Aug 7, 2011

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Closet Dorothy Perkins Changing room snapping


I have a hard figure to dress. I’m not skinny, I have hips and boobs- OK, much like any British woman.  I can’t do high fashion as clothes don’t drape from me- they hang, a tent woman is never a good look. I love the Closet brand (stocked in  Dorothy Perkins ) as they seem to really tailor for a woman with curves and they fit my size 12/10 frame exceptionally well, nipping in at the waist and allowing room for my bosom (would you prefer the word breasticles) which is a 30G (latest Bravissimo fitting). Their latest range is full of Cadbury’s coloured purple dresses, glinting greens and slick white shifts. I went a little snap happy in the dressing room- you’ll have to help me choose which dress to buy!

Closet Purple flared shift dress (above)

I know this looks blue in the picture, but I promise it’s purple- think the camera setting may have just brightened up the shade. I like the two flap pockets and the cut on the neck, but I don’t know if this flatters- think I look a little hippy here.

This dress is rather lovely.  A classic A line flared skirt with a nipped in waist and  a tapered neckline. The included gold belt sets off the cream nicely, and the Jacquard print is lightly embellished (see close up above).

I tried this green dress in a size 10, and it might be slightly too small- see what I mean? The colour is lovely though, bright and foresty and the style is a perfect clone of Victoria Beckham’s classy bodycon line. This might be a yes.. but there’s more to come.




Blue/Grey 2 in 1 cowl dress


I LOVE how this dress feels on- tight on the waist and relaxed on the neckline. I managed to fit into a size 10 here, and it was like a glove. The skirt portion of the dress does crease up quite a lot though- that might be annoying.



Green cowl dress: I like the style of this dress- it’s swingy, soft and the belt has a cute shell design. On the downsides, it might be a little too generously cut and I’m still not convinced this is a shape that suits me.


White swing shift: This is a style I’d never normally go for, as I’d fear the tent comparisons, but it’s actually quite cute. I like the two deep pockets and the creamy colour makes my skintone look lively and healthy. Perhaps give the black tights a miss next time though!

All Closet dresses are currently available at Dorothy Perkins; however not all of those pictured are online right now.

Kind readers- help me out! Which dress do you suggest I invest in?

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