Sep 25, 2011

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Martha Stewart Halloween Cover: Scary stuff

Normally I’m a big fan of slightly aged celebs not acting their age. I love Betsey Johnson, think Madonna and her weird macro-bio stuff is great, but this image of Martha Stewart I saw on The Gloss kinda gives me the creeps. OK, she’s trying to be playful, but those Lady GaGa-esque butterfly wing things say less Shu Uemura and more Morticia Addams on a IV drip. I mean this is Martha Stewart for gods sake, the woman who practically invented the term twinset and I don’t know if she starts wanting to be edgy this is the right place to begin. Maybe a little glitter and/or some leather? Is full on butterflies really the right way to go?

I mean she DOES look amazing for 70 years old (I know!) but to this look I have to give Martha’s Gaga dreams a firm thumbs down. Just say no to the stylist love- we know you can!

  1. Oh for gods sake, can people just stop slating whatever celebrities do! Who gives a crap if she’s stuck some butterfly wings to her eyelashes, leave her alone! Your article is boring and snobby. I’d like to hear your reaction if someone started criticising everything you wore like it was any of their business! Get a life.

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