boxed blush offering, Benefit Hervana!

Tigers get frisky on Valentine’s Day as Addicted to Beauty enjoys London Zoo’s viral campaign.

At Musing on Beauty, Mariella tries two of the Edward Bess Quad Royale and is positively surprised!

Dry skin got you down? Kajal Couture lets you in on an AMAZING new body moisturizer collection from Burts Bees.

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Feb 26, 2012

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The Botox headband; a.k.a the Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

Getting wrinkles is an inevitable part of ageing, but something the many people fear, hence the rise in anti ageing products and the use of cosmetic treatments such as Botox to counter this. Well, I’ve just learnt of a new product that promises Botox like results, minus any needles- bonus.

What is this miracle device you ask? Well, it’s the Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher, a made in Japan product (sorry) which involves wearing a headband at night. The science behind the headband is that it ‘fights wrinkles by stretching the skin’, which is logical-ish, if skin really worked like that.

More convincing is the fact that on the inside of the band there are infrared dots that work to heat up the skin, with silicone and hyaluronan materials moisturising the brow area. OK, they don’t fully explain how these work together, but if you’re needle phobic this is a relatively inexpensive way to start the anti ageing process.

One question though; Will looking this stupid give you extra stress (which causes wrinkles?). It’s your call…

$58 from Japan Trend Shop

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Feb 24, 2012

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Organic and fruity hair styles- artist Takaya goes literal

Hair styles have been pretty creative lately as London Fashion Week has seen models with all sorts of strange coiffured designs perched atop their head, but nine have been quite so fruit-a-licious as these fruit and veg hair decorations from Japanese artist Takaya . The designs are called “Organic Hair Styling”, and it’s certainly a new way to get your five a day!

[via Trendy Girl]

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Feb 23, 2012

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Chloe Butcher False Lash Tips and Tricks

Not so long ago I had time with makeup artist and lash Queen Chloe Butcher where she shared the common mistakes people make when applying false lashes and how to get them right (most of the time). As a long term lash devotee (Eylure would be me top brand) I found her tips very interesting and now incorporate them into may of my lash looks. Here’s what Chloe the  expert says;

  • Measure lashes against eye to start with- they are all different sizes.
  • Cut lash to make sure it fits your eye correctly
  • Put the Glue on lash for 30 secs  to let it get tacky.
  • Push them in to stay in place
  • White glue dries clear, you won’t see any trace, so don’t worry about it.
  • Remover cotton bud to remove lashes after a day- gentler on the eyes.
  • Jiggle lash band loosen it for flexibility before applying.
Great tips- you should start following them now!

She also has a super awesome blog- check it out here!

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Feb 22, 2012

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DTach hairbrush lets you detach handle for extra hair volume

D-TACH Brush is a cool new hair tool that’s designed to make styling hair much easier. This works by allowing you to actually detach (hence the name) the handle of the brush which means you can leave the brush in-hair roller style- and then create much more volume with the hair without having to handle an overheated brush.  It may take a little time to get the hand of using this brush to created the best results but I love the versatility and thunk this might really shorten my hair styling g time.

I love that it works both as a hair curler and a brush, though I wonder what you’lll do if you only have one brush as that might put you at a little disadvantage! a  A Magnet in the brush handle allow you to easily detach it and it comes in 3 sizes.

What do you think- will you be trying this?

£16.95 for the medium brush from Hair Thinking

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Feb 21, 2012

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Makeup Wallpaper is beauty for the walls

People often indulge in makeovers, but how abut using makeup to spruce up your house? Sure yo get get a interior decorator magazine, or you could go the  lippie and nsil varnish route to create something spectacular. This is just what Elisabeth Buecher has created and it’s pretty amazing.

Her *You Over, Make Me Over” Interactive wallpaper is pretty cool as it involves personal reactions with all the designs.

You pick your favourite colours and then these get transformed into large full size art wall displays that show the types of colours you use on a day to day basis, all created out of makeup products, You can even interact personally with the makeup wallpaper itself, shading in favourite parts and playing with empty patterns. Don’t worry– you do get guided along the way and I love just how innovative this magic makeup wallpaper is- like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but with cosmetics not confectionery.

The French designer is now Hackney baaed (London) and showcase her creation worldwide. I predict big things of this lady, and its shows her childhood inclination ofg scribbling on walls (we’;ve all been there) has actually paid off.

Find out more about Elisabeth here.

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