Oct 13, 2011

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Miss Piggy joins MAC Cosmetics; Muppet Makeup madness!

Miss Piggy is famous in many ways- those big blue eyes, that curly hair- the Kermit that lives on her arm.. and now she’s getting a limited edition makeup range. She has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics and we’ll soon be seeing a cool collaboration.

Word on the street is that the USA roll out date is Nov 14th  (thanks BellaSugar) and it will feature eye shadows in Miss Piggy Pink, black eyeliner, and faux lashes.

Miss Piggy has now officially been around for 37 years (but doesn’t look a day over 15) and has a starring role in a new Muppets movie out Feb 2012. I think this looks pretty cool, love kitsch collabs, and Miss Piggy is such a fun one to use. The question now is- what will it look like exactly? I’m hoping over the top blacks and pinks with a saucy piggy grin…

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