Aug 15, 2011

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Snooki channels Minnie Mouse.. and we kinda like it!

Snooki gets a hard rap in the press a fair amount. Sure, she had the morals of an alleycat, the vocabulary of Katie Price and the dress sense of Morticia Addams, but under all that eyeliner she seems like a genuinely nice girl- if ill advised.

I’ve seen a fair amount of blogs slating her above outfit choice, and I have to say that this time I’m in Snooki’s camp. The dip dye extensions are CUTE. They’re glossy. They look in nice condition. Yes, they’re fake, but so is Lady GaGa. The skin is clear and glowing. The tan is there-when is it not- but it looks nice. The lips are nude, the eyes lightly smokey. The nails, OK- I hate the fake nail look, so this loses her a point. The dress is a little gothic for my liking, but the hairbow is ultra cute, so overall Snookie does OK here from me. Give the girl a break, yeah?

Here are three get the look hairbows for you! 

1.ASOS stripey hairbow 2.Topshop gingham bows 3. Accessorize Regal Bow Clip


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