Dec 19, 2010

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Christmas Nail Art for festive fun times!

My recent post on Christmas Nail Art had me feeling all festive and gooey inside, so I decided to check out more Santa style nail art on the web. Once again, these aren’t nails I personally created, think of me as the nail curator, rather than the artiste (sigh. One day..) Some people have gone a little over the top (in my humble opinion)- what do you think?

Make way for the festive talons!

Santa etc Nail Art from Oddee

Christmas Tree Lights by Penisula Beauty

CandyCane Nail Art from Ingrid Creates

Mistletoe Nail Art from Funky Trend

Snowman Nail Art from Rina Alcantara

Christmas Wreaths from Rina Alcantara

Snowman nails (and tutorial) from Indian makeup and beauty blog

Candycane crazy nail art from Beauty Plane

Christmas Lights Art from Polish and Konad

Snowflake nail Art from J Fashion Blog

Hopefully these have inspired you to create something special at home!

  1. Thanks for the plug :) I enjoy painting nails, these candy canes were fun todo, but I’m so inspired now to try the other on this page for Christmas :) Thos puddings look great

  2. The first one is perfect in just about every way imaginable!

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