Aug 19, 2011

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Tanning Disasters: The Bad, The Ugly and the Extreme

I saw the Inbetweeners movie last night and in between coughing on my popcorn and tearing up, I was amazed to see the bad sunburn that Will got whilst in Malia. I’ve had a couple of bad burns myself, and was amused to find a whole website dedicated to sunburn and tanning woes- pictures of extreme cases, from celebrities to everyday folk. It’s a bunch of people who all managed to use Fake Bake incorrectly- or didn’t use enough SPF on the beach. ¬†From fake tan to peeling skin they have it all- here’s a few of my favourites!

Not so nice tighy white-y

He must feel a right c**k!

Sorry, Amy Childs looks like this on purpose!

See more horrific Tanning Disasters on their website!

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