Mar 21, 2011

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Clinique counters get a Microsoft Surface Makeover

Clinique are known for their scienc-y approach and that they make their counter girls all wear lab coats (again, to give off that science-y vibe). They’ve just gone one step further and have installed a Microsoft Surface table in their Bloomingdale store. Visitors can use the ‘Clinique Smart Bar’; to choose their favourite products, foundations and lippies, and can read user reviews and comment on products they like. They can even view How to Videos on the Table, quite a cool addition to the store.

To find out more info about the products, you simply place tagged Clinique products on the Microsoft Surface Table and it reads them (probably via a RFID tag) and tells you info about them and how you might use them, If you decide to buy it, you can then print out a bar code and take it to the Express till- and share their purchase via Facebook if they wish as well!

I’m not sure how this will take off, I like the sound of the How to Videos and that you get info without having to ask the terrifying counter assistants, but honestly, do you want the fact you’ve bought Anti Blemish remover sent to your Facebook page? I’m not so sure…. [via ChipChick]

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